Flash Sales! 2 Days to get these Mabel’s Labels at 50% off


Well shiver me timbers! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day (talk about a made up holiday... and I don't even think this one has anything to do with Hallmark.) Just in case you need a few more of my favorite Mabel's Labels for your favorite pirate, be sure to order them today. Because very rarely do Mabel's Labels go on sale. Very rarely. Wait! You don't have a Pirate?! That's okay. Because Mabel's Labels created Talk Like a Pilot Day, too. It's tomorrow. Got that? Ten-4. Ahoy! Get these deals … [Read more...]

President’s Weekend Discounts at Shutterfly


I'm one of those people who tries really, really hard to hold off for a sale. Right now, for example, we need a dishwasher. For the past year or two it's been, "oh, sure. We can hold off a little longer..." but we're at the point of needing one (as much as one would need a dishwasher, of course) and I'm still hanging on, hoping the machine I have my eye on goes on sale this weekend. Or next weekend. (Oh! You thought I meant a Chippendale hottie to wash my dishes with a bowtie and an apron? No, … [Read more...]

See my summer 2013 photobook … and order one for you

holiday card discount, photobook discount, shutterfly

On Friday I shared the code for 40% off everything at Shutterfly plus free shipping over $30 and promised, almost swore on the River Styx, that I'd complete my order this weekend. Doing the happy dance! I did it!! This is the largest photobook I've ever ordered and I'm so excited to add it to our bookshelf. Click here to view this photo book larger Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at Shutterfly.com. I also added our holiday cards. I wouldn't have had pictures with all three … [Read more...]

If you’re using evite to host an event or have received an invitation, confirm the times


This weekend, I sent a confused text message to a friend: I'm confused. The evite says 4:30 pm, but you mentioned 1:30? What time does it start? She responded that she double checked evite and that it says "1:30." She also probably wondered what could possibly be wrong with me. So, I took a quick screen shot of my iPhone app, showing the 4:30 party time. Something was up. I checked the settings on the app--there was no way to change my time zone. Next, I asked on facebook if anyone knew how … [Read more...]

Julieverse website updates

It's that time of the year, I guess, and I have the update-my-website-bug again. I spent some time this weekend pulling together and updating the webpage and it's going to look great! So, we're going for an "under reconstruction" week this week. Please excuse any wackiness for a few days. You'll love what's coming! … [Read more...]

Zero Dark Thirty was not an enjoyable movie

review of zero dark thirty

There are a lot of things one can call Zero Dark Thirty. Informative, breath-taking, inspiring, and [likely] authentic all come to mind. But "enjoyable" is not a term I'd consider when reviewing Zero Dark Thirty. This weekend my husband and I took advantage of a date night to see a movie. It'd been a while since we'd had a chance... most times we have a sitter we make plans with friends or go somewhere that we can sit and talk. But I'd been hinting for a movie for a while, the weather was … [Read more...]

War Horse Coming soon to Kimmel Center: Broadway


I'm an enormous fan of the Theater. I just love to sit back and take in all the entertainment and the atmosphere, to get lost in a show. A tiny bit of me wishes I could be up on stage, too. Okay, a pretty big bit of me. November 20 starts the Winter season of the Kimmel Center and their Broadway series-- where Philadelphia brings Broadway to our theaters. The season starts with War Horse, "a remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. England, 1914. As World War One begins, … [Read more...]

Oz the Great and Powerful movie trailer: WOWZA

I just opened my email to a trailer for the March 2013 movie, Oz the Great and Powerful. Knowing nothing of the film, I clicked through and was entranced. I found myself being pulled closer and closer to the computer screen and saying "wow" several times as the Wizard of Oz classic movie came to life as a 2013 film. It's going to be amazing, don't you think? Can I book a sitter now? … [Read more...]

Just Precious' Most Popular Posts of 2011

I was curious... perhaps you were, too. What are the ten most popular posts on Just Precious in 2011? Here's what was visited most often, according to Google Analytics. Boden Warehouse Sale Fashion Haul This vlog highlighted my first experience at the Boden Warehouse Sale. I found a lot of great deals this last winter, and, apparently, the world wanted to know. It's coming up in the top ten in google searches, searching everything from Boden Warehouse Sale to Boden Sale to Will Boden Fit Me? How … [Read more...]

Most popular toys selling on Amazon, week 3

Sometimes no news is... no news. And this week's list of the most popular toys selling on Amazon (as of Sunday evening) is... no news. To keep you in the loop, these 10 toys remain on the list. The first 6 remain unchanged from last week's top toys report, so I've left most of my commentary there. It's become very clear which toys will be making kids smile throughout the country this year. Which of these toys do you have, or will you be gifting? Rory's Story Cubes Qwirkle - I still haven't … [Read more...]