Memories of Maine 2014


I have to tell you, there is nothing as sweet as a good vacation. You know how I love big, busy trips (hello! Disney and Universal both come to mind) but hiding away from it all in a lakeside cabin in Maine with intermittent reception just can't be beat for true relaxation. A few highlights I don't ever want to forget:   Driving up to Maine, about an hour or so into the trip, the sky turned an ominous dark, dark gray. We watched, as we continued north, the gray clouds take over, … [Read more...]

Little League Baseball teaches team building and character strength


Ten, twenty, thirty years ago, I never would have expected to love little league baseball like I do. The team spirit and pride are tremendous. The community, incredible. Each Spring, we laugh at the Bad News Bears team Big lands on, and then we watch the team grow and learn and bond.   What an incredible season for the Pigs this year. What fabulous coaches and teammates. It's been an honor to watch them play and grow and each playoff win left me so full of pride, especially as Big … [Read more...]

What’s going on in the JV?

There it is. The question I've been working so hard to answer lately. I've been quiet on here, while life is running rapid. School's ending... the extracurricular schedules are crazy and, to be honest, my 4 year old has been... difficult, at times. Plus, a kid in a cast, emotional sport seasons, freelance writing and projects and contracted writing for other blogs... to sum it up. And I'm finding less and less free time to write for Julieverse. I'm writing, a lot, but I find that so much of … [Read more...]

June Menu Plan (+ family update)

june meal plan family dinner recipes week month weekly

It's hard to believe that this is my final month before completing the entire year of monthly meal plans. Yes, in July, I'll republish the July 2013 meal plan as a 2014 plan. Of course, I'll double check to make sure the links work and will edit and tweak as necessary for planning purposes. I have to tell you, I just love monthly menu planning for dinners for my family. I know it's a few days late, today is Tuesday, June 3, afterall. If you were looking for the June meal plan earlier this … [Read more...]

Ending May with a break, and a meal plan

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and took time to enjoy family and friends, while remembering those who served and gave for us to have the freedoms we live today. As usual, we attended our annual Memorial Day family reunion at the Jersey shore, on the beach of Margate. This year was very special, as my parents joined us from Charlotte for the weekend, so we had an opportunity to enjoy them all weekend. Of course, in our busy family, no weekend is complete without a little added … [Read more...]

Dude. The Stove Is Broken AGAIN (and the May Meal Plan)

emergency panic button

So, our stove is broken. Until about 2 minutes ago (I'm writing this Sunday morning at 8:50) I thought both the stove and oven were broken but, alas, just the stove. Sadly, I do a lot of cooking on the stove. I know you're curious. I mean. You may recall that in 2009 our oven was broken. And, again in 2012 when we bought a new one on Christmas Eve. I'll offer a multiple choice quiz: a. I'm such a good cook I go through ovens and stoves every 1-3 years b. There's no rhyme or reason. I … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan and an update of how busy it is to be mom in May!

dinner planner for the month of may

Those who live in the south are probably counting down the last few days of school, but we still have just under 5 weeks to go around here. And, it seems, that suddenly all of the activities that were *maybes* after the numerous snow days are now piling on. We have at least one field trip a week through mid-June. And field days, track meets, concerts are filling our free time, plus countless athletics. But it's a good thing. I mean, sure, we're stressed finding the extra time to squeeze in the … [Read more...]

The #DailyLittle, Confidence, and the Battles we Choose


As parents, we're all going to face the ups and downs and challenges of our kids. We're supposed to be here to guide them in making the right choices. We're supposed to expect them to respect our wishes and demands. We're supposed to enforce our beliefs. It's a lot we're supposed to do. And while I try hard to be consistent and direct with my expectations, I've also learned to pick my battles. There are things to expect and there are things to expect. After battling with Little … [Read more...]

#DisneySide: Found it!

disney side, disney, typeawdw

I love Disney World, Disney movies and Disney Memories. But, for several reasons, I opted out of participating in the #DisneySide promotion seen throughout Social Media this winter. I just didn't see it. Disney is wonderful, but a #DisneySide? I wasn't sure I had a different side when it came to Disney or, for that matter, very much of anything else. But, last weekend, I took just my boys to Disney World for the TypeA WDW conference, where I taught a part of the KidCon sideshow--a conference to … [Read more...]

I am so nailing that sore throat next time


With this non-stop winter, we've ruled out allergies. The house is professionally cleaned and dust drives me crazy, so it's not an issue of dust. And the doctor has reinforced our theory that, no, there's nothing medically wrong with Little's throat. No. It's simply a cold, scratchy throat that's been causing her complaints this never-ending season and is, finally, beginning to subside. But it wasn't easy. It was a long, drawn out process to surpass the scratchy throat. Every night before … [Read more...]