May Meal Plan Making Your Dinner Planning Easier this Spring

dinner planner for the month of may

May brings us lots of hours to spend outside, it's never a popular month to be stuck at your desk, stressing over the best meals to plan for dinner. Use the meal plan, below, to plan out your month of dinners for your family. Shuffling as necessary to make them work best for your family’s busy Spring schedule this month. You’ll find a mix of grilling dinners, make-ahead dinners and dinners using fresh items.   Want to know more about meal planning? Read my basic tips for meal … [Read more...]

April Meal Plan 1 month of dinners for your family

This blog has a seasonal menu for the entire month of April. Lots of Spring dinners, plus Passover options. SO great for a family meal plan!

    Use the plan below, shuffling as necessary to make a menu that works best for your family’s busy spring schedule. You’ll find a mix of grilling dinners, make-ahead dinners and dinners using fresh items. Want to know more about meal planning? Read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe to the Julieverse daily emails (plus you’ll receive other Julieverse posts each day.) Week 1 Monday: Apricot Glazed Ham with Potatoes … [Read more...]

Panasonic Blender + BlenderBoyz = BSE That's Best Snack Ever, TYVM

easy smoothies in about 1 minute

A few months ago, I attended an event at the Panasonic Headquarters where I was wowed by the innovation that goes far beyond the TVs, cameras and shavers. While the event focused on kitchen and home products, I couldn't get past the many elements of Panasonic working to help our world. (And two days later I left for a week vacation, then came back and got a job... so I've been pretty lax about telling you about Panasonic. Hopefully, you followed along on my twitter, facebook and instagram … [Read more...]

4 Apps to Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills

Can't pay for culinary training? Here's how to learn to cook without a formal education

When you’re aspiring to become a better chef, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when cooking is a hobby and you don't want to spend a lot of money. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can improve your cooking skills without spending a fortune on classes or specialty cookware. Thanks to mobile technology and applications (apps), you can work on your culinary craft in your kitchen. ChefsFeed App Like any art form, culinary art needs inspiration. Eating at new, exciting … [Read more...]

March Meal Plan Over 20 family-friendly dinners planned to make our lives easier

march meal plan. One month of family dinners, planned. A monthly menu of healthy dinners for the family. Lots of Spring dinner recipe ideas.

  If you’re new to meal planning, then check out my how to meal plan post which will give you the basic instructions on how to organize your week and get started. Of course, here at Julieverse, I make it easy for you. Each week, I repost the monthly plans, highlighting 5-7 well-rounded, family-friendly meals for you to fit into your plan. Once you get into the habit of planning, you’ll find yourself less stressed, spending less money and having to go to the store only once a … [Read more...]

Southwestern Turkey Taco Salad Recipe An alternative for Taco Tuesday

Southwestern Turkey Taco Salad -- an alternative recipe to Tacos for Tuesday

Just like your family, mine loves Taco Tuesday. But I love to change it up a bit every now and then. Last week, rather than regular tacos, I announced that we'd be having Taco Salad. Naturally, I was hit with the whining and complaining. Sure, they like salads, but how dare I mess with Taco Tuesday?! Compromising, I picked up a box of Ortega Fiesta Flats Flat Bottom Taco Shells and created a dinner that everyone liked enough to tell their friends. (Don't worry. They were permitted to … [Read more...]

February Meal Plan One month of dinners, planned.

February meal plan. One month of family dinners, planned. The variety of chicken, beef, fish, pork and vegetable dinners creates a perfect menu plan for your family

February Meal Plan Week 1 Monday: Slow-Cooker Chicken and Pasta Soup Tuesday: Rachael Ray Mega Turkey Nacho Dinner Wednesday: Cheesy Veggie & Black Bean Tortilla Casserole Thursday: leftovers Weekend: Pizza, Zucchini Lasagna & Salad Week 2 Monday: Salmon with Yogurt Dill Sauce and side of spinach Tuesday: SPOT (Sausage, Potato, Onion, Tomato... and cheese) (I can't believe it's been so long since I made this!) Wednesday: Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie Thursday: leftovers Weekend: … [Read more...]

Homestyle Ranch Cornbread Muffins A Perfect Complement to my Standard Chili for the Big Game

Made from scratch, these cornbread muffins were excellent and easy to  make

For the past several years, I've been wanting to host a football party. It didn't have to be a big game party... afterall, that's always on a school night, and, almost always, way too late on a school night for a party. Any game would do, as long as I could host a good old football playoff party. One where we'd casually gather, watch football if we wanted, and enjoy wine and beers while the kids played outside. A casual party where we could just sit back to relax all Sunday. Last weekend, … [Read more...]

January Dinners Making your meal planning so much easier

january meal plan dinner plan

I have to share how stressed I was last week. I skipped sharing the January meal plan on Monday, thinking everyone would be able to easily find it because it's always sliding by in the slider at the top of's home page. Whoa. Was I wrong! The slider on the webpage only holds the 5 most recent posts, so I can't even begin to tell you the number of emails I received that asked what happened to the meal plan... it disappeared from Julieverse! I explained that readers can always type … [Read more...]