4 Apps to Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills

When you’re aspiring to become a better chef, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when cooking is a hobby and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can improve your cooking skills without spending a fortune on classes or specialty cookware. Thanks to mobile technology and applications (apps), you can work on your culinary craft in your kitchen.Food and cooking apps to help in the kitchen

ChefsFeed App

Like any art form, culinary art needs inspiration. Eating at new, exciting restaurants, trying new foods and researching food trends as well as classic recipes helps you become a well-rounded chef. ChefsFeed is an innovative app that compiles recommendations from professional and highly regarded chefs about restaurants and dishes in specific neighborhoods. You can search by neighborhood, look at reviews and view high-resolution photos of the chefs’ favorite plates. Get inspired from the restaurants in your neighborhood and see valuable advice and input from culinary experts.

Samsung’s Chefs Collection App and Tablet

Your mobile device can help you navigate your kitchen and prep for cooking, making it a little easier for you to feel confident. Known for its mobile devices and innovative appliances, Samsung recently released an app that compiles recipes, cooking techniques, tips, videos and a multitude of kitchen knowledge from trusted food sources, such as Bon Appétit, Saveur and the Culinary Institute of America. To add to this impressive app, Samsung also is offering a specialty tablet that is completely dedicated to cooking. It comes with its own butcher block and tablet stand. You can get the latest Samsung phones and tablets at major service providers such as T-Mobile.

Professional Chef App by the Culinary Institute of America

If you are serious about improving your cooking skills and want to learn the same lessons students learn in culinary school, this impressive app has what you need. While the $50 price is fairly steep for an app, Mashable calls it the “Bible of cooking,” as it is a resource you can use for almost anything you’d do in the kitchen. The app offers the full text and resource material from the Culinary Institute of America in an interactive and accessible form, including recipes, videos, tests and photo guides for technique. While this app isn’t a complete substitute for attending culinary school, it gives you a jump-start if you are planning on a cooking career or have a passion for proper technique.

How to Cook Everything

If you’re not quite dedicated to a full culinary school curriculum, consider the How To Cook Everything app. If you are interested in foundational kitchen techniques and learning the proper preparation of culinary staples, this app is for you. Based on a cookbook with the same title, this mobile tool teaches you valuable skills and has useful features, such as an in-app timer and an option to build a shopping and ingredient list. This app has a free version for iPhone and a full-feature version for your tablet for about $10.

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