Sesame Place Spooktacular is a Great Day with Kids

Fall festivities and sporting events keep every family busy this time of year, so when I couldn’t attend the Sesame Place Spooktacular this weekend, I asked author and blogger Darla DeMorrow to share it with Julieverse readers. Read about Sesame Place in the Spring and Summer. 

Romney may plan on putting Big Bird out of work, but everyone’s favorite fowl has a steady gig here at Sesame Place. Big Bird and his pals work through Halloween at the Sesame Place Spooktacular.

sesame place spooktacular featuring Big Bird

Sesame Place during the holidays is actually an easier trip than during the summer, which we also love. At the Spooktakular, we don’t have to pack up for the waterpark, which is closed for the season. Instead, we pack up the stroller and kids in costumes for a fun day.

Sesame Place hours, calendar and special events listing

What I knew for sure before we even went was that we would have a very unscary time. Sesame Place is tailor-made for the little ones, and since our girls are 3 and 5, we don’t have a high tolerance for senseless scares. But my friends and their older kids also enjoyed themselves.

My little one even dressed as Abby Cadaby, one of Sesame Street’s newer characters. Not being one of the classic muppets, not many adults recognize this Muppet-fairy, but she’s absolute royalty within the park. I am so bummed that I totally forgot to get a picture of the two of them together. But I did get this adorable picture of my daughter with Cookie Monster.

sesame place halloween event

The highlight of the day is always the Sunny Day Parade. If you go, be sure to bring a picnic blanket to sit and enjoy the lights, dancing, and rocking tunes. Really, the parents enjoy it as much as the kids.

sesame place parade

Families within about an hour drive of Langhorne, PA, just off Rte 1, are lucky that we have such an affordable, high-quality theme park so close to home. It’s non-stop fun and wonder for the pint-sized and their parents, without having to get on a plane.

Like most moms I know, I’m always trying to balance my business, family obligations, and learning experiences for my kids. This trip to Sesame Place just happened to be the perfect combination of all those things, and one day that we all agreed we wouldn’t soon forget. Read about how I’m planning on using all of the cute decorating ideas I saw here to freshen up our Halloween décor.

Darla DeMorrow is a Wayne, PA mom, certified professional organizer, business owner and author of The Pregnant Entrepreneur. Also check out her blog and request your free 31 Simple Tips for Organizing Space, Time and Paper & Information at Heartwork Organizing.

Sesame Place hours, calendar and special events listing

Before you go…

Create an autograph book. Autograph books act as an ice breaker, making it far easier for the kids to approach the furry, cuddly, loving characters. They also make an exceptional souvenir.

Are you planning a summer trip to Sesame Place? Don’t miss this post about what to wear to a theme park during hot weather. And remember to bring a swimsuit! Sesame Place has a great water-park area with tons to do for all ages!

Year-round Sesame Place Highlights

Memorial Day Sunday, features a fireworks show, set to Sesame Street music! Rock out with Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Count von Count, as their music fills the air and the sky is covered with colorful bursts of brilliance. Fireworks will begin at 9:00pm. Sunday only.

The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular happens each fall.

A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place® is a festive, family-friendly celebration with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street® friends in Langhorne, PA. The park is transformed into a one-of-a-kind Christmas wonderland with millions of twinkling lights, festive decorations and whirling rides including the new Cookie’s Monster Land featuring five rides, a three-story net climb and a soft toddler play area. Guests will enjoy special Christmas shows, savory Christmas menus, super holiday shopping and a visit with Santa in his Furry Workshop.

Christmas is from November 22 to December 31 on select days.

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