Summer Reading List


I have amazing memories of summers spent on vacations, relaxing by the pool, sneaking in a half hour to read every now and then. In fact, the majority of my summers can be matched with the books I read and where I was as I read each book. This summer will be no different. Here [...]

5 gifts for Mother’s Day that give back

malaika bracelet for malaria

Looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift this year? How about something a little different that doesn’t just benefit the receiver, but also the creator. DoGoodBuyUs (sponsor of this post) is an online marketplace for goods that do good. With each purchase, 50%+ of proceeds are dedicated to causes both in locally and around the globe. [...]

Tech travel gear for family travel

tech family travel gear vacation

Before heading to Disney World, TypeA Conference and KidCon in March, I scoped out our tech travel gear and grabbed a few new items that were particularly helpful for traveling with the boys to a tech conference. This being a tech conference, I had been thinking about how to bring all the technology my kids [...]

Reebok Skyscape because #StyleNeverStops

reebok1 sky

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. Style is as much about being fashionable as it is being comfortable–you won’t look good unless you feel good, right? That’s even the case when you’re super casual or working out. You’re not going to purposefully select ugly tennis shoes, are you? Even [...]