Journal-Themed books kids love reading

books for elementary kids journal theme

When connecting with books, most kids look for a character they identify with, or aim to be. Images help to tell the stories, and so does the first-person point of view. Reading a story from a child’s point of view makes kids feel a closer part of the book, and the fiction genre’s subcategory of [...]

How to find books your child will love

how to find books for kids

There are many things to be concerned with when selecting a book for your child to read, especially children who haven’t become devoted to a specific genre or author. Usually, kids around 2nd to 3rd grades are still “playing the field”, trying to determine the books of most interest. Or, they’ll get hooked on one [...]

Next Monday is Thank a Teacher Day

thank a teacher day

Last December, as our country mourned the devastation at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I brainstormed ways that we, as a nation, could recognize the teachers that gave (and those that continue to give) so much every day. This year, we’re celebrating the memories of the fallen and the dedication of our teachers on Monday, December [...]

Books to gift everyone on your list

best books for kids

I love gifting books for every occasion. They’ve even become my favorite house-warming and hostess-gifts. I’ve found the easiest way to gift the hostess is to stick with the theme of the evening, like Hanukkah, Christmas or Thanksgiving. And for the holidays, try to gift new books so that there’s little chance that the child [...]

Fall Alpha-Bits Book: A preschool learning activity

alphabet abc book

Alpha-Bits cereal snack times have been the inspiration to many great opportunities for letter-based learning and conversation lately. On a recent walk through our  neighborhood, I brought along a baggie of Alpha-Bits for Little (age 4) to enjoy. These tiny whole-grain cereal pieces, all shaped like letters, have enthused her and opened a new way to [...]