Techy must-haves from CE Week

Attending CES has always been a dream. This week I was a little closer to that dream as I was a guest of Techilicious at Consumer Electronics Week in New York.

The event began with a panel of mom bloggers from the Blogging Angels, Rebecca Levey @beccasara (who, disclaimer, is my editor at Playdation), Nancy Friedman @hip2housewife and Amy Oztan @selfishmom, who dished with Suzanne from Techilicious about brands and PR firms working with Mom Bloggers: what to do, what not to do, and everything in between. From what we like to be called to what we can offer to what we should be paid, they shared their feelings, and I found my self nodding in agreement 99% of the time. You can, and should, read this post: Tips for how to approach mom bloggers.


3/4 of the Blogging Angles interact with Suzanne from Techilicious. See how techy they are?

After a short break, Suzanne shared tips for Photoshop Elements (dude! Did you know you can batch edit photos?! SO excited to get my fingers on the new Photoshop Elements 9), an iphone mic and some apps and some other techy-things that mom bloggers should use. Like a new video cam that I seriously lack and need (because one is broken and the second I left in a hotel in DC. Sigh. I know.).

Following another break, and sharing our lunch, we met with Chad Latz, president of Cohn & Wolf. As president of one of the leading digital public relations firms in the US (if not the world) I was at full attention as he spoke. Highlights from our discussion:

  • he calls us “digital influencers”. Love that. It will SO be my title on my next business card
  • he recognizes that attention to our niche and our audience is key
  • he agrees that brands shouldn’t focus all their energies on the same bloggers, ahem. digital influencers, again… and again… and again.
  • he doesn’t receive oodles of proposals from bloggers, but would like to see them tailored to the clients’ needs, just as we want to see pitches tailored to us. Makes sense.
CE Week with Rebecca Levey

Rebecca Levey, my Playdation editor, and I tried to steal a few minutes to talk work. Didn't happen.

Andrea Parentise

Six Philly bloggers attended the Techilicious event. Andrea of and I were so excited to be included. Sadly, and as usual, I didn't get a group picture.

Much of the whirlwind of a day was spent running between a conference room to the floor to meet the techies. It was a small sampling of tech leaders who attended, but it was still difficult to meet everyone I wanted to meet.

iGuy Speck

One of my favorite products, the iGuy from Speck is a safe keeping rubber stand. Great for kids playing with your iPad.

ipad cover iphone

The rep from Fuse shows us the antibacterial iPhone and iPad screenguards. Mine is already stuck to my iPad. My tip for Apple? Put these on your in store samples that kids play with all day long.


This device, the Mavia, will be available soon. It will plug into your car's computer to tell you exactly what is wrong (or not wrong) with your car. So you won't have to doubt the shop. Also has GPS locators.


This is the nPowerPeg. It's a device that allows you to recharge a battery with your own movement. Seriously. Great for emergencies and outdoorsy people. It will be available soon, you can preorder one now.

htc flyer

HTC's rep shows us the new HTC Flyer tablet, which runs on the Android base. It has 3D technology and uses a scribe (or stylus), making note taking and communicating that much easier.

iluv ipad

Fashion meets function at iLuv. This product has a detachable keyboard that pops off the cover

toshiba cover

Toshiba's tablet works like a touch screen computer with the base attachment. Check out the hard case covers, too.

usb file sharing device

The iTwin is the answer to the Cloud-leery. Leave one half of this safe file-sharing device in your computer (it keeps it from going into sleep-mode) and plug into any other computer with the same software. You'll be able to access your files anywhere in the world. Currently available for PCs, with Mac expected to be available by winter.

And then, an unexpected highlight. While racing to catch our train home, we heard squealing from Macy’s. Only to hear that the Justin Bieber was arriving. See? That’s him!

justin bieber

Maybe, just maybe, after this experience, I’m a little closer to attending CES next year in Vegas.


Thanks to Techilicious, Cohn & Wolfe and all of the CE Week sponsors for hosting the day-long event and inviting, sponsoring and supporting Digital Influencers.

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    Looks like a great event to be apart of! It’s so great to hear about new technology that can help enhance our lives or even just make our lives a bit more fun!

    • says

      exactly. I know nothing of the mumbo-jumbo tech terms. Don’t even try to tell me the megabites or pixels. Tell me what it means to my life and I’m happy. I love that 95% of the reps at this mini-conference/press show did just that. They acknowledged my needs.

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