Gifts for the fitness obsessed (or those who want to be)


It’s true. Once you’re in the routine of a regular workout schedule, it’s hard to get out of it. Miss one day, you’re usually okay, though you may drag a bit. Miss two, and you feel out of sorts. Off balance. Blah. Okay. We can’t all be fitness obsessed. But as we look to gift […]

Praying for David

praying for david, prayers, loss

I’ve come back to an old post a lot in the past two weeks. In that post, I explored prayer, what it is, and how to do it. This post, from 2011, addresses how there are many ways to pray and that it’s okay to pray differently. I can’t recall what made me write the post […]

Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids


Thanksgiving and the thankful season is full of activities children and families can do to celebrate, learn and express themselves. Here are a few favorites for kids: Tonya created these adorable Turkey Cookies that you can make with your kids. The icing and candies will also work for cupcakes. Barb of a Life in Balance works […]

Monthly Dinner Calendar: November

november meal plan family

If you haven’t meal planned before, it’s so hard to explain the biggest benefit– it’s the relaxation that half the battle is over. There’s never a need to stress over “what’s for dinner” or “do I have everything I’ll need to make *that*” because you were prepared for the week and got everything when you […]

How to wear a long necklace


Promotion announcement: Now through November 17, 2014 at noon EST, all styles of Chloe + Isabel Jewelry are buy two, get one free. So select 3 long necklaces you love today… because you just got one for free! Or… shop for all your sisters and sistahs today! My friend, Meredith (waving “hi” to Meredith!) loves […]

The toys of my youth… and the toys of today

toys i played with

Growing up, I had a problem. I loved playing board games. My mom? Notsomuch. I distinctly remember a conversation that went something along the lines of Me: Mom, we want to play The Game of Life. Will you play with us? Mom: No thanks. Me: But why??? You can play while you make dinner. Mom: […]

The inside secret to help your child write a creative writing assignment

how to help your child write a creative writing assignment

For some children, writing comes easily. Others, it’s the dreaded white sheet of paper. It’s openness with no end in sight. It’s an assignment with too many right answers. It’s an assignment with no wrong answers. For children who see writing this way, a creative writing assignment (or any writing assignment) can cause them to lose sleep, […]

Can a family of 5 downsize to a mid-sized crossover SUV?

can a family of 5 fit into a mid-sized crossover SUV? We tried out the Toyota Venza

We’re, ahem, overdue for a new car. With a 10-year-old SUV and a 5-year-old minivan (that no one enjoys), I find myself day-dreaming of what I want in a new car. My husband does, too. And, since it’s his “turn” to get the next new car, I’m having to allow him to the fun of […]

4 weeks of dinners for your family

Another week closer to the holidays… another week I’m grateful I’ve already planned my meals and can focus on something else, you?   November Meal Plan–4 weeks of dinners for your family Want to know more about meal planning? Read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe […]