What's my beef with Piperlime?

I don’t like to complain. Really. I try to keep my blog very friendly, happy and embracing. The kind of stuff I like to read.


If you’ve followed me on twitter or Facebook recently, you might have caught an annoyance. With Piperlime. The clothing company. The one owned by GAP.

You see, last Tuesday, January 11 at 3 pm EST (which, btw, is noon PST, which is San Francisco’s timezone. And San Francisco is, of course, GAP’s home), I ordered a pair of Winter-weather snow boots. You might have seen me talk about them on Friday’s Mom Chic post. I selected regular, free shipping, which was promised to arrive within 3-5 business days of the date the order was placed.

Okay. Look. I’ll admit that I have become spoiled by the Zappos, Diapers.com and Amazons of the world. When they promise 2-day shipping, you get it in one. I’ve ordered from Zappos in the past on a Friday and received it on a Saturday.

So, 3 days later, Friday, I’m expecting a package to arrive. Perfect! I think. My post goes live today and I’ll get to share how much I love the boots.

At sometime around 3ish, when FedEx, UPS and the USPS have all come and gone by my house, I search my email. There’s no shipping announcement. So, I signed on to my Piperlime account. The order, at 3 pm on Friday says its still processing.

Saturday, 3pm? Same message. At 11 pm, EST, Saturday night, I finally received an email saying that my order had shipped. Saturday night, 11 pm.  Of course, Monday was a holiday. Not a business day. Forget the fact that FedEx still delivered and came down my street twice. Forget that I ordered my boots on Tuesday. I knew better than to expect the boots on Monday.

So, they arrived on Tuesday morning. And. I. Hate. Them. (Now, this is not the fault of Piperlime. But what is the fault of Piperlime is that I wasted a stinking week waiting for these boots to arrive only to find that I need to return them. Meanwhile, had I ordered from Zappos, I would have been able to send them back a day later. That. Is a difference.)

Here’s my other Piperlime issue. They lack in social media service. And lack isn’t really a strong enough word. On Friday I tweeted and Facebooked. On Facebook, I asked my followers, friends and fans

 “Are you so spoiled by super-fast shipping (a la Amazon and Zappos) that nothing else will do? I’m very impatiently awaiting a shipment. Thought it would be here by now, and just learned it hasn’t even left the warehouse. (4 days after placing the order at a major retailer.)”

I tweeted similarly. Immediately, Zappos was on it. “We’re sorry you’re having trouble. Can we help?”

But when I tweeted that I was still waiting for my boots to ship and asking a question of Piperlime? Nothing. And no reply from GAP, either.

In fact, Saturday night, we ran searches for Piperlime and GAP on twitter. And there were more complaints about Piperlime’s horrendous shipping than any other comments. Guess what? We didn’t notice any replies.

So, I’m hating on Piperlime. I’ll still shop at the GAP because, as a mom of 3 kids, well… they fit and they look cute. But Piperlime? They aren’t worth it. Because if you’re shopping at Piperlime, you can pretty much guarantee lousy attention and horrible shipping.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel (jewelryverse.com) and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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  1. says

    I’ve always always had that problem with Piperlime. Free shipping is 3-5 days after the order has been processed – which Lord knows how long that could take. I rarely order from them anymore. I get style ideas from them, but I go elsewhere to purchase.

    • says

      That’s exactly what I learned. And what I’m hoping to pass on to everyone. Piperlime is going to need to make big changes because they simply can’t keep up with their competition. Though, annoyingly, their prices are fantastic.

  2. says

    Ouch! Had similar experience with a major cable provider in the area…poor customer service is just not ok – and even worse when your competitors offer good customer service!

      • says

        Oh Julie – think BIG BIG company that recently got approval for a large merger. Imagine this – we started a computer chat w/ their sales team because we were considering switching to the other big provider and asked provider #1 to match the deal. She said the best they could do was match for 6 months – but I should call the “Retention” dept to see if they could beat the deal. I called Retention – they told me that they had no record of the deal the online person told me they could do. Now, I’m really annoyed – the online chat to 20 minutes than another 10 w/ this person on the phone and I’ve gotten no-where. So I ask to speak to a manager – well – no managers are available – they’ll have to call me back. But they’ll call me back in 1o minutes. 1.5 hours later no call. So I hop on Twitter and connect w/ their customer service team who tells me that I should call them back. Are you serious. 2 days later and still no call. And that doesn’t even include the fact that they didn’t send the new cable box we ordered 2 weeks ago.

        So – long story short – guess who is getting a new “cable” provider tomorrow – that’s right – US! that’s what happens when you provide bad service!

  3. Molly Shipp says

    JUST learned this same lesson! I am SO ANNOYED! I would have certianly pordered via amazon or zappos had I know that theit shipping sucks this bad! It has been one week and the fed ex estimate is another two days for my order to arrive? I am in Laguna Beach, CA and the shoes are actaully only 50 miles away in Chino, CA. I could go get them myself in less than an hour!!! So gosh darn annoying! That IS MY LAST AND FINAL ORDER EVER with piperlime..and I am actually a patient person. This is outrageous!
    Did they ever respond or apologize to you?

    • says

      So sorry that you’re having to experience this. Especially since you are SO close.

      They replied to my tweet about 3 days later. Something like ‘we’re sorry to hear you feel this way.’ (Not. At all. A direct quote.)

      I haven’t ordered since.

      Actually. I don’t think I’ve ordered from their sister companies either.

  4. Jen F. says

    I understand your frustration because I am completely spoiled by amazon prime–but I also pay $80 a year for that privilege. And if you consider that they estimated 3-5 BUSINESS days–they got it to you within that time frame and it was free.

    I do agree that having no twitter/facebook response can only hurt them–a quick response from the. Could have gone a long way to ease your concerns and frustration. What if you had a legitimate problem (billing, returns, etc) that doesn’t make you comfortable purchasing. Perhaps this has changed given the date of your blog post.

    • says

      yeah, it was a while ago, and, while I’ve never ordered from Piperlime since, GAP orders have moved MUCH faster. Times are definitely changing, and non-amazon businesses are just trying to figure out how to move 24/7 to keep afloat and attempt to compete with Amazon. In the instance of this post, it was definitely a problem with their communications–as soon as I realized that they were actually taking their time on sending the order, I tried to expedite and they wouldn’t respond. Back then, Amazon was one of very few companies to drop the shipment the day the order was placed. These days, companies have learned that we expect that and are foolish to wait to drop. Better to get something there early and present with excellent customer service.

      Example, we preordered books (on amazon). They came out in the stores today. Around 11:30 this morning I received an email that it had shipped and to expect it tomorrow. Got home 45 minutes to find the books IN my mailbox. Element of surprise makes for happy CS experience. :)

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