Special K Brownies: a new after school snack at the top of their lists

special k brownies | an 80-calorie after school snack

My chocolate allergy doesn’t keep my kids away from enjoying chocolate, or me from that delicious warm-chocolate smell that makes us all chime in with Anna and Elsa and dreamily say “chahhhhhk-let.” My kids are thrilled to be tastetesters and reviewers for me of Special K’s newest snack, Special K Brownies, which they’ve been enjoying […]

Is a toy still a toy when you learn to code from it?

wonder workshop stem learning coding and playing

In middle school, high school and college, I hated HATED science: all and any forms of it. I despised memorizing vocabulary, following directions to complete an experiment properly and explaining what happened and why, when it was already done. It wasn’t just boring, it was frustrating. My grades were always lowest in Science. In fact, […]

Holdiay shopping for my tweens, up close and personal at Radio Shack

holiday shopping for tweens at radio shack

Recently, a friend mentioned that she loves walking around the mall during the holiday season because she finds it relaxing and inspiring. I’m sorry. WHAT?! I am all about sitting on my couch in front of the fireplace, Caramel Brûlée Latte in hand and Love Actually on the screen, ordering gifts. I try to do that for […]

Favorite Hanukkah books for children

Hanukkah children's books for the family to enjoy (Chanukah)

As I unpacked our holiday boxes on Monday, I giggled at myself. On our coffee table now sit 4 Hanukkah books and 2 Christmas books. For someone who has complained for a few years about the lack of selection, I’ve definitely taken an interest in finding books to teach the holiday to my kids.   […]

Figure out the Princess hairstyle secrets

great gifts for little girls (and moms) obsessed with princess hairstyles

My five-year-old daughter is obsessed with hairstyles, especially princess hairstyles. While I remember the days I’d play with my babysitters hair and my mom’s hair, just like she does, she has a new hairstyle outlet that I didn’t have years ago — YouTube videos and Android and iOS apps. She could sit and watch girls […]

When your family is “both” — Interfaith Holiday Books for Children

interfaith books to help your family celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas

Having an Interfaith family has many joys and celebrations — but explaining traditions and the religions aren’t always easy for children. The Interfaith holiday books listed below help introduce families to ways to explain Interfaith celebrations to others, as well as offer suggestions and ideas for family traditions for celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah. My […]

Great chapter books for grades 3-5 (Great holiday gifts!)

chapter books for elementary kids -- makes a great gift!

Parents contact me often asking for book recommendations. The books listed below are a mix of adventurous and funny realistic and historic fiction chapter books for kids in grades 3-5. I Survived series When Middle was 5, I found I Survived Hurricane Katrina at a Scholastic Book Fair. I had some concern that introducing my […]

The most wanted kids gifts of 2014

best toys gifts games books kids

It was *hard* to get a wish list going from the kids this year. Little (age 5) wanted nearly everything she saw on TV, while Big (11) and Middle (9) are asking for very little. Until the past 2 days when, suddenly, they’re filling their wishlists… and then some.  Together, we’ve put together a list […]