Mom’s Back to School Checklist (free printable)

mom's back to school checklist-- be ready for the first day of school!

All around us, friends are preparing for Back to School. We’re seeing pictures on Social Media of friends in southern and western states celebrating the first day. Stores are advertising Back to School promotions and schools are sending out teacher letters. As much as we don’t want summer to end, it’s inevitable and I’d have my family be [...]

Video: How to apply foundation make-up

video: how to apply foundation

I must have slept through the “how to apply make-up” classes during high school. And that’s probably a good thing, because I remember friends with chunks and lines of foundation. It was much better that I just didn’t wear any at all. But times change, we age and our skin doesn’t always age as spotlessly as [...]

Favorite Productivity Apps

best apps for productivity

I’m the type of person who makes lists… and loses them. I have at least 4 notebooks going at all times, because one is on each floor of my house, plus one in the car. Which has never really made me productive. However, the one thing I’m never without, my iPhone. And I’ve worked hard to find [...]

August Meal Plan

august meal plan -- 5 weeks of family fresh dinners

or those of you new to meal planning, be sure to read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe to the Julieverse daily emails (plus you’ll receive other Julieverse posts each day.) 5 weeks of summer dinners for August Menu Plan July Week 5/August Week 1 Monday: Brown Sugar [...]

5-year-old girl gift guide

gifts for five year olds

Call it Christmas in July, but I always begin my Gift Guides in the summer, when my kids have birthdays. This post lists presents that she’s loving already and gifts that she’ll receive for her birthday this week. If you’re shopping for a 4, 5 or 6 year-old girl, here’s what’s hot. Items with an * [...]

Four turns to Five


It’s here. It’s like the little hump that’s been a hop, a skip, and a jump away. Except, now, it’s a few skips with her hair flowing up and down behind her. Little is going to be 5 this week. F-I-V-E. Nope, I can’t believe it either. Yesterday, I texted a friend I have this unreal [...]