Homestyle Ranch Cornbread Muffins A Perfect Complement to my Standard Chili for the Big Game

For the past several years, I’ve been wanting to host a football party. It didn’t have to be a big game party… afterall, that’s always on a school night, and, almost always, way too late on a school night for a party. Any game would do, as long as I could host a good old football playoff party. One where we’d casually gather, watch football if we wanted, and enjoy wine and beers while the kids played outside. A casual party where we could just sit back to relax all Sunday.

Made from scratch! Homestyle Ranch Cornbread Muffins go perfect with chili - I want to make this for our Super Bowl Party!

Last weekend, I finally had my chance. And while the kids played outside in unexpected snow, our house was filled with good friends watching whatever game happened to be on TV, drinking wines and beers, celebrating friendship and tasting a few easy snacks.

Included in those snacks was a slow cooker full of chili. Yes, I made about 6 quarts of the quintessential football favorite using the easiest recipe I could find, and, to go with it, I tested Litehouse’s Cornbread Recipe with samples they sent to me. Ranch Cornbread muffins are something a little different than then honey muffins I usually make from a box. First, and foremost, they were made from scratch. They didn’t look like cupcakes, they looked like real muffins you’d pay for in real bakeries. But what was really different was the flavor. The herbs and spices in this recipe were the perfect accompaniment to the good ol’ Betty Crocker chili recipe.

The recipe was simple to follow, the result was a perfect addition to the Big Game favorite. (And, yes. We enjoyed leftovers for the rest of the week.)

Click for Homestyle Ranch Cornbread Muffins Recipe | Click for Chili Recipe 

The Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs Difference

I’ve been a fan of Litehouse Opadipity Greek Yogurts dips for a while (I just wish they sold them in my local store.) But I never paid close attention to their Instantly Fresh Herbs until making this recipe. Litehouse dried herbs are freeze-dried, so just a drop of water brings them “back to life.” Yes, with all the healthy nutrients and flavor of an herb from your garden but, bonus!, you don’t have to harvest it yourself (which is really convenient when you’ve just been hit by a blizzard during football season.) And you also don’t have to cut it or flake it or mince it — it’s done for you. From Litehouse:

Instantly Fresh Herbs aren’t dried herbs, they’re fresh!

Well, they are freeze-dried fresh herbs. Which means, with a drop of water they come back to life – with all the flavor, nutrients, and even shape! There is just one simple ingredient – the herb. No additives. No funky stuff to make it last longer on your shelf. It’s like having a garden in your cupboard. They last for years and you can harvest in a heartbeat.

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