Is a toy still a toy when you learn to code from it?

wonder workshop stem learning coding and playing

In middle school, high school and college, I hated HATED science: all and any forms of it. I despised memorizing vocabulary, following directions to complete an experiment properly and explaining what happened and why, when it was already done. It wasn’t just boring, it was frustrating. My grades were always lowest in Science. In fact, […]

How children can volunteer in your community

how kids can volunteer in the community -- with info about MLK Day of Service and September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance

Giving back to the community and learning the importance of being a helpful part of our community are areas that are easiest taught to children when they’re young by leading by example and by jumping in and doing. Making volunteerism a habit, and a regular part of life will help children to become natural volunteers within […]

Midyear transition to a new teacher leads to valuable life lessons

how getting a new teacher will help your child in school and life

This article originally appeared on Rusty and Rosy’s blog. It’s been edited with updates to help parents, students, teachers and administrators who are struggling with transitions to new teachers, often long-term substitutes, mid-year.   On a gloomy Wednesday, we received that dreaded letter that was never expected. Our 4th grade long term substitute would soon […]

Setting Family Focused New Year’s Resolutions

how to set goals and new years resolutions for your family

Are you a goal-setter? Individually, I’m not much of one. I set short term goals, such as I’ll clean my desk today or I’ll have my taxes completed by next week, but annually, rarely set goals. As a parent, however, I learned that setting family-focused New Year’s Resolutions is healthy and helps parents and children to work […]

How to Set a Style Example for the Little Eyes Looking up to You

how to dress sexy, respectfully, and set a good example for your child

This is a guest post submitted to Your little girl wants to be just like you, and your little boy is going to measure every woman he ever meets against the example you set. So how do you choose a wardrobe worthy of these little eyes? To set a good example for personal appearance, […]

Create. Explore. Do. Their way.

how to help kids be more creative

Some may say I’m the mean mom. I’m the mom that kicks the kids outside and tells them they can’t come back in. I’m the mom that announces “no electronics for the next 90 minutes!” and doesn’t tell the kids what to do next. I’m the mom that takes the snacks outside, places them on the […]

December family menu planner

december meal plan family dinner menu

Last week’s Slow-Cooker Taco Soup, which was really more of a Chicken Taco Chili was amazing. I found that when I mixed in sour cream it was even better, as the cream balanced the spice. If you didn’t have a chance to make it last week, substitute it in this week. So good!! We also […]

Favorite Hanukkah books for children

Hanukkah children's books for the family to enjoy (Chanukah)

As I unpacked our holiday boxes on Monday, I giggled at myself. On our coffee table now sit 4 Hanukkah books and 2 Christmas books. For someone who has complained for a few years about the lack of selection, I’ve definitely taken an interest in finding books to teach the holiday to my kids.   […]

When your family is “both” — Interfaith Holiday Books for Children

interfaith books to help your family celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas

Having an Interfaith family has many joys and celebrations — but explaining traditions and the religions aren’t always easy for children. The Interfaith holiday books listed below help introduce families to ways to explain Interfaith celebrations to others, as well as offer suggestions and ideas for family traditions for celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah. My […]

Great chapter books for grades 3-5 (Great holiday gifts!)

chapter books for elementary kids -- makes a great gift!

Parents contact me often asking for book recommendations. The books listed below are a mix of adventurous and funny realistic and historic fiction chapter books for kids in grades 3-5. I Survived series When Middle was 5, I found I Survived Hurricane Katrina at a Scholastic Book Fair. I had some concern that introducing my […]