How to find books your child will love

There are many things to be concerned with when selecting a book for your child to read, especially children who haven’t become devoted to a specific genre or author. Usually, kids around 2nd to 3rd grades are still “playing the field”, trying to determine the books of most interest. Or, they’ll get hooked on one topic or one author, and you’ll want to see your child reach out and try new things.

how to find books for kids

How to find new books for your child

Focus on their interests

What are your child’s favorite things to do? Is he a swimmer, an insect lover, an adventurer? Figure out what things are most interesting to your child and start searching. Your local children’s librarian, as well as the librarian at your child’s school, is often aware of many books for a variety of interests. At our local library, there’s a “secret” category box–parents can look up the category of interest, anything from dancing to mountains to mice, and be led to children’s books along that topic.


Focus in on your child’s favorite topic and find a role model in that field for your child to learn about. The Who Is/Who Was series has a few dozen books that tell about famous people’s lives from child- through adulthood, written for young readers. Kids also enjoy the Biography Comics – who? 29 Great Figures iPad app, which is created for kids about ages 9 and up. (See my review of Who?Comics here.)

Ask your friends

I love social media. At any time of day I can ask a question and I’m certain to get 5 engaging responses. Even more, I can offer ideas and suggestions. Chances are that if you’re looking for a book your kid will love, someone else’s kid already found it, so put it out there to the internet world that you’re looking for a book for your child, his age and interests. I’m betting you’ll start a great discussion.

Search Pinterest for kids book lists

That’s right, there’s more to Pinterest than cooking, decor and style. There are hundreds of book lists there as well. This group board has several pins with links to favorite books for adults and kids by mom bloggers and this board was created by a library.
how to find books for your elementary child

Volunteer in the school library or book fair

I never recommend volunteering to be nosy about kids, but I totally recommend volunteering to be nosy about books! My favorite event at my kids’ school is the book fair. I love straightening books after the kids look through them because I get to peek at books I haven’t heard of yet, sneaking glimpses to see what books are out there. And some of the most educational conversations occur when kids share what books they love and, together and with friends, we start looking for other books to inspire them. Warmed with such inspiration, I then surprise my kids’ with some new finds that other kids love.

Play on Amazon

If your child recently loved a book he read, look it up on Amazon, then scroll about half-way down the page to find the section titled “Customers Who Bought This Book Also Bought” and scroll to the right to find books by other, similar authors.

“Send it” from a friend

The power of suggestion isn’t so powerful when Mom recommends a book around here, but Santa and Grammy have an amazing ability to find books the kids will love. Yup, I’ve been one wrap and gift a book from someone else just to get my kids to try something I know they’ll love. Sometimes I just toss a book on their bed so that when they get home it’s sitting there, enticing them… which is far more exciting than being handed a book from mom.

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