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Office Depot Star Teacher Program #ODRewards

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As you're stressing about Back to School shopping (I know, I am, too) take a deep breath. I mean, I know the teachers are asking you for 7 tubes of glue sticks and they come in packs of 3 (right? What brilliant teacher decided on the number 7, anyway??) but even after you add up all your supplies this year, think about your child's teacher. And her minimal paycheck for everything she puts into teaching 20-something students every day and helping them learn and grow. Anyone want to guess how much … [Read more...]

Rewards Programs: for Back to School shopping & office supplies, I’m using #ODRewards


Remember, way way way long ago, when rewards programs were new? You were a member at one, maybe two, grocery stores and your video store and that was it? Now, everyone has a rewards program--giving out little shapely key-fobs and loading down wallets with more cards. Luckily, most stores will allow you to identify yourself by phone number or email because my kids have started crafting with the collection of key-fobs and cards. The thing is, 99% of the programs are worth joining. I've heard … [Read more...]

7 supplies mom needs for Back to School #ODRewards

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Back to school isn't just for the kids. Sure, I take my kids' lists to the store, grab everything on the list (and, yes, I was the one you all heard shout "$15 for pencils!?!! What!!??"), and pay as quickly as possible to get out. But next week, when the kids are back in school, under much less rush and pressure, I'll take some time to do my own Back-to-School supply shopping. As much as it's a time to refresh and reorganize the kids, it's even more-so for me. [This is a sponsored … [Read more...]

Creating Change: Giving, Voting, Reaching Schools #TeachersChangeLives


Having worked in the public school trenches, I get it. I get how the supply closet is grossly under-stocked and how a $50 stipend, per classroom teacher, is never enough to meet the needs of a successful classroom. I look at teachers' classroom needs (tissue boxes, paints, a carpet for first grade circle time, a pencil sharpener, portfolio and file folders, writing paper, journals...) and sigh. Loudly. Because all of these things should already be in a classroom. Tomorrow, in … [Read more...]

4 ways parents can create REAL Change in your schools

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I might have heard it said before that "it's always the same people volunteering in schools... again and again." I might have also heard "once you're in, you're in. They'll keep asking again." In fact, there might be the idea out there that some parent organizations are rather clique-ish and only sign themselves up for things because they don't know the other parents or don't trust them or... whatever. And while those feelings all exist and can be (and have been seen to be) true, what's really … [Read more...]

What makes a good teacher?

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I've written a lot about inspirational teachers in the past few weeks. I suppose the reason is a mix of my kids having excellent teachers this year and thinking back (a lot) over the past few years, my choices, adventures and changes I've made and how, when it all comes together, my education truly did make a difference in whom I've become. So, today, I ask, "what makes a good teacher?" {This is a sponsored post to share the REAL CHANGE program at Office Depot and tomorrow night's show on CBS … [Read more...]

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