#DisneySide: Found it!

disney side, disney, typeawdw

I love Disney World, Disney movies and Disney Memories. But, for several reasons, I opted out of participating in the #DisneySide promotion seen throughout Social Media this winter. I just didn’t see it. Disney is wonderful, but a #DisneySide? I wasn’t sure I had a different side when it came to Disney or, for that [...]

Mom Challenge: Week 12

julieverse mom challenge

Are you keeping up with the 2014 Mom Challenge to build a better, more confident you? You can start anytime by heading over to the Mom Challenge webpage. Each week, Julieverse offers a simple task, helping you to connect with yourself, explore your interest and make yourself more confident.   This week’s challenge: Eat Out, [...]

I am so nailing that sore throat next time


With this non-stop winter, we’ve ruled out allergies. The house is professionally cleaned and dust drives me crazy, so it’s not an issue of dust. And the doctor has reinforced our theory that, no, there’s nothing medically wrong with Little’s throat. No. It’s simply a cold, scratchy throat that’s been causing her complaints this never-ending [...]

Help your children express their feelings through writing: Journals kids enjoy

journals for kids

With the increase in journal-type books that kids have fallen into for giggles and inner-most thoughts (see last week’s post of new journal-style books kids love reading), journaling is something kids are enjoying more. Encouraging kids to write (or draw) in journals helps them to express their feelings and thoughts, and gives parents a greater opportunity to [...]

Lactose Intolerance: what it is, how to diagnose and strategies for your family

lactose intolerance

As a family who relies on drinking lactose-free milk and avoiding lots of dairy, I’m always interested in learning more about Lactose Intolerance, as well as strategies to make life with Lactose Intolerance easier. In December, I was asked to be a part of a webinar, discussing Lactose Intolerance with the National Dairy Council, a [...]

No, YOU sent your kid to play in the snow in snow boots 3 sizes too small all winter: Snow boots and The North Face SALE!

snow boots

Yesterday morning I had to make a special delivery to Big’s school. His after school sports program was scheduled for sledding and neither of us had taken the time to gather his snow gear before he left to start the day. As I waded through our over-worn pile of snow boots, searching for a size [...]