These Assignment Books Will Help Get Homework in Order

Sometimes the hardest part about homework is in the formation of creating the habit of recording assignments. While many schools offer assignment books to their students, some, especially as the students get older, expect the students to create their own. (Or just assume that kids already have their own methods. Many students, unfortunately, don’t.) Here are a few options for your own assignment book, to help students in elementary school, middle school and high school be more responsible:

Not every assigment book works best for everyone. Which will help you to get get your homework organized? Plus, an app option!

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The Checklist

Some students prefer working with a checklist, which is a great organization tool for the future. Students who use checklists should start a new page each day, and practice moving over items left unchecked from the day before. During the day, they’ll need to remember to quickly jot down new assignments in their notebook, check them off when they’re completed and start again the next day.

Spiral notepads work great for these as the paper can be easily torn out of the book when complete and the covers make the notebook more durable. It’s helpful to use one a different size than the rest of the school notebooks.

Try momAgenda’s Spiral Bound Notebook or Tiny Print’s Personalized Notebooks.

The 3-Ring Binder

For kids who needmore guidance and consistency, purchase a thin 3-ring binder and create a printable sheet for each week or day, depending on what your child feels will work best. There are many templates and printables available on the internet, but a child will do better to use a template as a guide and create one that will work best for her. Many students prefer sections for each subject where she can list the due date, details of the assignment and notes. Other students prefer a calendar style that offers opportunities to list study notes and due dates ahead of time.

If you go this route, I recommend color-coding your pens so that due dates can be a different color, study nights are a separate color and regular assignments a third color. Or, color code by subject. Pilot makes eraseable gel pens perfect for this purpose.

Be sure to purchase a binder with pockets inside the covers for important notes home. Create the habit of cleaning out the binder every night.

Date Book Planners or Calendars

Many students, especially older students, would rather see the whole picture and do best with calendars. Using a calendar with weekly and monthly options, students can enter due dates and study night plans in the monthly calendar and list their daily assignments in the weekly pages. Date book planners also allow students to include their personal commitments and begin forming organizational habits for the future.

momAgenda’s home office edition is perfect for this purpose. In lieu of the spaces for “Kids,” students can write personal plans for sports and after school activities, goals for school and records of tests.

There’s an App for that

Of course there is an assignment book app. For those who are digitally inclined, and can have an iOS device in their classrooms, there are a few assignment book app options. We like the myHomework app for iOS best. It’s simplicity and clean design make it easy to use and follow.

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