Julieverse Reads: An Inspirational Look at Life Curated by author Tia Shurina

Author Tia Shurina made significant changes in her life, and recounts them in her memoir, Everything and a Happy Ending. In today’s Julieverse Reads post, Tia shares books that helped her create her “new life.” (post contains affiliate links.) 

My memoir, Everything and a Happy Ending, is a tribute to the babysteps I took to some new choices, a thank you to my dad on the other side, and a wink & nod of respect to the Plan Bs the Universe helped to unfold when I finally relinquished control of Plan A. I’m honored to share these 8 books that offered assistance as I inched my way to ending a life I wasn’t satisfied in so I could begin to create a new one.

Since we’re so busy in the festive season filling many stockings, I’ve chosen, for the most part, books that can be read relatively quickly, while Christmas caroling, holiday “cheering” and preparing to end a season while setting resolutions to ring in a happy new year, new start, and, maybe, even, new life!

10 poems to change your life

Roger Housden’s 10 Poems to Change Your Life

All inspired, but the impact & magnitude of Mary Oliver’s “The Journey” moved me to tears. After reading, “one day you finally knew what you had to do and began”, I dried my eyes & kept moving, determined to save the only life I could, my own. I baby-stepped, but a rewarding new “journey” had begun.

the time keeper

Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper

A tender tale about the fragility and gift of time is thoughtfully told, as well as the importance of how we choose to spend it. Reading about gentle Dor and his precious Alli reinforced my desire for a love so true.

the shack

William P. Young’s The Shack

A sentimental pick since was the last book my dad & I read before he passed. A work of fiction the author originally wrote as a gift for his children, a heartfelt sharing about his God, wound up a present for my parent and his child. He shared so significantly and insight-fully his “story” now heads to the big screen. A beautiful story about faith, fortitude and redemption…about a dad and his daughter, a father and his son…and the unbreakable connection of love to bridge any gap and mend any broken heart.

The InvitationOriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Invitation

A book that followed her very personal poem, The Invitation did just that. As I struggled to rise above my fears and move beyond the comfort zones keeping me from a more intimate, authentic life I was desperate for, her prose poem became like a good friend, gently guiding me to honor myself. When she asked, “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself”, I accepted what my intuition had been whispering, only when I did just that would I ever be able to be true to anyone else.

Why is God Laughing by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra’s Why is God Laughing

A delightful read that deeply affected at same time. An immediate connection to Mike Meyers Foreword line, “They say the truth may set you free, but I find that the truth can be very painful at first”, hooked me…and I read it straight through. Deepak and Mike, together, walked with me as I made the choice to take “The Path to Joy: Ten Principles of Spiritual Optimism”. The book was like a funny friend to travel with as I acknowledged some not so funny stuff I’d been ignoring so I wouldn’t have to try to change it.

he Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince

An adult re-connection to the other-wordly lost soul looking for his way home reminded me of something we know intuitively as children. Re-reading helped re-route me back onto the road that follows the heart not the head. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

If You're Not Up There

Darrell Hammond’s God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked

Since memoir is my favorite genre, I included this poignant, powerful read. As this successful, famous comedian shares some intense pains pretty well hidden from fans, I felt a strong connection to his struggles. For me, it’s the beauty and strength of the memoir. When he recounts his dad’s apology from the other side, I remembered an invaluable truth; love never dies and can reach through what physically separates us and it gave hope and help to my commitment to change my life.

and she sparkled

Joan Steffand’s …And She Sparkled

Because its Christmas, Chanukah & Kwanzaa…and what girl doesn’t want to sparkle during the holidays? Paging through her lovely little book inspired me to shine my light!

Everything and a Happy Ending by Tia Shurina

Tia Shurina lives in Queens, NYC.  She looks forward to a happy ending each new day as she continues to create a new “happily ever after” as she stays committed to rising above her fears, moving out of her comfort zones and going with the flow of her life. Follow Tia on twitter and find her new book, Everything and a Happy Ending, on Goodreads.

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel (jewelryverse.com) and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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