How to use StubHub for last minute tickets

A few weeks ago, we took a day off to play in downtown Philadelphia with the kids. By 4 pm, everyone was exhausted and dragged their feet back to the car. Instantly, the boys fell asleep and when we hit major traffic on the way home, Little overheard my husband and I discussing plans for later that night. “Get a pizza and watch the Phillies game?” I proposed.

“You know guys… It would be so fun to go to the Phillies tonight.”

“Phillies?” our three year old fan asked. “I want to go to the Phillies game!” And then our little fan started begging, holding up her brand new Phillies t-shirt. I looked at my husband, he glanced at me. There was at least an hour of traffic to sit in.

“Can we get tickets?” I asked. “The boys’ birthdays are next week. We were going to take them anyway.”

How to buy last minute tickets on Stub Hub

“Try StubHub,” he responded, shrugging.

Now, if I had an iPhone, I would have been able to use the StubHub app, but, you all know what happened to my iPhone. Anyway, my Android-based Galaxy Note has an awesome internet interface so I went right to and was able to find all the seats available. We quickly figured out a budget, compared seats with their app and were all set to purchase our tickets. Until I realized that I couldn’t print out my tickets to use them at the game.

I wasn’t about to quit trying so quickly. Afterall, I thought. Who really makes you print things anymore? Plus, we were already pulling into the parking lot at Citizen’s Bank Park. So, I googled and was prompted to call StubHub directly. As I explained to Laura, the StubHub operator, “I don’t carry a portable printer in my car and there’s got to be a way to do this, right? I mean, doesn’t everyone want to be spontaneous? Isn’t that one of the great things about StubHub?”

Tired eyes, but so surprised to be at the Phillies game.

Apparently, she agreed. She set me up with tickets, gave me a confirmation number and told me that there is a StubHub window (outside the third baseline, for all of you Phillies fans) where you can pick up your StubHub tickets. You just need to bring along your ID.  (Note, you can only get last minute tickets via the phone, not ordering through your smartphone.)

For less than $60, we were able to attend batting practice, enjoy dinner, celebrate the boys’ birthdays and treat Little to her first Phillies games.

That’s right. Our cost for 5 MLB Phillies tickets was $34.95. Our seats were fantastic, and, because they were so last minute (3 hours before the game started) the prices had gone down incredibly low. I actually had a budget of $15/ticket, which Laura knew. But she set me up with the best seats available for under $15 and we spent less than $5 each. (There’s no extra fee for ordering over the phone vs. online.)

buy baseball tickets on stub hub

Best birthday ever!

Bonus! Both Big and my husband caught balls that night.

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