Accessorize this dress

accessorizing formal gown

One of my favorite “hobbies,” and probably what led me to becoming a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser, is accessorizing friends (and, really, strangers.) I just love it when people send me an outfit that they need help figuring out how to finish. Earlier this week, Mrs. Fort Hood, Jenn, shared this picture of her pageant [...]

Menu Plan for October


I always find Halloween such a difficult night to prepare a meal. We want to carve the pumpkin, not make a mess of our costumes, and we’re so rushed and excited to run out the door for trick or treating to begin! Years ago, we’d order pizzas for friends and neighbors, but the pizza slices [...]

How to interview your kids


Several years ago, my aunt and I were chatting about kids and memories. She shared that one of her most favorite traditions was Birthday Videos. “Birthday videos?” I asked. “Sure,” she explained. “Every year, on their birthday, I ask the kids a series of questions, recording the video.” She shared that they later enjoy watching [...]

Teach kids to persuade


One of our favorite family games is Snake Oil. We’ve been playing it for about a year, creating new product ideas, then persuading others that our product will work and will be necessary in the real world. In playing, I learned something about my kids –they have a lot more persuasive power than I thought. [...]

Is today the day to start over?

WGU makes it far easier to earn your advanced degree

I went to college in the 90s. The early 90s. It was so long ago, that we still had wired phones in our rooms, and having your own computer was fairly unique. There were no laptops in classrooms. And no YouTube videos to remind us how to do things. Office hours required, sometimes, lining up [...]