Julieverse Reads: Terrible Things Happen: A list of novels about forgiveness

julieverse reads Novels About Forgiveness and Forgiving

This week's Julieverse Reads list focuses on forgiveness and is curated by Molly Campbell, author of Keep the Ends Loose, which appeared on my Summer 2015 reading list. Looking for your next book club selection? Choose one of these three for a meaingful, exploratory discussion. Forgiveness is something we all think we understand. But most of us don’t. It doesn’t mean “ok.” It doesn’t mean “I absolve you of all evil.” It doesn’t mean “All is forgotten.” It is a letting go, a realization that … [Read more...]

5 Books That Will Make You Cry the Ugly Cry: Best Tear-Jerker Books

Julieverse Read Best tear-jerker books, curated by Colleen Oakley

I am so excited to share today's book list with you, curated by Colleen Oakley whose tearjerker Before I Go is being released in paperback today. You know those people who look all sweet and pretty when they cry? I’m not one of them. My face gets blotchy, my nose runs like Niagara Falls and I very ungracefully honk and blubber all over the place. I’m pretty much a spectacle. That’s why, in public, I often try to stuff all those sad feelings deep, deep down where they can’t ruin my mascara or … [Read more...]

7 Books for Your Beach Bag

7 books for your beach bag: hot summer reading books you'll definitely want at the pool or beach to read this summer

Howdy! I’m T from Traveling With T, a book lover and book blogger, and Julie has been so sweet to let me guest post today. We’re going to be chatting it up about beach reads for the summer - some I’ve read and loved and some that are actually in my beach bag awaiting to be read! Below are my recommendations for the best books to read on the beach this summer. If you are like me, the moment the days start to get a bit longer- you begin to dream of the upcoming months of summer reading. The … [Read more...]

The Best Novels in Time Travel

Julieverse Reads lists the 8 best time travel novels, curated by Melissa of Chick Lit Central for Julieverse

This week's installment of Julieverse Reads features the best time travel-themed novels, and is curated by Melissa Amster of the blog, Chick Lit Central. I've read several of her recommended books and agree that time travel is one of my favorite topics for reading any time of the year. Read Melissa's recommendations, below. Ever since I saw Back to the Future in 1985, I've been obsessed with anything time travel related. I even wrote some time travel short stories for my personal blog … [Read more...]

Top 5 Summer Beach Reads

Julieverse reads: top 5 summer beach reads, a list curated by author Emily Liebert

As promised, this week begins Julieverse Reads: a bi-weekly series of book lists, curated by book lovers, authors, publishers and publicists. A perfect start for June and for this new series at Julieverse, this week, author Emily Liebert, whose Those Secrets We Keep debuts today (June 2, 2015) in stores, shares her list of best beach reads to read this summer. ... and, suddenly, my to-read list is getting longer. Read Emily's recommendations, below. I’m a sucker for an enthralling … [Read more...]

How to book club with your child, and why you absolutely need to

how and why parents and children should form a parent-child book club

Like many parents, I love everything about story time. Cuddling with my children and reading books to and with them, is a treasured part of parenting. As they grow older, my reading to them became reading with them and then, in the blink of an eye, my oldest couldn’t wait for me to read the next chapter and began taking the books and reading ahead. As interests have grown, so have discussions about our books. With the older kids, I now look forward to reading books next to each other and sharing … [Read more...]

Julieverse Reads: Summer Reading List 2015

julieverse reads summer reading list

Beginning June 2015, Julieverse will host an exciting new series: Julieverse Reads. Every other Tuesday, I'll welcome a book lover: an author, reader, blogger, publicist or marketer, who has submitted a themed book list to Julieverse. Upcoming lists include Favorite Novels Set During World War II, Books Sure to Pull at Your Heartstrings, and A Modern Comic Author's Favorite Books. Hey super readers! Thanks for stopping by Julieverse, where I share lifestyle tips for enjoying life with a heavy … [Read more...]

5 Classics to read with your kids

classic books to read with your kids

I love taking my kids to the bookstore or library. There are so many shiny new choices out there for kids to get excited about! But just as exciting as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Captain Underpants, are the books that made me fall in love with reading. Take the time to share some of your classic favorites with your kids and help them see what made you fall in love with reading. Classic Chapter Books to Read with Your Kids Stuart Little When I first introduced my kids to the adventures … [Read more...]

I have to be comfortable to perform. #BeMoreHuman

reebook shoe. Be more human

I like to "hit" the gym about 4 times a week (when I'm lucky, more.) Over the years, I've learned that the shoes you wear do make a difference, as do the clothes. If you're comfortable moving in your clothes, if you're comfortable seeing yourself in the clothing (even better, if you like the way you look in the clothing, because you're very likely looking in the mirror at least part of the time) you'll play better, work better, do better. You'll get a better workout. That's why I don't … [Read more...]

Save me!! Saving memories and data with Netgear’s ReadyNAS

How NETGEAR is saving my memory

Disclaimer: I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review. It's one of my biggest concerns, and an area where I let my geek-flag lower: backing up my memories and data. If you're a long-time reader of Julieverse, you may recall the time I lost all of my (photo) memories when I had a computer crash. Middle's entire first year, gone. Oh. The tears. Oh. The anger. Oh. The frustrations. Oh. The pledge to back -up! back-up! back-up! … [Read more...]