How to be a Supermom: Keep Calm and Carry On Relaxation tips to balance work and life... and actually enjoy it

As a working mother, your load of responsibilities can feel overwhelming and may frequently induce a state of stress. You want your performance in both your professional and family life to remain strong and sound. It’s important to find the right relaxation techniques and organizational methods to keep your mind balanced, achieve focus and insight. Here are some ways you can stay calm and carry on as a Supermom. [This guest post was submitted through Social Monsters.]

I've been looking all over for an easy, beginner's meditation app like this

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Home Office

Your home office is an important place where you can focus on your work without distraction. Make sure your office is not cluttered with toys or other distracting features. Keep the office design light, clean and as Zen as possible. A simple environment will help you focus on the work task at hand and help you detach from your home-life responsibilities. It’s good to have a space where you can keep your work organized, whether you work remotely or from home. Integrate a white noise machine or a fountain in your office, as it will stimulate your brain and keep your mind from wandering.


Meditation will help you take control of your thoughts and slow down the hectic pace of life. Meditation can calm and focus your mind, which makes you more productive with the time you have. Even a simple 10-minute meditation session can help you overcome moments of stress and assist in your discovery of balance. The app, Headspace, is a wonderful tool for beginner meditators as it provides guided meditations. The app will let you choose what you’d like to focus on during your session. It offers categories such as stress, depression, creativity, focus and acceptance, and many others. Meditation will increase your mindfulness and help you achieve greater contentment and clarity in your life.

Artificial Sunlight Alarm

An artificial sunlight alarm allows your body 30 minutes to wake up before you start your day. The alarm will stimulate the luminosity of a sunrise, which doesn’t shock your body into wake-up mode as many audio alarms do. Eight of 10 wake-up light users report that the light wake-up method makes it easier to get out of bed. This alarm is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, as it will provide your body with increased energy. The lamp is free of UV rays and has 20 different brightness settings, so you can choose a light intensity that suits your preferences.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

There are many spas that currently provide a new relaxation treatment called float therapy. The flotation tanks provide isolation and sensory deprivation that assist in the relief of chronic pain, sleep issues, weight loss, phobias, meditation, healing and stress reduction. Clients are in the tank for an hour, and float within the warm water with Epsom salt. The restricted environmental stimulation therapy will allow the conscious brain to exist in its theta state, which enhances the mind’s creative and problem-solving capabilities. This type of therapy will also lower blood pressure and maximize blood flow.

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