5 Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2015-2016

winter fashion must haves

Is your closet ready for winter? Double check and make sure you're set with these five staples for winter 2015-2016. Statement Necklace It's true that a Statement Necklace can dress up any outfit, and this winter ladies are wearing them with everything trendy from a sweater dress to a classic LBD to a gray t-shirt. Shop a selection of statement necklaces at my Chloe + Isabel boutique. This weekend only, buy 2 items in my Chloe + Isabel boutique, and get one free! No coupon code … [Read more...]

Did you love something you saw on Instagram? Here’s how to shop it

how to shop the instagram images you love so much

Instagram has quickly become a favorite social media outlet. (In fact, if you aren't following me yet, you should click right over and follow me there.) Go ahead. I can wait. Okay, now that we've fixed that little glitch, let's talk about how Instagram can work for you. Once, long, long ago, Instagram was only about sharing moments in the instant. And a lot of us want it to stay that way. I'm sorry. It didn't. It can't. Not really. Like most popular social media things in the … [Read more...]

Want to Know How a Clarisonic Smart Profile Really Works? Watch My Quick Demo Video

Clarisonic Smart Profile Demo on Julieverse.com

It's been about 8-weeks since I started using the Clarisonic Smart Profile as a part of the #ClearlyClarisonic campaign. I've truly noticed a difference. My skin feels cleaner -- especially after nightly cleaning. In fact, on the few nights that I've skipped that part of my routine, I go to sleep feeling grime in my skin. Read my initial Clarisonic post: Before and After. As I share in the video, there are all these gross things in your skin -- especially in the wrinkles. There's make-up, … [Read more...]

Never tried *nice* jeans? It’s time. But, first, let me answer all your deepest questions

how to shop for your first pair of good jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. Once you try a good pair, it's hard to go back.  There are dozens of brands of good jeans, and each brand has many styles and fits. Not every pair will fit you best. In fact, most won't. So, you've never shopped for good jeans. Or, maybe, you have but you were so lost and overwhelmed by the prospect you either gave up, or grabbed any old pair of, likely, expensive jeans and figured they'd fit. Well, friends, it's time for a brief lesson in jeans … [Read more...]

younique make-up line: the vavavoom intensity you’d expect from the company that makes lashes viral

Younique make-up is so much more than lashes. Wait until you hear about their shadow palettes

With so much hype to their lashes, I was surprised to learn, recently, that Younique offers not only lashes but an entire line of make-up. [Younique product was provided as samples for the purpose of this sponsored post. And for me to beautify.] Younique's make-up line The make-up line includes eyelining pencils, lipstains, eye shadow collections, mascaras and more, and I was sent samples of some of the product. The packaging is sturdy and sophisticated. The beauty brand has a … [Read more...]

Here’s why we aren’t sure Le Tote is a worthwhile investment (UPDATED)

Is Le Tote worth it? A review of the fashion box subscription service at Julieverse

UPDATE: I received a beautiful, handwritten note from Jessica at Le Tote. After she read this post and discussed it with the powers within the company, Le Tote changed their price adjustment policy. If you find a better price, Le Tote will adjust the price so that you can keep the item you already have. I'll call that a win. And I'll call myself a very, very big fan.  Now... to pull the current clothes from my loving hands so that I can pack them up for another tote. I have 2 pieces I'm … [Read more...]

RocksBox: It’s like borrowing from your BFF (Plus, a FREE month of Rocksbox!)

A free month of rocksbox, borrow jewelry for a month, more or less, or keep it when you love it

I last shared Rocksbox with you in June, when I'd just received my first box of three pieces of jewelry to borrow and send back later. Then, I knew it'd be fun, but I don't think I quite realized how fun. Since that post, I've received seven more boxes of fun jewels (the 9th is on it's way here tomorrow) and each box has offered me a chance to re-accessorize and re-style my look, adding a pop of something new. What's Rocksbox? I described the program in my previous post, so you can read … [Read more...]

Clarisonic Skin Care: Before, After, and My Two Weeks In-Between with the Smart Profile

A summary of my first few weeks using Clarisonic

A few weeks ago, Clarisonic came knocking (well, pulsating) and I came running. For nearly as many years as I've been writing holiday wishlists online, Clarisonic has been on the list. And I never received it as a gift. Harumph. Well, this year, it's finally off my list (but it should still be on yours) because I'm working with Clarisonic as a Type-A Parent Clarisonic Blogger and testing and sharing my experience with the new SMART Profile. This post also contains affiliate links. What is … [Read more...]

FabKids: Buy 1 outfit, Get 1 Free when you join

Why you should be a VIP at FabKids

A few months ago, while I was checking out Fabletics, I noticed a tab at the top of the page, taking me to FabKids. Always the curious one for new fun finds, I explored. With Little's birthday around the corner and a few dressier events this Spring and Summer, why not try a new shop and selection of clothing? [This post contains referral links. Thank you.] What is FabKids? FabKids is a membership program that offers a lot of choice, which, as a mom of picky kids, I appreciate. Join, and … [Read more...]

The no-hassle trick to layering your jewelry

everyday, easy style -- now at Jewelryverse.com

If you've noticed a recent trend towards simplicity in accessories, you're not alone. While big, chunky jewels are still fun and so easy to dress up your look, layering delicate pieces, or even wearing them alone, is something we're seeing in jewelry fashion more and more into Fall. To celebrate the new look, Chloe + Isabel introduced a new collection that focuses on delicate gold chains, pave sparkle, and makes layering or wearing solo simple. To see the entire collection,  visit my … [Read more...]