Worst Day Ever

alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day review

Since begin introduced to it as a second grade teacher, I’ve loved Judith Voirst’s Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. A simple story, there were so many writing and discussion prompts to expand upon the story and help children to make connections. So when Disney announced they were creating a movie based […]

Making Fit Fun for the Little Ones


I love opportunities to encourage kids to get moving, and while my kids are already super active, new ideas are always embraced. We were recently were sent samples of LeapFrog’s new LeapBands to encourage Little and her friends (ages 4-7) to be even more active, while having a lot of fun and being encouraged by a […]

Captain America – The Winter Soldier review

captain america with kids

Unable to attend the screening of Captain America – The Winter Soldier, I asked a my friend, Tony Mauro, to take his buddies and offer Julieverse readers a review from a Dad’s perspective. Captain America – The Winter Soldier was an action-packed adventure from start to finish. As a movie go-er, I was impressed by […]

Were you fooled today?


I love April Fools Day. A few years ago, I fooled my kids by serving jello-lemonade as an after school snack. Each year since, they expect a fool up to par with one as great as that. This year, as I’m still working my way back into the routine after our weekend getaway to TypeA […]

How Big *is* a Billion?


When I taught second grade, two of my favorite math units (and I had many) were measurement and place value. Teaching an 8-year-old about distance–be it time or space–was a difficult concept. Words have little meaning without being able to touch and see them. By connecting counting (tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, and so on) […]

Fitness at CES 2014

reebok checklight

Fitness was a big highlight for moms attending CES. In addition to the announcement that Tory Burch and FitBit have partnered to (finally) create a fashionable wearable (due on the market this spring), about a dozen other wearable fitness trackers popped up, each offering something unique to the field, including fitness trackers from Reebok, Garmin […]

Automotive Innovation at CES

Toyota's press conference at CES; image from International CES Press Page

I actually tried to avoid the automotive area while at CES. I wish I’d had the time to test drive the electric car, or experience Facebook and twitter on my dashboard, I don’t write enough about cars to take the time. There was a mix of innovative cars of the future with cars of tomorrow, […]

Curved TVs: spotted and wowed at CES 2014

oled tv

In addition to the increase in pixels, Samsung, among others, debuted the Curved TV. Yes, after years of watchng a box tube TV that curved convexly, and then being convinced that everyone needed to have a flat screen because flat screens are the ultimate… we’re now going to start wanting curved TVs, as in concave. […]