5 tips for visiting historic Philadelphia

visiting historic philadelphia

When visiting Historic Philadelphia, most visitors plan their trip around The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and then reach out on Facebook or through email, looking for must-see spots in Philadelphia. We take our kids to Philly a few times a year (we live in the suburbs) and I’ve lived here nearly all my life. I’m also an educator and was a 4th grade teacher (we study PA history in 4th grade.) I've seen many local suggest skipping the Betsy Ross house, but I have to argue. It’s a … [Read more...]

Winter Travels: The best vacation destinations in America

5 top winter travel destinations in America -- isn't it time to try a new travel spot- (1)

The winter can be gloomy, so it can be nice to escape the monotony and head out on the road for some adventure. Whether you’re skiing the Rockies, visiting Disneyland, or heading south for some fun, it's a good idea to do some homework and think about what you might want to do on a winter vacation. Look no further, because some of the best winter vacation spots in America are right here:   A Phoenix Escape If you want to get away from a dreary, snowy winter, both Phoenix and … [Read more...]

Learning life in the 1700s: Philadelphia without a Cell Phone

what happens when you misplace your cell phone on a field trip to the city?

I'm so not a religious person. It's really rare that I discuss G-d or Faith or anything ever, let alone on my blog. But, this story? Fate had a hand. We were due to school at 8:15 that morning. After a quick run to Wawa for coffee and donuts, we arrived about 2 minutes early, parked and began walking towards the school so that I could, against my wishes, chaperone a field trip as for this unique trip, every child was required a chaperone. As always, I checked my bag about 10 steps from … [Read more...]

Things to do in Philadelphia with kids: Christ Church Philadelphia


While we're a mixed religion family, it's rare we attend a place of worship. Recently, my 10-year-old and ventured in to Christ Church, a place where I certainly didn't think I belonged. While I was figuring we'd quickly walk through, friends who were with us had other plans. And, so. We attended a brief information session (seated tour) that surprised me. It made me feel welcome in a religious establishment so different from my own. Which, of course, is exactly what our forefathers had … [Read more...]

Memories of Maine 2014


I have to tell you, there is nothing as sweet as a good vacation. You know how I love big, busy trips (hello! Disney and Universal both come to mind) but hiding away from it all in a lakeside cabin in Maine with intermittent reception just can't be beat for true relaxation. A few highlights I don't ever want to forget:   Driving up to Maine, about an hour or so into the trip, the sky turned an ominous dark, dark gray. We watched, as we continued north, the gray clouds take over, … [Read more...]

The Julieverse Best of Maine Awards


A few of our favorite spots in Maine are definitely worth passing on to you. Booth Bay Harbor, Maine Best Popcorn and gifts: Coastal Maine Popcorn -- great for snacks and gifts Best lobster lunch: Fisherman's Wharf Inn -- one of the best places to enjoy the freshest Maine lobster and the beautiful views of the harbor. Best family-friendly adventure: Balmy Days Cruises -- my boys (all three of them) had a great time cruising the Booth Bay Harbor and surrounding area on The Bay Lady, a … [Read more...]

The benefits of vacation home rental

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wyndham Vacation Rentals. As I finish up a relaxing one and a half week summer vacation, one that went off the grid (conversations included "What?! There was a hurricane three nights ago?!"  and "Huh?! Everyone is evacuating the island we're making our way to because it's shut down!?"), I'm reflecting on what made it so peaceful, relaxing and far too quick. I love a great theme park trip, or a vacation full of exploring big cities, but a truly … [Read more...]

Tech travel gear for family travel

tech family travel gear vacation

Before heading to Disney World, TypeA Conference and KidCon in March, I scoped out our tech travel gear and grabbed a few new items that were particularly helpful for traveling with the boys to a tech conference. This being a tech conference, I had been thinking about how to bring all the technology my kids and I would need. Their sessions included photography, video and networking. So, I grabbed cameras, ipods, DS's, Kindles and one of their laptops, with the hope of downloading their … [Read more...]

#DisneySide: Found it!

disney side, disney, typeawdw

I love Disney World, Disney movies and Disney Memories. But, for several reasons, I opted out of participating in the #DisneySide promotion seen throughout Social Media this winter. I just didn't see it. Disney is wonderful, but a #DisneySide? I wasn't sure I had a different side when it came to Disney or, for that matter, very much of anything else. But, last weekend, I took just my boys to Disney World for the TypeA WDW conference, where I taught a part of the KidCon sideshow--a conference to … [Read more...]

Need a work bag for your man? I have it all figured out.

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I still haven't bought a gift for my husband. Last week, I asked him to please make me a list of just three things he wants so that I have a few leads. He didn't. So, I started searching. I've had a few ideas for a while now, but no push that THIS is the gift to give. So, I played it out a little bit last night. Or I tried to. This was the conversation: Me: So, how much do you think is the right amount to spend on a work bag for a guy? I'm researching a post... Him: Don't worry … [Read more...]