Accessorize this dress

accessorizing formal gown

One of my favorite “hobbies,” and probably what led me to becoming a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser, is accessorizing friends (and, really, strangers.) I just love it when people send me an outfit that they need help figuring out how to finish. Earlier this week, Mrs. Fort Hood, Jenn, shared this picture of her pageant [...]

4 Ways to Wear It: Prepare to be wowed

bead chain

A few months ago, I raved about convertible accessories when I guest posted on The Centsible Life. Pieces that can be worn more than one way aren’t just chic, they’re smart–a smart way to save. I love discovering new ways to wear old favorites. Which is why I’m so excited to share this video with [...]

StitchFix #4

stitch fix moto mojo jacket

That’s right. It’s time for my fourth #fix. You may recall that #3, which people usually love, was a total and complete bust for me. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much when my inbox told me my order was on its way. I didn’t get the little jolt of excitement when the box was piled on my [...]

CORE values at Origami Owl


I’m all about wearing jewelry that not only looks fabulous, but also have fabulous meaning. So I’m really excited to share Origami Owl’s new CORE line with you (it comes out next week!) in this sponsored post. The idea of Origami Owl is that you’re using jewelry to tell a story. You purchase a basic [...]