Who We Are

Julie Meyers Pron, was born and bred in Suburban Philadelphia.  I left for a few years to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where I studied parties and party planning, with a little dabble or two in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Economics and Psychology. Nice mix, right? My fave classes (if you really want to  know) were graphic design, Public Relations Writing, PR planning and OBBP (that’s organizational business behavior policy). I know… why the Econ minor? Ummm…  the classes were so easy that I kept taking them for the GPA.

So, while at SMU, Iwas published in some local papers, interned for the Tejas Girl Scout Concil (in PR, of course), Martha Tiller & Company, assistant managed a kick-butt University (and very Greek) boutique, and worked in Admissions. Then I graduated, took with me my Mustang Spirit, learned partying and planning experience from my hootie-hootie sisters, and a little knowledge from running a boutique.

After I worked in agency advertising for about a year (representing clients including Pizza Hut and Long John Silvers), I decided I loved learning more, so I moved back to Philly for grad school at Beaver College. Yes. Terrible name. So they changed it to Arcadia University. There I received my MEd in Elementary Ed and worked in SpecEd for a year (in the very same middle school I went to, with the very same teachers I had, and I suddenly had to call them by their first names!). I also subbed in regular ed and finally landed a job teaching 2nd and 4th grades to adorable, somewhat spoiled suburban kids, just like me. While teaching, I realized my love for unit planning and media science (aka library/media skills) and hope to, some day, persue a Doctorate in this field.

During this time I also met (and later married) the most important man in my life, the Huz.  And 5 1/2 years later, boom! I was pregnant with Big.

Big was born after 4 years teaching and I happily skipped out the door where it certainly didn’t hit me in the butt on my way out. Big was followed by Middle 2 years later, and 4 years following, along came Little.

Which brings me to now. I’m immersed in the world of Social Media, where I’ve been working in some fashion since 2001. I enjoy educational and parenting freelance writing, creating and continuing long term relationships with brands I trust and believe in and teaching others through  my writing and videos.

I’m a founding partner at Just Centsible Consulting, where our clients have included Best Buy, Open Sky Project, FamZoo and Insect Lore, to name a few. At Just Centsible we do everything from twutoring to social media event planning, matchmaking and project managing. I’m also a founding team member and principal of Splash Creative Media. Splash is the network behind Fill the Backpack, and the backbone of several other marketing campaigns.

But, wait, there’s more! In addition to mommying, wifing, housing, blogging here at Julieverse, running #VlogMom, writing elsewhere, marketing, and consulting (phew!), I’m about to begin my fourth year as director of the Parent Teacher Organization at our preschool and Kindergarten.

Why do I do all this? To save myself from shopping all. day. long.

The Huz: He’s a pretty private guy who works in Real Estate and is learning social media (he has a good teacher). So he rarely reads this blog. Of course, he’ll probably prove me wrong by leaving a comment below. The Huz is an amazing Daddy, he’s the one playing with the kids at the neighborhood party, beer in hand and creative game in mind. He coaches baseball, plays a mean game of chess and loves the market. (stock, not grocery.) How to make him happy? Put him on a beach where he can join the kids on the boogy board or kick back with a beer. Its all about relaxing with the family. Want to make him really happy? Send him on the trip and, on the way back, offer him your season tickets to the Phillies.

Big: He’s about to turn 10 and enter 4th grade. He usually has a book in hand. If he’s not here, he’s probably playing soccer, basketball or baseball or he’s riding his bike to a friend’s house. Big is very competitive, in sports and with his brother. He loves to read, play every game possible, and play with his friends. Most day’s he’d rather be at school or on the field. His current obsessions include Greek Mythology, MineCraft, and LEGO creations. How to make him happy? Tell him he can play ball tomorrow after a bike ride or skateboarding. Give him popcorn shrimp for lunch and pizza for dinner with a snack of a corn dog and fresh peppers and ice cream (with a Lactaid pill) for dessert. Don’t forget pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast. Follow up before bed with family game night and a plan a playdate for the next day.

Middle is all heart. He’s caring, adoring and wants nothing more than to make you happy. Unless its tantrum time. He’s a stubborn little man and pretend play is how he plays. In fact, he’s happiest when he can play, play, play all day, wherever, whatever. He’s about to turn 8, which blows me away and will be in second grade this fall. He’s loves adventure and fairness is very important to him. He’s super proud of his swim team membership. Current obsessions include MineCraft, video direction, Graphic Novels, house shopping TV and swimming. How to make him happy? Take him for an early morning lap-swim (yes, he loves swimming laps). Talk about his little princess while he’s sketching a comic that he’ll soon make into a story board and then a video. Schedule a little playdate. And let him relax on a pool chair in the day and stay up really, really late at night. And cuddle with him. A lot.

Little is 4 going on 16. She always has a mischievous glimmer in her eye and never misses a thing. She’s an excellent listener, but doesn’t always act on what she hears. (Typical 4 year old girl, right?) She has an electric smile, dances to every song and sings her heart out. She is in love with her dolls is her own best cheerleader. She looks up to her brothers because they’re the best and cheers for Daddy every time the door opens (even when it’s Mommy). Her enthusiasm and pizzazz are evident to everyone she meets. Yes, she’s a charmer, a friend to everyone and a princess-loving-tomboy. Her favorites include her dolls, costumes, painting, sports and talking. How to make her happy? Give her all the attention, love, cuddles and hugs she deserves. Agree with her often and play a game of house where she’s the mommy. 


To receive more information about working with Julie Meyers Pron and Julieverse.com, please send an email to juliepron@gmail.com tell me a little about your publication or situation. I’ll be in touch soon with the information you need!