Banana Republic Mini Haul


About 2 weeks ago, I stumbled by the Banana Republic webpage while working on a Fashion Friday post and happily noticed a 40% off code. Since I rarely (so very rarely) buy full price, I quickly filled up my cart without reading the details. And then, finding that only a small percentage of the items [...]

Boden Spring 2014 Highlights

boden spring 2014 highlights

In my junk drawer for about two years, I’ve hidden a Boden $100 gift card. Not hidden because I was worried someone else may use it, but hidden because I kept putting it there and thinking I’d order something tomorrow. And then tomorrow became tomorrow became next week became next season and… you know, I [...]

Mom Challenge: Week 9

julieverse mom challenge

Are you keeping up with the 2014 Mom Challenge to build a better, more confident you? You can start anytime by heading over to the Mom Challenge webpage. Each week, Julieverse offers a simple task, helping you to connect with yourself, explore your interest and make yourself more confident. How was the mascara challenge? Did [...]