How to Pack Light with Packable Clothing

This week my friend Rajean from Because I Said So asked me to suggest great ideas for packable clothing. I can’t help but feel a little jealous even writing this post… I wish I had a need for packable clothing right about now. But enough about me…

Easy Packing Lists

So, one of the keys to packing for a trip (any kind of trip) is to coordinate your wardrobe so that you can mix and match to keep your packing a bit lighter. There are so many great examples of light packing wardrobes on Pinterest, like this one from (This shows how great it is to pack neutrals because they’re so easy to mix and match, but I’d throw in some colors that follow the flow of your look.)

Packable Clothing

I love Athleta (who doesn’t?!) and one thing that first got me hooked was their Pack Everywhere line of dresses. These dresses, which are perfect for summer travel, roll up super small to fit into your carry-on. Once you get to your destination, just hang it on a hanger and it should be ready to wear.

packable clothing

For cooler weather, The North Face has a line of packable clothing including the Blaze Vests and Jackets that pack down small, often into little bags and, when opened and expanded, keep you warm and wind-protected.

packable clothing

I found one of my favorite dresses, the Patagonia Morning Glory, at a surf shop in the Outer Banks, NC, a few years ago. It feels like a swimsuit, so very flexible, and wrinkle free. It also rolls up really small for easy travel. (I found priced as high as $69, but at the link to 6pm, above, it’s only $34.99–great deal!)

patagonia packable dress

Packing shoes

With the increased prices of flying with suitcases, we all know the way you pack is important. I recommend traveling with your biggest, bulkiest, heaviest shoes on (usually your boots) and storing a pair of flip flops in your bag to change into if you’re going somewhere warm. Likely you’ll need to pack one pair of sneakers, and I love my running shoes from New Balance. Not only do they look cute, but they’re thin and light weight, taking up less space. In winter, try to bring just one pair of neutral heels or nicer shoes or, in summer, just one pair of sandals, again, neutral. Or, if you’re following light-packing rules, keep it within your colors–a shoe color that will match all of your outfits. The past few springs and summers, I’ve relied on just my green wedges and a pair of flip flops to get me through several trips because I kept the colors of my clothing coordinated.

packable shoes summer

Share your packing tips in the comments and link up for Fashion Friday!

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