5 Faves! Birthday Edition Kendra Scott, Shoes, LeTote, and a New Inexpensive Wallet

5 faves on julieverse

Ooooh! Favorite things! Loyal readers of Friday's Mom-Chic column on Julieverse recently noticed that the Fashion Friday link-up disappeared around the New Year. This not-so-mysterious disappearance, combined with my commitment to my new job, has slowed down the postings of Julieverse fashion posts. But don't despair! I still love accessorizing, styling and sharing my favorites... I'm just not doing it as often, but they aren't gone, I promise. It's time for something new at … [Read more...]

“What on Earth does a Professor Wear?” Secrets to getting your closest ready to go back to work

the secrets to getting your closets ready to go back to work -- what do you wear to work

"Will you buy all new clothes?" a friend questioned me when I shared that I was accepting an adjunct position at a local university. Nope. In fact, since that celebratory day, I have purchased exactly 3 new pieces of clothing: a pair of black pants from LOFT (a staple that truly needed an update), a red sweater to wear around the home and on errands because I decided I needed more red in my wardrobe this winter, and I found it at Anthropologie for 70% off (and I'm wearing it today, so it was … [Read more...]

5 Great Shoes Under $100 to Wear with Your Favorite Skinny Jeans This Winter for days when big boots are just way too heavy

all these shoes are under $100! Must have all of them for this winter

Skinny jeans are favorites for the Winter. They fit like leggings, yet can be dressed up with the right tunic or jacket and they easily can be worn under boots. But besides boots, what shoes should you wear with your skinny jeans in the winter? All of them. Here are 5 of our favorites. Corso Como Master Studded Pointed Toe Flat, on sale today for $53.90 (Currently 50% off)   Topshop 'Genie' Lace-Up Pump, $85   UGG Fierce Geo, $89.95   MICHAEL Michael Kors Everett Loafer, … [Read more...]

5 Vests to Wear This Winter

Find the best winter vests to keep you warm and look fashion forward for winter

A good vest is an accessory that will wrap you from Fall through Spring, so you can count this as more of a multi-season investment piece. Most vests can dress up or down an outfit, even a puffer can be dressed up with the right accessories, like a scarf or subtle, shiny jewelry. Lucky for us, winter shopping "season" is almost over in the eyes of retailers, so we're beginning to see a lot of winter vests popping up on sale. (All prices, including sales, linked below through affiliate links , … [Read more...]

5 Best Winter Accessories You’ll Want to Brrrrrrrring with You All Season Plus 3 bonus rain gear items for our friends in California

Every accessory to keep you warm in Winter 2016

Winter's cold has certainly swooped in and taken over. And, despite it's planned vacation this coming weekend, we'll be grabbing our warm winter gear often over the next several months. Here, a list of a few must-have winter accessories to bring style into your freeze. Thanks for clicking the images and using the affiliate links to shop today! (For those in California who see drops falling from the sky, I've added a few rainy-day accessories you may never have considered purchasing until this … [Read more...]

5 Must-Have Statement Necklaces for this Winter (plus a 25% discount this weekend!)

Friends and Family 25% off all must-have jewelry at Jewelryverse.com

Last month, I listed must-have trends for the holiday season. This month, I'm diving into each of those categories a bit deeper. Of course, I love accessorizing and truly feel that updated, fun accessories will keep any outfit up-to-date. So here are 5 must-have necklaces from my Chloe + Isabel boutique, Jewelryverse, for this winter. Bonus! 25% Friends + Family Discount!Use code FFHOL15. Details below         Find your favorite new necklace, … [Read more...]

5 Winter Fashion Must-Haves for 2015-2016

winter fashion must haves

Is your closet ready for winter? Double check and make sure you're set with these five staples for winter 2015-2016. Statement Necklace It's true that a Statement Necklace can dress up any outfit, and this winter ladies are wearing them with everything trendy from a sweater dress to a classic LBD to a gray t-shirt. Shop a selection of statement necklaces at my Chloe + Isabel boutique. This weekend only, buy 2 items in my Chloe + Isabel boutique, and get one free! No coupon code … [Read more...]

Did you love something you saw on Instagram? Here’s how to shop it

how to shop the instagram images you love so much

Instagram has quickly become a favorite social media outlet. (In fact, if you aren't following me yet, you should click right over and follow me there.) Go ahead. I can wait. Okay, now that we've fixed that little glitch, let's talk about how Instagram can work for you. Once, long, long ago, Instagram was only about sharing moments in the instant. And a lot of us want it to stay that way. I'm sorry. It didn't. It can't. Not really. Like most popular social media things in the … [Read more...]

Want to Know How a Clarisonic Smart Profile Really Works? Watch My Quick Demo Video

Clarisonic Smart Profile Demo on Julieverse.com

It's been about 8-weeks since I started using the Clarisonic Smart Profile as a part of the #ClearlyClarisonic campaign. I've truly noticed a difference. My skin feels cleaner -- especially after nightly cleaning. In fact, on the few nights that I've skipped that part of my routine, I go to sleep feeling grime in my skin. Read my initial Clarisonic post: Before and After. As I share in the video, there are all these gross things in your skin -- especially in the wrinkles. There's make-up, … [Read more...]