Casual everyday Spring style for mostly $50 and under

casual spring updates for mostly under $50

Have you cleaned your closet yet? That's one of my goals this week, to box up the Winter and assess the Spring/Summer. So, naturally, I'm shopping Spring instead. I'm casually filling my carts with items I anticipate needing in my closet. I like to keep Spring and Summer clothes on the cheap -- cute shorts, skirts and t-shirts are generally easy to find for less than $50 this time of year. A few jackets may be a little more. Here's what's filling my carts so far. WHBM Cap Sleeve Rayure … [Read more...]

Introducing Le Tote: unlimited monthly clothing rentals (with a discount code!)

Le Tote offers a new option in box subscriptions in fashion. For $49 each month, you'll receive unlimited clothing rentals. Just open box, wear, and return

About two weeks ago, while I was showing off my latest Stitch Fix, a friend shared that she'd heard of another company to try, Le Tote. She, of course, was weary to send $49 off somewhere in hopes of getting clothes she'd enjoy. I, on the other hand, thought "yay! More fun surprises in the mail!" Get a $25 credit when you join Le Tote through my referral link. Click here! What is Le Tote? I can best describe Le Tote as a cross between StitchFix and Rent the Runway. When you join Le Tote, … [Read more...]

After a 6-month break, I updated my Stitch Fix profile. Here’s what happened.

I updated my Stitch Fix profile. Here's what happened next

I took a break. A 6-month long break. I returned my last StitchFix in September commenting something to the effect of "it was boring" and "I'm so very disappointed." But I'll admit that I've been missing the fun of receiving a box of fun clothing every month or so. And the adventure of trying on and asking opinions of friends. So, two weeks ago, I went back into my StitchFix profile and updated it, thoroughly. Here's what happened next.  Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Follow this link (and … [Read more...]

5 Spring styles I can’t wait to wear (including discounts & special promos)

Spring 2015 style report

It's doing nothing but warming up here this week, and which, of course, has me thrilled. So, naturally, I'm heading to the mall next week to scope out some of my favorite styles. Here are a few Spring 2015 looks that I'm loving.   (Coupon codes listed are valid for this weekend only, unless otherwise stated. This post contains affiliate links.) Wide-leg denim I still love leggings and skinnies, but I am so happy to welcome some variety back into my closet. These lighter … [Read more...]

Victoria Jackson cosmetics: everything I need in the palm of my hand

this little makeup kit contains everything i need - it's perfect for the gym

I love showering at the gym. It's so much easier to finish my workout, jump in the shower and get ready, than rushing home after a workout and taking the time to shower and get ready at home. I find it saves me so much more time at home where there are distractions and decisions like "what should I wear?" When I'm at the gym, I've already decided that and I know I just want to get on with my day. After 8 years of gym showering, I still had one problem, one thing I hated, about showering … [Read more...]

I have to be comfortable to perform. #BeMoreHuman

reebook shoe. Be more human

I like to "hit" the gym about 4 times a week (when I'm lucky, more.) Over the years, I've learned that the shoes you wear do make a difference, as do the clothes. If you're comfortable moving in your clothes, if you're comfortable seeing yourself in the clothing (even better, if you like the way you look in the clothing, because you're very likely looking in the mirror at least part of the time) you'll play better, work better, do better. You'll get a better workout. That's why I don't … [Read more...]

Can we please transition into Spring 2015 already?!

chloe + isabel spring 2015 collection

I know. I know it's only February, but, darn it. I am forcing myself to think Spring because I am so very tired of the cold, frigid days and nights. How? Well, a few Springy accessories certainly help. And Chloe + Isabel happened to launch our Spring line last week so I am thrilled to share a few of my favorites with you. Within our Spring collection are seven mini collections. I received samples from 4 of the collections and share them with you in these videos. I invite you to visit my … [Read more...]

The only Valentine’s gifts you need to give this year

valentine's day gifts for her under $60

We all know Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love, but when you're gifting the one you truly love, you don't want to go overboard (cheesy!) with 100 roses (because, really, who wants to turn her home into a rose shop? plus. Flowers die.) Guys, what she really wants is something small that she can wear with love, but she also doesn't want you to break the bank. (I mean... break it for her birthday. But Valentine's Day? You don't need to spend tons.) I shopped my Chloe + … [Read more...]

How will you dress for Football’s Big Game?


All set for the Big Game next weekend? Great! But do you know what you'll wear?!? Don't wait until the last minute to decide how to show your spirit this year. Here are a few fresh ideas.   Seattle Seahawks Style by juliemeyerspron featuring top handle purses earrings | necklace | bracelet | top | pants | Seahawks jersey | handbag | shoes | mug New England Patriots style by juliemeyerspron featuring short tops Patriots jersey | mug | handbag | top | pants | shoe | … [Read more...]