Yes, You CAN get a Sitter at Disney World

Update Fall 2013: We returned to Orlando this summer and used the same service,, for a babysitter while staying at Universal Orlando Resorts. We wished we could take our sitter, Colleen, home with us. Sadly, she’s not that kind of babysitter. Colleen is a flight attendant for JetBlue Airlines who, when she has layovers in Orlando, will make a little extra money and babysit for kids. She doesn’t have kids of her own, but loves to play and interact making this the perfect side-job for her. We felt completely confident in our sitter that night–we knew the kids were safe and would have a great time. Just as with last time, Colleen came with a bag full of books and toys perfect for our kids ages and bonded with them immediately.

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From our visit in 2010: You would not believe how many people’s mouth’s have dropped–to the ground–when I share that we hired a sitter in Disney. So many people think of a vacation to Disney as a family-thing that they never consider getting out and relaxing. Please, take it from me, if you are going to spend so much on a vacation to Disney World, you deserve a little four hour break (or more) to celebrate your family, and to celebrate all the planning that went into your fabulous vacation.

So, before you go, plan a little something extra for yourself. The Huz and I just went over to Epcot for drinks, dinner and fireworks. It was calm. It was quiet. And it was, believe it or not, romantic (we ate in France at the window during Illuminations).

While working on my ADRs (Advanced Dinner Reservations) I asked about babysitting. Did the “cast” members work as babysitters during their off hours or would the hotels have a database? Even better, Disney, it turns out, is contracted with So, long story short, I checked it out, inquired about their security and background checks and reserved a sitter.

Its not cheap, ya’ll. Understand that. Then again, this is Disney and you can’t expect anything to be cheap. But Nancy showed up exactly on time (maybe even a few minutes early) with a clipboard full of questions and a suitcase full of games. Awesome games. Fun toys. Exciting stuff for the kids to do and play. Nancy is a Grandmother and a former full-time Nanny. She Nannies with KidsNiteOut as a career because she loves kids. What more could I ask, right? Obviously, I’m asking for the safety of my children.

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And they were safe. Very safe. Nancy is on Disney property several days and nights a week. She knows the resort better than any visitor because this is her job. It’s her life. She’s just one of many sitters through KidsNiteOut.

Listen. Leaving your kids with a sitter is scary stuff. I get that. But it’s worth a call to learn about their babysitting program, right? See how you feel after you talk to their service and go with your gut. Believe me. My gut had a wonderful night out.

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  1. Edward says

    Kids Nite Out is WAY to high priced. They are NOT BBB Accredited; there are lot of service issues, and Disney has a special arrangement where they make money (i.e. either a kickback scheme or “referral program”) from the use of just one “vendor”. So it isn’t “contracted with”. They signed a contract that locks them in to the conditions of the contract, which is primarily money centered. The sitters, while they enjoy a lot of opportunities to babysit, earn a small fraction of what parents pay; and with this recent price hike; parents are less apt to tip the sitter who works for Kids Nite Out.


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