4 weeks of dinners for your family

Another week closer to the holidays… another week I’m grateful I’ve already planned my meals and can focus on something else, you?   November Meal Plan–4 weeks of dinners for your family Want to know more about meal planning? Read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe […]

How to not drive yourself crazy this holiday season

holiday season stress

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own. The Makers of Children’s Motrin is asking moms across the country what […]

Get your Back to Sports season in order


This time of year isn’t just Back to School season, it’s also Back to Sports season, especially if you’re a SportsMom. After a relaxing break, it’s a bit of an ice bucket of water over your head to not only organize your back to school life, but to mix that in with a hectic schedule […]

Favorite Productivity Apps

best apps for productivity

I’m the type of person who makes lists… and loses them. I have at least 4 notebooks going at all times, because one is on each floor of my house, plus one in the car. Which has never really made me productive. However, the one thing I’m never without, my iPhone. And I’ve worked hard to find […]

Gym bag shopping list

gym bag packing list

I’m a gymaholic, it’s a part of my routine and I feel blah when I don’t go. I try to get my gym bag ready to go the night before, but even when I have tons of time to get ready, I nearly always forget to include something. It’s been everything: my bra, shower shoes, shoes […]

Parents: Get organized and ready for summer in 5 steps

get organizzed for summer parents mom

Less than five weeks left of the school year and summer camp is just around the corner! Celebrating Spring and warm weather, I switched out the seasonal clothing a few weeks ago. Pool towels at the ready, we’re looking forward to  a summer of camp, games, pool time, great books and vacation. [This post contains affiliate […]

5 Secrets to balancing family and work


The following is a guest post from Sterling, an intuitive guide and life coach.  While the joys of parenting can be incredibly rewarding, they can also prove the most challenging. Many of my clients wonder how they can juggle their little bundles of love with a demanding work schedule in the modern world. Below are […]

YesVideo: Enjoying old movies again; how to transfer film to DVD


I’ve known about YesVideo for a while–always thought the concept of transferring old movies to CDs was a great one, afterall, who still has one of those huge video players that actually plays film in their home? I mean, really. Who still has a working VCR? But I never thought we’d need it. I was […]

Tips for working with fonts (typography) in your projects

how to use fun fonts in everyday projects

I have a thing for fonts. They’re so much more than pretty, they’re compelling, they tell stories and invoke meaning. And while your PC likely came with a bunch of pretty cool fonts, there are endless possibilities of better fonts out there. Endless. So, the next time you’re creating a sign for a school-function or […]

7 supplies mom needs for Back to School #ODRewards

back to school supplies mom

Back to school isn’t just for the kids. Sure, I take my kids’ lists to the store, grab everything on the list (and, yes, I was the one you all heard shout “$15 for pencils!?!! What!!??”), and pay as quickly as possible to get out. But next week, when the kids are back in school, under […]