The only Valentine’s gifts you need to give this year

valentine's day gifts for her under $60

We all know Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love, but when you’re gifting the one you truly love, you don’t want to go overboard (cheesy!) with 100 roses (because, really, who wants to turn her home into a rose shop? plus. Flowers die.) Guys, what she really wants is something small […]

Want to know my trick to the easiest fish dinner ever?

easiest fish dinner ever -- tilapia with lemon, peppers and herbs from Bumble Bee SuperFresh will be perfect for dinners from Valentine's Day to busy family activities nights

I birth good eaters who like healthy food and don’t mind exploring new tastes. That’s why it was no surprise when my kids came downstairs to set the table last night, that they all commented that dinner smelled wonderful. And dinner? It was fish. Now often do you get to hear that? Luckily, last night’s […]

5 Fun activities to bond with your kids

what to do on a date with your kids -- 5 engaging ideas!

You always make sure your toddler is taken care of, but because of your busy schedule, you don’t always have enough time to bond with your child. But, having something like a date night with your kid will help your relationship and introduce him or her to new and fun activities. Your toddler can learn […]

Special K Brownies: a new after school snack at the top of their lists

special k brownies | an 80-calorie after school snack

My chocolate allergy doesn’t keep my kids away from enjoying chocolate, or me from that delicious warm-chocolate smell that makes us all chime in with Anna and Elsa and dreamily say “chahhhhhk-let.” My kids are thrilled to be tastetesters and reviewers for me of Special K’s newest snack, Special K Brownies, which they’ve been enjoying […]

How will you dress for Football’s Big Game?


All set for the Big Game next weekend? Great! But do you know what you’ll wear?!? Don’t wait until the last minute to decide how to show your spirit this year. Here are a few fresh ideas.   Seattle Seahawks Style by juliemeyerspron featuring top handle purses earrings | necklace | bracelet | top | […]

Is a toy still a toy when you learn to code from it?

wonder workshop stem learning coding and playing

In middle school, high school and college, I hated HATED science: all and any forms of it. I despised memorizing vocabulary, following directions to complete an experiment properly and explaining what happened and why, when it was already done. It wasn’t just boring, it was frustrating. My grades were always lowest in Science. In fact, […]

Dinner Meal Plan: January

january meal plan dinner plan

Don’t you hate it when it’s four o’clock and you have no idea what’s for dinner? With a meal plan in place, that won’t happen. And if you take 20-30 minutes each week to prepare your plan and create your grocery list, you’re taking a huge stress off yourself for the week.   Here’s everything you […]

Graced by Grit: Where comfort-wear and active-wear mix

Graced by Grit relax and recover top -- a warm top you can from your pilates class to dinner with family

Despite my amazing collection of accessories and my fabulous closet-full of clothing, this cold winter, I find myself in gym clothes. I’m giving in to the ease of pulling on the Yoga pants and keeping them on after Pilates class. I’m falling for the comfort of a sports bra. I’m all about the running shoes. […]

How children can volunteer in your community

how kids can volunteer in the community -- with info about MLK Day of Service and September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance

Giving back to the community and learning the importance of being a helpful part of our community are areas that are easiest taught to children when they’re young by leading by example and by jumping in and doing. Making volunteerism a habit, and a regular part of life will help children to become natural volunteers within […]