5 Reasons Your Teen Should Get a Job

Although some teens work part-time jobs in the summer and after school, many wait until they are in college to get their first job. However, getting a job early on can help teens in a variety of ways. Here are five reasons why teens should get a job.

5 reasons teens should get a job. AKA how to save for - and get into - college

They Earn Better Grades

You might assume that teens who work are too busy to spend enough time on their schoolwork, but high school students who work between 10 and 15 hours a week tend to have better grades, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. For teens that always have to be hassled to do homework, getting a part-time job gives them less time to procrastinate.

They Learn the Value of a Dollar

For teens that think money grows on trees, getting a job is a great remedy. Nothing helps teenagers appreciate the value of a dollar like having to go out and earn it. Learning to deal with grumpy customers, standing on their feet for hours and having to occasionally sacrifice time with friends for work helps teens appreciate the money they are earning.

Plus, teens are more likely to spend their hard-earned money more wisely. Parents can help their teenagers learn how to budget and make smarter purchases. For example, instead of the latest and greatest smartphone, they may be more amenable to purchasing a pre-owned phone or one with a flexible payment plan, such as T-Mobile’s $0 down plans.

A Job Is a Confidence Booster

Studies have found that teens who work are more self-confident, explains Project SOS. Learning how to talk to supervisors and customers, being trained to do new tasks, juggling work and other activities and dealing with stress are all outstanding experiences that can boost teens’ levels of self-confidence when they succeed. Parents should be sure to acknowledge their children’s hard work to help keep their confidence up.

A Job Gives Them Needed Experience

Getting a job early on gives teenagers tangible experience to add to their resumes, which will help them when applying for full-time work in the future. Employers like to see plenty of work history in their applicants, and the only way to get this is to go out and get an entry-level job first.

Teens Can Start Saving Toward College

While many parents dream of a full-ride scholarships for their children, chances are good that they will need to pay for at least part of college. Even if parents plan on paying for tuition, books and living expenses quickly add up. Parents can have their teens set aside some of their earnings for college. Not only does this help with college expenses, but it also helps teenagers learn about budgeting and money management and encourages them to have a financial stake in their higher education.

There are many more reasons why teens benefit from having part-time jobs, ranging from having a sense of independence to learning new skills. But parents should be sure to discuss the responsibilities and expectations that come with having a job.

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