Creating New Years Resolutions with your kids

kids new years resolutions

This time of year, everyone’s running off to make New Year’s Resolutions. This makes it a great time to teach your children about setting goals, and can be done in a few segments. DEFINE RESOLUTION Enhance your child’s vocabulary by talking about the meaning of resolution. Discuss what it means to resolve to do something and how you set goals. This is a great opportunity to express that not all goals are reached, but that if we work hard and try, we make huge steps. GOALS FOR CHILDREN … [Read more...]

Teaching kids about the economy

teaching kids about the economy

While teaching community to my second grade students, I introduced them to Dorptown and the children worked on creating their own community. Our currency was based on the Dorp, which was designed by one of the students. All the children became contributing members of the community–taking on jobs such as realtor, banker and shop owner (they made their own product line.) The most popular shop in Dorptown was the pizza shop–one student brought a toaster oven to school, as well as supplies … [Read more...]

How to watch the Olympics in Rio 2016 while you're lounging on your comfy couch in the USA

how to watch the 2016 Olympics with NBCUniversal Comcast and xfinity

[We were hosted to a night of fun from Comcast and xfinityX1. This post was written in appreciation.] I'll be the first to admit that I prefer the Games to happen every four years. I loved the excitement of Olympic years -- how our entire year became a year of pride and enthusiasm. We were glued to our TVs for several weeks, both summer and winter, and our chants and cheers of USA! USA! filled our hearts, ears, bones and lungs. We lived and breathed our national pride. True, three … [Read more...]

Tips to Lessen Reading Rivalry in Your Home Plus games to encourage friendly learning with your family

reading rivalry -- how to respect learning differences in your home

Anyone with a sibling knows all about sibling rivalry, it’s a natural struggle in homes and always has been. Children are so competitive with each other because they, just as adults, need something and someone to judge themselves against, a sort of mile-marker in life. With a sibling who’s always around, it’s natural to compare. This makes it excessively difficult for parents who see children learning to read at different paces, especially children who are close in age. When one child so … [Read more...]

Numbers, Counting and Place Value with Cheerios Plus, the Best Mentor Texts for Enhancing Your Math Lessons with Reading

how to teach place value and math using cheerios

Sure, kids can count. If they’ve memorized really well and “get” the pattern, they can count to a hundred! But do they know what all those numbers mean? When he was a preschooler, I realized that my son was easily reciting his numbers without the knowledge of place value (tens, hundreds, thousands). So, I pulled out the Cheerios (our favorite counting food) and several plastic cups. Counting by tens We placed a handful of Cheerios into the first cup and estimated the number of cereal … [Read more...]

Early-Summer, Daylight Savings Time and a Fire-Safety Reminder Because this is how my train of thought works

daylight savings time thoughts and things to remember

It’s 80 degrees this week in Pennsylvania. We pulled out the summer clothing and are ready to turn on the sprinklers and play play play. This morning while getting ready for school one of the kids offered a classic Spring weather line: “homework? Oops!” While his brother responded, “teachers shouldn’t be allowed to give homework on summer-weather days in winter!” (He is so right. I’m going to pass his opinion on to my pre-teacher undergrads.) [This sponsored post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Reinforce Letter Learning and Reading Skills While Cooking with Your Kids

a few simple and fun tips for working on reading with your kids

I never need an excuse to bake or be creative in the kitchen, and I love it when my kids join in the fun. Not only does cooking together offer the opportunity to bond with children, it also helps them to expand their palettes, and it’s an excellent learning opportunity. How to reinforce reading skills while cooking Use Kid-Friendly Cookbooks Have a few child-friendly cookbooks on hand and easily accessible to your children. Encourage your kids to help you create your meal menus by paging … [Read more...]

Difficult Conversations: How to talk with tweens about making responsible choices

how to talk to kids about alcohol

A few months ago, Big had his first current events assignment of his sixth grade school year. While he searched CNN and CNN Student News for  an interesting topic to read, summarize and analyze, I looked forward to a discussion about war, elections, or baseball. His article of choice took me by complete surprise. He found an article about the availability of common use materials being used by students to get high. Twelve years old, and he was profoundly interested in the topic because, he … [Read more...]

How old is too young to attend a Broadway show? I ask a theater about theater age policy

minimum age for broadway theater

One of my favorite perks of Julieverse is being able to review movies and shows for families -- sharing how appropriate a story's portrayal may be for children, the "types" of people who may like the show and how to complement viewing a show or film with learning and enrichment at home. Over the years, I've refined my review system to focus on what I feel is most important about taking your child to a quality show or movie. Repeatedly, I'm asked about recommended ages for theater and if … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Global Citizen

Things you can do with your kid to help them become global citizens

As parents we understand that it takes more than reading, writing and arithmetic to raise children who will not just succeed, but thrive in life. The lessons learned in school help them become educated and socialized to become a productive member of society. Then there are the life lessons we instill within the comfort of our own walls. But what about the bigger picture? How do we raise our children to be students of life and the world? Isn't it also our job to raise children who want to do … [Read more...]