CORE values at Origami Owl


I’m all about wearing jewelry that not only looks fabulous, but also have fabulous meaning. So I’m really excited to share Origami Owl’s new CORE line with you (it comes out next week!) in this sponsored post. The idea of Origami Owl is that you’re using jewelry to tell a story. You purchase a basic [...]

Mom’s Back to School Checklist (free printable)

mom's back to school checklist-- be ready for the first day of school!

All around us, friends are preparing for Back to School. We’re seeing pictures on Social Media of friends in southern and western states celebrating the first day. Stores are advertising Back to School promotions and schools are sending out teacher letters. As much as we don’t want summer to end, it’s inevitable and I’d have my family be [...]

Video: How to apply foundation make-up

video: how to apply foundation

I must have slept through the “how to apply make-up” classes during high school. And that’s probably a good thing, because I remember friends with chunks and lines of foundation. It was much better that I just didn’t wear any at all. But times change, we age and our skin doesn’t always age as spotlessly as [...]

Favorite Productivity Apps

best apps for productivity

I’m the type of person who makes lists… and loses them. I have at least 4 notebooks going at all times, because one is on each floor of my house, plus one in the car. Which has never really made me productive. However, the one thing I’m never without, my iPhone. And I’ve worked hard to find [...]

Dyson DC59 Review

download (9)

As much as we’ve learned we can’t live without our Dyson DC44 that we received last year for a review, when Dyson asked me to review their new Dyson DC59, I admitted that I just didn’t need two of their amazing cordless vacuums. However, I definitely knew someone that would love to review it and [...]

Help me decorate my dining room


My poor dining room is so overlooked. It’s the first thing you see when you enter my house, as we have an open floor plan. The room needs some umph! So, this week, we’re doing a home-fashion Fashion Friday on Julieverse, and I need your help. Here are a few pictures of the surrounding area. [...]