Were you fooled today?


I love April Fools Day. A few years ago, I fooled my kids by serving jello-lemonade as an after school snack. Each year since, they expect a fool up to par with one as great as that. This year, as I’m still working my way back into the routine after our weekend getaway to TypeA [...]

How Big *is* a Billion?


When I taught second grade, two of my favorite math units (and I had many) were measurement and place value. Teaching an 8-year-old about distance–be it time or space–was a difficult concept. Words have little meaning without being able to touch and see them. By connecting counting (tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, and so on) [...]

Fitness at CES 2014

reebok checklight

Fitness was a big highlight for moms attending CES. In addition to the announcement that Tory Burch and FitBit have partnered to (finally) create a fashionable wearable (due on the market this spring), about a dozen other wearable fitness trackers popped up, each offering something unique to the field, including fitness trackers from Reebok, Garmin [...]

Automotive Innovation at CES

Toyota's press conference at CES; image from International CES Press Page

I actually tried to avoid the automotive area while at CES. I wish I’d had the time to test drive the electric car, or experience Facebook and twitter on my dashboard, I don’t write enough about cars to take the time. There was a mix of innovative cars of the future with cars of tomorrow, [...]

Curved TVs: spotted and wowed at CES 2014

oled tv

In addition to the increase in pixels, Samsung, among others, debuted the Curved TV. Yes, after years of watchng a box tube TV that curved convexly, and then being convinced that everyone needed to have a flat screen because flat screens are the ultimate… we’re now going to start wanting curved TVs, as in concave. [...]

Lenovo highlights from CES


As a member of Lenovo Moms, I’m being compensated for this post and my time. I have not received these products, but am excited to share a few CES-Lenovo highlights. A big part of my time at CES was with Lenovo, learning about their new product lines that will wow us all in 2014 and beyond. Our group [...]

CES2014 Highlights: UHD TVs; 4K and 8K

This Samsung UHD TV (4K) is 85" and costs $39,999. No, I don't expect to see this TV in homes anytime soon...

Whoa. That title is full of acronyms, isn’t it? I know I’d be wondering what it all means, right? CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, which I attended last week in Las Vegas. UHD means Ultra High Definition–it’s one step higher than High Definition televisions. 4K and 8K refer to the number of pixels in [...]