Social Media and Your Children: So much to consider

social media and tweens -- what you need to know

The current generation is growing to be known as the Digital Natives of the world. For the first time a generation is growing up without knowing what it is like to live without digital technology. Along with this comes the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more social networking platforms. But how young is too young for the responsibility, awareness, and safety required for social media? Next week, our elementary school invited guest speakers to engage the children … [Read more...]

How we #ShareAwesome

Stealing a happy smile #Selfie #ShareAwesome

What will you share today? Will you #ShareAwesome? When you look back at your Facebook timeline or your twitter tweets, will you look at smiles and happy memories? Will you see love, friendship, support and motivation? I want my online legacy to be positive, so that those who learn about me online, will see the good that I had in my life, and will feel I am a good person to know. We tell kids, again and again, that it's important to share awesome. To focus on the positive. To be role … [Read more...]

Press Releases and the Zero Budget


Bloggers can get anywhere from 5-200 press releases and Public Relations outreach pitches each day. So often, I hear bloggers complain about the influx of inappropriate emails or the "zero budget." As a former PR and marketing professional who currently sits on the side of blogging more than marketing, I wanted to dispel a few misunderstandings in the blogging world. The Goal of a Press Release is to Get the Word Out. Period. There is a big difference between a press release and other … [Read more...]

5 Conference Fashion Rules to Follow

what to pack for social media blogging conference

With several social media and blogging conferences on the calendar in the next few weeks, I've been fielding the "what should I wear???" questions often the last two weeks. Here's a recap of TypeA Conference 2012: What bloggers really wear at conferences. 5 conference fashion rules to follow Be you: Look for "networking-chic" clothing Yes, I probably just created a new fashion genre, but this is key. A large portion of what you'll be doing at conferences is networking--you'll meet … [Read more...]

How to get that nifty little box on YouTube: Featured Channel


One of the most common YouTube questions I get, daily, is how I added the little "Get More Julie" box to appear in all of my YouTube videos. Here's how to add a Featured Channel icon to the top of your video on YouTube: Using photo-editing software, create a square image. Remember, it will be small on your video, so you want it to be clear, bright, and not very wordy. Because YouTube is visual, a face-image will do well. If you don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, I recommend … [Read more...]

Taking your Mom Blog to the next level through Social Media Marketing

how to get to the next level of blogging

Every now and again I have friends ask me how I got started in blogging. How they can "live the life" we bloggers live. They want to "pick my brain." I know a lot of bloggers are shaking their heads right now. First suggestion: don't use that phrase when you're talking to a blogger. We don't really like to have our brains picked. Brains are a vital part of us and picking brains is just gross. Many of those friends have already created their blog (if you haven't, read Mom Blogging: How do I … [Read more...]

5 Social Media tips for Real Estate professionals

Social Media is constantly evolving and in the Real Estate field it has the potential to provide key opportunities for growth in client retention, new client acquisition and marketing of current properties and sales. Here, 5 tips for Real Estate professionals to expand in Social Media: Blog. Adding an active blog to your website brings new information regularly and shows potential clients that you keep your information up to date. Write about the houses and clients you work with, as well as … [Read more...]

How do you Fascinate?

A few weeks ago, Big had a homework assignment: to write a letter persuading his teacher to not assign homework for the rest of the year. I had to remind myself. He's a first grader. In first grade, persuade doesn't mean engage. It doesn't mean influence in the way we in marketing know influence. It's not as important if he's rebellious or mysterious. It doesn't even matter if he captivates the readers. That will come into play later. Recently, I was introduced to the work of Sally … [Read more...]

What a Small World in Social Media

My love of all things social, espeically Social Media, is well documented. Here's a story I wrote for Philly Moms Blog when I made a work-overnight camp connection. I went to a summer camp in Maine for 6 summers. My mom went there, about 25 years before me. And my sisters both went there. The camp was small, all girls. It maxed out at about 180 girls. I think  one year they went over at 183, but some years it was much smaller. Everyone knew everyone. There was a lot of love. But, you grow up. … [Read more...]

Wait. You want me to blog for your paper, you'll copywrite it, and not pay me? I don't think so.

Last week, I was invited to attend a meeting for a local newspaper's blogging group. Held at their headquarters, I got all dolled up, hired a new sitter and went to learn howwe could work together. I'll tell you what, I was excited. I anxiously waited to learn just how they wanted to connect my site to their town-hall-style collective. This paper embraced bloggers. They understood that the world of the media is changing and rather than fight it and sarcastically put down new media, they wanted … [Read more...]