Want to know my trick to the easiest fish dinner ever?

easiest fish dinner ever -- tilapia with lemon, peppers and herbs from Bumble Bee SuperFresh will be perfect for dinners from Valentine's Day to busy family activities nights

I birth good eaters who like healthy food and don’t mind exploring new tastes. That’s why it was no surprise when my kids came downstairs to set the table last night, that they all commented that dinner smelled wonderful. And dinner? It was fish. Now often do you get to hear that? Luckily, last night’s […]

Dinner Meal Plan: January

january meal plan dinner plan

Don’t you hate it when it’s four o’clock and you have no idea what’s for dinner? With a meal plan in place, that won’t happen. And if you take 20-30 minutes each week to prepare your plan and create your grocery list, you’re taking a huge stress off yourself for the week.   Here’s everything you […]

Special K introduces new 100-calorie Snack Bars

special k snack bars: a 100 calorie on the go snack

“No time for breakfast–grab a cereal bar!” “Did you pack a snack bar for halftime?” “Almost all set for our road trip, just have to stop at the store for cereal bars.” “Oh my goodness… I am so craving a cereal bar!” I say every one of these sentences regularly. Cereal bars have become staples in […]

Weekly Meal Plan: January

january meal plan dinner plan

Brrrrrr. That was a cold one!! We actually experienced a surprise squall on Friday– I didn’t even know they happened here! January’s meal plan is all about warm, cozy foods, many make it easy to double   Here’s everything you need to know to get started:  basic tips for meal planning post. And to get […]

January Meal Plan

january meal plan dinner plan

Happy New Year! Hope yours was wonderful! We enjoyed time away from working, a visit to my parents’ new home, and another very exciting New Year’s Eve party. Now, I’m so excited to start 2015! This year, I’m focusing on living a calm, balanced life. One where I work to be a bit more laid […]

December Meal Plan

december meal plan family dinner menu

Happy December, everyone! A December can’t go by without feeling rushed all. the. time. The December Meal Plan will make it easy to prep your plans, grocery shop and prepare your meals… so bookmark this post to make it easy to come back to. I also looked back at posts from the past and noticed that I used […]

Monthly Dinner Calendar: November

november meal plan family

If you haven’t meal planned before, it’s so hard to explain the biggest benefit– it’s the relaxation that half the battle is over. There’s never a need to stress over “what’s for dinner” or “do I have everything I’ll need to make *that*” because you were prepared for the week and got everything when you […]

4 weeks of dinners for your family

Another week closer to the holidays… another week I’m grateful I’ve already planned my meals and can focus on something else, you?   November Meal Plan–4 weeks of dinners for your family Want to know more about meal planning? Read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe […]

Menu Plan for October


I always find Halloween such a difficult night to prepare a meal. We want to carve the pumpkin, not make a mess of our costumes, and we’re so rushed and excited to run out the door for trick or treating to begin! Years ago, we’d order pizzas for friends and neighbors, but the pizza slices […]

October menu plan: dinners for your family this Fall


We’re finally dressing in jeans and long sleeves and the grill is (practically) packed up for winter. This weekend, my family ran over to Wick’s Ski & Sport for their annual consignment sale and Little is happily wearing her new-to-her ski jacket in 60 degree weather. We’ll see how long that lasts (the weather and […]