Teaching Guide: Use Ask. Listen. Learn.’s Lesson Plans to Teach Community, Healthy Choices & Alcohol Responsibility

I’m really excited to partner with Ask. Listen. Learn., the curriculum area of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibly’s Responsibility.org to share how to use their new curriculum materials in the classroom. If you’re a parent, you may be interested in forwarding this resource on to your teachers, principals and counselors as the provided lessons and materials are aligned with national teaching standards, making it very easy for teachers to introduce healthy and socially responsible lessons with ease and confidence. Additionally, parents, I’ll be back in a few weeks with suggestions for how to use these resources for your family in your home, to open what can be a difficult conversation about making wise choices in life. 

This video introduces the many resources and materials available on Ask. Listen. Learn.’s webpage and leads teachers through what they’ll find in the newest standards-based lessons. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is a national nonprofit dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking by providing age appropriate resources (ages 9-14) developed by a team of team of educators and psychologists to make today’s youth feel comfortable talking about alcohol. The free downloads, lesson plans and resources guide conversations about the risks associated with underage drinking at all ages and stages and help make community and decision making easier for an age group that often finds bumps along the road.

This screen cast video introduces the lessons found at Ask. Listen. Learn. to teachers.

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4 Ways to Use Ask. Listen. Learn.’s Resources in Your Elementary or Middle School Program

ask listen learn offers free resources for teachers and parents to introduce difficult social discussions. Learn more at Julieverse.com

Building Community with Mentor Texts

The creators of the Ask. Listen. Learn. lesson plans incorporate reading material into a lesson on Peer Pressure. With goals of increasing the community within a classroom and understanding the impacts of peer pressure, this unit-lesson is perfect for the beginning of the year. Suggested books include Judy Blume’s Blubber or Bully by Patricia Polacco (other books are also recommended within the lesson). This unit can be a full-class read, a teacher read aloud, or done in small book club books and literature circles. The accompanying discussion starters work well class and small group discussions, writing prompts and teaching persuasive writing.

Mentor texts that will work along with this unit include Hey Little Ant (Hoose), Chrysanthemum (Henkes) and One of Us (Moss).

Making Healthy Choices

Using the 5-day research project suggested in the lesson The Importance of a Healthy Body, students are prompted to learn and present a body part and the negative impact alcohol consumption has on that body part. To further extend this topic, students can write persuasive letters to peers about making healthy choices, based on their research. They can also prepare narratives where the character comes to a difficult choice and is encouraged to make a healthy choice.

Continued Conversations Make for Excellent Transition Talks

Throughout the school year, remember to come back to the discussions of healthy choices, peer pressure and bullying that began during the above lessons. Any time you have a few minutes to spare — between subjects, during a stretch break, or waiting for an event to start, remind students of one of your favorite parts of these lessons, and ask them to make connections in their daily lives. Keeping the conversation active in the classroom reminds the students of its importance and helps them to remember the themes of the lessons.

Home Connection

Teaching Alcohol Responsibility cannot only happen at school. Be sure to send some of the valuable resources found on the Ask. Listen. Learn materials page home to families and reward students for actively participating in their communities and completing family activities. Remember that students need to feel consistent, communicated support in all areas of their lives.

For additional teacher resources, visit Ask, Listen, Learn for more free downloadable teacher resources and lesson plans designed to help students say “yes” to a healthy lifestyle and “no” to underage drinking and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

This post and associated video was sponsored by Responsibility.org and is a product of JMP Media, LLC.

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