5 Reasons Your Teen Should Get a Job

why should a teen get a job here are five reasons, including money for college

Although some teens work part-time jobs in the summer and after school, many wait until they are in college to get their first job. However, getting a job early on can help teens in a variety of ways. Here are five reasons why teens should get a job. They Earn Better Grades You might assume that teens who work are too busy to spend enough time on their schoolwork, but high school students who work between 10 and 15 hours a week tend to have better grades, according to Bureau of Labor … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: 3 ways to get your kids reading this summer

3 easy ways to get your kids to pick up a book and start reading -- it's never too late to learn the habit

We're in the thick of it! Summertime! Summer of fresh fruit, splashes in the sun, water pistols and sunscreen. Summer of mud baths, unstructured play, camping and canoeing. Summer of ice cream, watermelon, lemonade and fireflies. Whew! With all that busy-ness, who has time for reading, right? Adults know the value of summer reading: an opportunity to slow down, relax and improve our skills and knowledge. But for many kids, summer reading is a slow down they don’t want to take when they could be … [Read more...]

How to Pre-Screen Tween Books

how to screen tween and teen books -- easy ways to know if a book is right for your tween or teen to read at julieverse

When my oldest son was nine, he was gifted a book that began with the mother being strung out on heroin–something my son has never heard of. While the book, I’m sure, focused on helping the child get on in his life towards success, I wasn’t ready for him to learn about living a life with a drug-addict mom. Luckily, I opened the book before he dove in. But it doesn’t always happen that way. One of my favorite post-grad courses was Literature for Children. For 12 weeks, we met to read and … [Read more...]

Flying With Baby? 5 Tips to Be a Courteous Traveler

tips to consider before you travel with your baby

Sometimes, there's no way around traveling with a baby. Lucky for you, your little angel is always so well-behaved that no one on the plane should worry. It’s all good, right? Wrong. Babies are unpredictable, period, but especially when it comes to traveling. Some babies’ ears hurt from air pressure changes and totally freak out, while others take it in stride and suck on a pacifier to pass the time. But when the person fated to sit in 12A boards and sees you there in 12B with your … [Read more...]

Tips for reading to your child #FamiliesRead

tips for reading with your child plus 11 books your family will love at julieverse.com

About 2 years ago, the kids and I spent hours laying across my bed while I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to them. Often times I’d notice their eyes closed in a dream like stance, but the minute I’d pause to make sure they were still awake, their eyes would pop open, always wanting more. Before long, however, my older son learned to read on his own, and read ahead of us, completing the first 3 books in the series. Now a big third grader, he loves reading books on his own. But … [Read more...]

25 Last-Minute Activities for Your Family This Summer

25 cheap, easy, and, sometimes, free Summer activiities -- can't believe I hadn't thought of number 8 before!

Over the summer, it's great to laze around and enjoy life happening... until you remember you have 3 kids who don't sit still well. And while my kids have gotten much better at creating their own excitement and adventure, having a few easy, inexpensive activities at the ready definitely helps to make the long days of summer with your family more livable.   The Best Last Minute Activities To Do with Your Kids Over the Summer visit the library go to the zoo find a semi local … [Read more...]

Memorable Milestones: Celebrate Exciting Moments in Your Child’s Life

Memorable Milestones: Celebrating exciting childhood moments, a primer of ideas for parents

As soon as you become a parent, you will watch your child grow and develop. As he gets older, you will have the opportunity to witness various milestones that will occur in his life. During these moments, you be there to guide him through the challenges and celebrate the achievements. First Steps During his infant and toddler years, your child will experience so many milestones, from learning to crawl, eating his first solids and saying his first words. For first-time parents though, when … [Read more...]

The Best Novels in Time Travel

Julieverse Reads lists the 8 best time travel novels, curated by Melissa of Chick Lit Central for Julieverse

This week's installment of Julieverse Reads features the best time travel-themed novels, and is curated by Melissa Amster of the blog, Chick Lit Central. I've read several of her recommended books and agree that time travel is one of my favorite topics for reading any time of the year. Read Melissa's recommendations, below. Ever since I saw Back to the Future in 1985, I've been obsessed with anything time travel related. I even wrote some time travel short stories for my personal blog … [Read more...]

Some of the best Father’s Day gifts just an eBay search away (plus, you could win $1K!)

ebay fathers day gifts and giveaway

A few years ago, I asked a group of dads what they'd like most for Father's Day. Their answers have always stuck with me. It's not about the things as much as the experience. Read their response. This post and my related tweets are sponsored by eBay. From baseball tickets to hiking gear,  tech gear to hardware, you can find gifts for perfect Father's Day presents on eBay. This year, my husband could probably use a new pair of Reef Fanning flips, a traditional Father's Day Gift … [Read more...]

How to book club with your child, and why you absolutely need to

how and why parents and children should form a parent-child book club

Like many parents, I love everything about story time. Cuddling with my children and reading books to and with them, is a treasured part of parenting. As they grow older, my reading to them became reading with them and then, in the blink of an eye, my oldest couldn’t wait for me to read the next chapter and began taking the books and reading ahead. As interests have grown, so have discussions about our books. With the older kids, I now look forward to reading books next to each other and sharing … [Read more...]