5 Faves! Birthday Edition Kendra Scott, Shoes, LeTote, and a New Inexpensive Wallet

5 faves on julieverse

Ooooh! Favorite things! Loyal readers of Friday's Mom-Chic column on Julieverse recently noticed that the Fashion Friday link-up disappeared around the New Year. This not-so-mysterious disappearance, combined with my commitment to my new job, has slowed down the postings of Julieverse fashion posts. But don't despair! I still love accessorizing, styling and sharing my favorites... I'm just not doing it as often, but they aren't gone, I promise. It's time for something new at … [Read more...]

Tips to Lessen Reading Rivalry in Your Home Plus games to encourage friendly learning with your family

reading rivalry -- how to respect learning differences in your home

Anyone with a sibling knows all about sibling rivalry, it’s a natural struggle in homes and always has been. Children are so competitive with each other because they, just as adults, need something and someone to judge themselves against, a sort of mile-marker in life. With a sibling who’s always around, it’s natural to compare. This makes it excessively difficult for parents who see children learning to read at different paces, especially children who are close in age. When one child so … [Read more...]

Numbers, Counting and Place Value with Cheerios Plus, the Best Mentor Texts for Enhancing Your Math Lessons with Reading

how to teach place value and math using cheerios

Sure, kids can count. If they’ve memorized really well and “get” the pattern, they can count to a hundred! But do they know what all those numbers mean? When he was a preschooler, I realized that my son was easily reciting his numbers without the knowledge of place value (tens, hundreds, thousands). So, I pulled out the Cheerios (our favorite counting food) and several plastic cups. Counting by tens We placed a handful of Cheerios into the first cup and estimated the number of cereal … [Read more...]

4 Apps to Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills

Can't pay for culinary training? Here's how to learn to cook without a formal education

When you’re aspiring to become a better chef, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when cooking is a hobby and you don't want to spend a lot of money. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can improve your cooking skills without spending a fortune on classes or specialty cookware. Thanks to mobile technology and applications (apps), you can work on your culinary craft in your kitchen. ChefsFeed App Like any art form, culinary art needs inspiration. Eating at new, exciting … [Read more...]

Early-Summer, Daylight Savings Time and a Fire-Safety Reminder Because this is how my train of thought works

daylight savings time thoughts and things to remember

It’s 80 degrees this week in Pennsylvania. We pulled out the summer clothing and are ready to turn on the sprinklers and play play play. This morning while getting ready for school one of the kids offered a classic Spring weather line: “homework? Oops!” While his brother responded, “teachers shouldn’t be allowed to give homework on summer-weather days in winter!” (He is so right. I’m going to pass his opinion on to my pre-teacher undergrads.) [This sponsored post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

“What on Earth does a Professor Wear?” Secrets to getting your closest ready to go back to work

the secrets to getting your closets ready to go back to work -- what do you wear to work

"Will you buy all new clothes?" a friend questioned me when I shared that I was accepting an adjunct position at a local university. Nope. In fact, since that celebratory day, I have purchased exactly 3 new pieces of clothing: a pair of black pants from LOFT (a staple that truly needed an update), a red sweater to wear around the home and on errands because I decided I needed more red in my wardrobe this winter, and I found it at Anthropologie for 70% off (and I'm wearing it today, so it was … [Read more...]

Creating a Well-Stocked Bar Everything you need to start your collection

how to keep a well-stocked bar

This post was co-written by SocialMonsters and includes affiliate links. Thank you. Keeping a well-stocked cocktail bar will make every drop-in visit a prepped party. If you are planning on building out your bar, there are a few must-have items. From liquor to garnishes, learning what your friends like to drink will give you a good idea as to what to keep in stock all the time. As time goes on and you start to branch out beyond the classic cocktails, you'll be able to grow your bar until you … [Read more...]

March Meal Plan Over 20 family-friendly dinners planned to make our lives easier

march meal plan. One month of family dinners, planned. A monthly menu of healthy dinners for the family. Lots of Spring dinner recipe ideas.

  If you’re new to meal planning, then check out my how to meal plan post which will give you the basic instructions on how to organize your week and get started. Of course, here at Julieverse, I make it easy for you. Each week, I repost the monthly plans, highlighting 5-7 well-rounded, family-friendly meals for you to fit into your plan. Once you get into the habit of planning, you’ll find yourself less stressed, spending less money and having to go to the store only once a … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Care for Your Most Important Kitchen Tools

how to maintain your best kitchen tools - pots and pans, knives, cutting boards

A few months ago, Doug from the Kitchen Professor, shared several tips for proper knife usage in the kitchen. I invited him back for a few more kitchen tips post to help those of us learning to love the kitchen in our cooking. Today, he's sharing the best ways to care for your favorite, and best, kitchen tools.   In the kitchen, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference and over the years I have put together a nice set of tools. A high quality cutting board is … [Read more...]

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast On Tour Review: Should You Take Your Kids?

Disney's Beauty and the Beast the musical review

When I asked Middle to "be my guest" to see Disney's Beauty & the Beast, he shook his head and said "enough with the puns" but happily accepted the invitation, with a hopeful gleam in his eye.  In addition to looking forward to a Mother-Son night (never, ever should I call it a "date," he tells me), he was excited to see how the enchanted objects are portrayed by humans and he looked forward to how the production represents so many different scenic locations on one stage. I looked forward to … [Read more...]