Pajamas for everyday moms

Whenever someone asks me “what is one must-bring item for a conference or live event” I always respond the same: Pajamas you’d be okay having your picture taken in. And with good reason. Somewhere out there on the internet is a picture of my friend, Michele, and me at a pajama party during the Yahoo! Motherboard Summit. Luckily, I was wearing new pajamas I’d picked up two days before at Target. With conferences, sleepovers and lazy summer mornings ahead, it’s a good idea to think about pajamas for everyday moms.

target pajamas

Nick & Nora Pajamas available at Target for $27.99

pajamas for public

Also at Target, Xhilaration Juniors for $16.99

mom pajamas

$50 at Bare Necessities: Karen Neuburger Palazzo Short Sleeve Pajama Set

victorias secret everyday pajama

the Tee-jama on sale at Victoria’s Secret for $39.50

Have favorite pajamas? Share them!

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