Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids


Thanksgiving and the thankful season is full of activities children and families can do to celebrate, learn and express themselves. Here are a few favorites for kids: Tonya created these adorable Turkey Cookies that you can make with your kids. The icing and candies will also work for cupcakes. Barb of a Life in Balance works […]

The toys of my youth… and the toys of today

toys i played with

Growing up, I had a problem. I loved playing board games. My mom? Notsomuch. I distinctly remember a conversation that went something along the lines of Me: Mom, we want to play The Game of Life. Will you play with us? Mom: No thanks. Me: But why??? You can play while you make dinner. Mom: […]

The inside secret to help your child write a creative writing assignment

how to help your child write a creative writing assignment

For some children, writing comes easily. Others, it’s the dreaded white sheet of paper. It’s openness with no end in sight. It’s an assignment with too many right answers. It’s an assignment with no wrong answers. For children who see writing this way, a creative writing assignment (or any writing assignment) can cause them to lose sleep, […]

Can a family of 5 downsize to a mid-sized crossover SUV?

can a family of 5 fit into a mid-sized crossover SUV? We tried out the Toyota Venza

We’re, ahem, overdue for a new car. With a 10-year-old SUV and a 5-year-old minivan (that no one enjoys), I find myself day-dreaming of what I want in a new car. My husband does, too. And, since it’s his “turn” to get the next new car, I’m having to allow him to the fun of […]

Take your kids to a Broadway Show


An integral part of spending a weekend in New York City and enhancing the cultural experience is seeing a show. Here are tips to Broadway and off-Broadway for kids. Broadway for less For one week in January (9-15, 2015), Kids Go Free to select Broadway shows in New York with the purchase of an adult […]

How to not drive yourself crazy this holiday season

holiday season stress

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own. The Makers of Children’s Motrin is asking moms across the country what […]

November Meal Plan: 4 weeks of dinners for your family

november meal plan family

November is like the old October, isn’t it? Saturday, we were outside at a soccer game in t-shirts and shorts, Sunday we bundled up for the same field in jeans and sweaters. Brrrr! We got in one last night on the grill this weekend… thinking that will be it for a while.   November Meal […]

20 ways to volunteer for your child’s school

volunteer at school

Nearly every child wants his mom or dad to be involved in school. If only it were so easy for nearly every parent. Here are ways to help out beyond lunch duty.* Can you spend some of your day at school? Before volunteering to help in at the school, review your child’s school policy or […]

How to interview your kids


Several years ago, my aunt and I were chatting about kids and memories. She shared that one of her most favorite traditions was Birthday Videos. “Birthday videos?” I asked. “Sure,” she explained. “Every year, on their birthday, I ask the kids a series of questions, recording the video.” She shared that they later enjoy watching […]

Teach kids to persuade


One of our favorite family games is Snake Oil. We’ve been playing it for about a year, creating new product ideas, then persuading others that our product will work and will be necessary in the real world. In playing, I learned something about my kids –they have a lot more persuasive power than I thought. […]