Panasonic Blender + BlenderBoyz = BSE That's Best Snack Ever, TYVM

A few months ago, I attended an event at the Panasonic Headquarters where I was wowed by the innovation that goes far beyond the TVs, cameras and shavers. While the event focused on kitchen and home products, I couldn’t get past the many elements of Panasonic working to help our world. (And two days later I left for a week vacation, then came back and got a job… so I’ve been pretty lax about telling you about Panasonic. Hopefully, you followed along on my twitter, facebook and instagram accounts and learned a lot while I was at the event.)

Following the event, Panasonic sent me a blender; a blender that does more than just blend up a smoothie (though, when you watch this video, you’ll see just how fabulous it is at creating smoothies.)

Panasonic High Speed Blender Review

When I first received the sample of the Panasonic MX-ZX1800 High Speed Blender with Ice Jacket Accessory, I’ll admit to thinking it’s a bit much for our needs. It’s heavy duty, something you’d likely see in a small bar or restaurant… certainly something you’re more likely to find in a cook’s kitchen than my own. Plus, the price, discounted at Amazon to about $450 (today’s price on Amazon is $450.06) has an MSRP of $599 which is a lot of money for a blender.

panasonic heavy duty blender

Having used this not-so-little mixing machine, I’m seeing how it’s worth it. The blender has settings for hot and cold items, and, as you saw in the video, crushes ice in mere seconds. After using it just twice, we recycled our old, less expensive blender. I’ve also used it to make soup — yes, it has a soup setting that, somehow, keeps our vegetables warm enough to serve straight from the blender’s pitcher, rather than transferring to a pot for re-heating. And it comes with a clever ice-jacket, promising to keep frozen drinks cold.

While we didn’t have a Vitamix before, I’m hearing it’s competitive with that… just without the fancy name.

BlenderBoyz Smoothies

As seen in the video, the blender is so easy, my  10-year-old is on his own creating his after school snack. Making it even easier, he’s hooked on smoothies created from BlenderBoyz packets (which were also sent as samples.) BlenderBoyz (currently available at and some Target stores for $5.08 for a package of 4) offers a variety of mixes for frozen drinks in three categories: smoothies (made from real fruits), mixed drinks and frozen coffees. Middle’s favorite is the strawberry/banana flavor. Little loves the Berry Blend (which has carrot and grape extracts) and she enjoyed the more sugary Strawberry Daiquiri, substituting yogurt for rum. I’m a big fan of the Iced Cappuccino Mixes, especially Caramel Iced.

blender boyz smoothies

For nutrition information and ingredients, see the BlenderBoyz product page.

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