How to watch the Olympics in Rio 2016 while you're lounging on your comfy couch in the USA

[We were hosted to a night of fun from Comcast and xfinityX1. This post was written in appreciation.]

I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer the Games to happen every four years. I loved the excitement of Olympic years — how our entire year became a year of pride and enthusiasm. We were glued to our TVs for several weeks, both summer and winter, and our chants and cheers of USA! USA! filled our hearts, ears, bones and lungs. We lived and breathed our national pride.

How to watch the Olympics, with Comast NBCUniversal and xfinity

True, three years that followed were quiet and dull, but it made the 4th year more of a spiritual spectacle to look upon as something much more than special. The 6 weeks of games each year made the entire year a holiday.

Sadly, my kids will never feel that “something special” of the every-four-years Olympiad. Instead, just as the Winter Games end, we start looking to the Summer stars to see who will take our breath away in, often, less than 24 months.

Of course, the Games are still something spectacular. And if you have a favorite sport or athlete who competes in a season, then there’s even more to celebrate. And, this season, we have several.

My kids are pumped to watch their favorite events, including gymnastics, soccer, track & field, swimming, baseball and softball. Soon, our refrigerator will be full of not-to-miss-moments schedules and star-charts will track medals. Our coffee table will be topped with magazines and newspapers featuring new heroes. Our dinner conversations will be rushed to watch the latest coming out of Rio.

This August, xfinity will let us watch it all

How will we watch it all? In 2016, we’re luckier than ever. Because this year, we’ll be watching with xfinityX1. (Make sure you get the voice remote … you can talk to your TV. And it listens!)

Comcast, who owns xfinity, has been working for years to make the 2016 viewing of the Olympics on NBC one like no other for it’s customers. As NBCUniversal is an official sponsor of the Olympics, and Comcast the parent company, they’re pulling out all the whistles (along with starter guns, music, top names in sports and so much more.)

The Games officially begin on August 5 with the Opening Ceremonies at Maracana Stadium, which includes one of my favorite events, the Parade of Nations. US viewers will see it on time delay on NBC so that it’s during Prime Time (East Coasters, that’s 8 pm for us.) Soccer fans, take note, the tournament starts earlier: women on August 3; men, August 4. You’ll be able to watch them as played through xfinityX1’s streaming.

But when it comes to your favorite sports, any sports, even the most boring-to-the-rest-of-us sports, with xfinity you’ll be able to watch your favorites when they happen. That’s right. They’re going to to stream all. the. events. live and if you have xfinityX1, you’ll be able to watch them. Live. All 6,755 hours of them (though you’ll need a lot of screens and extra eyeballs to do that).

The networks and digital platforms of NBCUniversal will present an unprecedented 6,755 hours of programming for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this August.

That’s roughly 356 hours of coverage per day (19 days). If the 6,755 hours ran on one channel, it would take 281 days to finish airing.

How? Well, it’s simple. Next week, xfinity is rolling-out their Ginormous Rio Broadcast Extravaganza. That is absolutely not what they’re calling it. xfinity customers have, of course, a front row seat. We’ll be able to flip on our Guides and a new window area will slide onto the bottom of our screens. It will be intuitive, more like our computer screens, offering suggestions of shows you already enjoy. And, naturally, the Rio 2016 icon will float there. Click it (or if you’re an X1 customer, say it) and you’ll be taken into the world of Rio. Rather, Rio will, quite nearly, fill your living room. There, you’ll have options to view all the live events, broadcasts, news, feature stories and more, at any moment.

rio olympics hub page on comcast xfinity -- how to watch all the olympics you want to watch

You’ll also be able to use their x1 Sports app, something our family already uses. Again, like the internet, pick your favorite sport or team and view statistics, records, schedules and more. You can set your teams on your app, so you don’t need to view facts about, ummm, golf (which is back in the Summer Olympic Games for the first time since 1904–112 years!), if the fairways aren’t your cup of tea.

With xfinityX1, you’ll be able to set reminders and recordings, save your favorites and follow the events, people and teams you care most about.

xfinityx1 will stream all the events of the Olympics in Rio, and make it far more easy for you to watch what you want, when you want

And, just like the internet, you can get all sorts of information about your new heroes. Want to know more about Simone Biles? No problem, just click on her name and you’ll soon take a trip into her stories. Feel like learning about the history of handball in the Olympic Games? Easy peasy! xfinity and x1 Sports App are full of content to make your curious heart (or preschooler’s curious heart) full of answers for which he never considered asking questions.

It’s all there.

What Olympic excitement will our family watch with xfinity?

What will we watch? I imagine there will be a lot of watching. I’m a bit concerned about the busiest times of day, when Big wants to watch a 4-hour soccer tournament at the same time Little is cheering for Aly Raisman’s tumbling routine and Middle is revving up to watch Michael Phelps make history. Uh-oh. We only have two TVs.

Guess what?! No worries! We can sign into our xfinity account on any of our small screens to see exactly what we can see on our larger televisions. This will definitely make Big stop begging for a TV in his room, when he realizes his desktop screen can be a TV.

Wait. I’m not sure that’s something I’m ready for him to know.

How to watch the games in Rio when you’re in the USA


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