RocksBox: It’s like borrowing from your BFF (Plus, a FREE month of Rocksbox!)

I last shared Rocksbox with you in June, when I’d just received my first box of three pieces of jewelry to borrow and send back later. Then, I knew it’d be fun, but I don’t think I quite realized how fun. Since that post, I’ve received seven more boxes of fun jewels (the 9th is on it’s way here tomorrow) and each box has offered me a chance to re-accessorize and re-style my look, adding a pop of something new.

What is Rocksbox? (plus a code for a free month!)

What’s Rocksbox?

I described the program in my previous post, so you can read all the details in my initial Rocksbox review. Briefly, ladies (and gents) subscribe to their monthly service for just $19 a month. During that month, you’ll complete a brief set of questions about your style and your stylist will send you a box of jewelry with 3 designer pieces (generally valued at $200) to wear as long as you want, for up to a month. If you’d like to return the set before the month is over, your stylist will select a new set to ship out to you asap. If you’d prefer to hang onto your pieces for an extra week or so, no problem. Or, when you love a piece too much to give it up, you can keep it, buying that piece at a discounted price and returning the rest so that you’ll get a new box in the mail in just a few days.

What is rocksbox (plus a free month)

Bonus! Along with unlimited back-and-forth boxes (I average 3 boxes a month), you’ll receive a $10 credit each month to use towards a purchase… which makes it a whole lot easier to keep your favorite pieces. In fact, in my 3 months of membership, I kept three pieces. (Though I’m kicking myself for not keeping two more, so I’m keeping my eye out for them in an upcoming end-of-season sale.)

You’ll also receive a referral credit when a friend joins, making it even easier to keep that favorite piece.

It’s like you’re borrowing from your new BFF

A few days ago, a friend texted me, asking if she could come by so that I could style her for a party she had that night. Of course, I said “yes” because styling is one of my favorite things to do. She left happy with a bunch of jewels to borrow and I laughed, because I get to do this all the time. Borrowing jewelry from Rocksbox always allows me the flexibility to have something fresh and new to wear for whatever I have going on.

What is rocksbox (plus a free month)

And, while I love all my other jewelry, there’s something fun about wearing something new all the time. Plus, it mixes well with my own jewels and keeps it on trend.

Some favorite jewelry that I borrowed from Rocksbox

I’d have a hard time picking just a piece or two that I loved. In fact, I’ve been posting my favorites to my instagram account and absolutely encourage you to join me over there to weigh in your opinions about the pieces I’m receiving and trying out. This post has featured several recent favorites throughout.

What is rocksbox (plus a free month)

Try Rocksbox FREE for one month

A free month of rocksbox, borrow jewelry for a month, more or less, or keep it when you love it

So that you can learn more about Rocksbox and experience it without committing to the $19 just yet, use my code, below, to get started with a free month. Give it a try, and if you don’t love it, cancel your membership on your anniversary date. But, be warned, you’ll probably love that giftie in the mailbox!


 As an #RBitgirl, I receive a credit when you join with my code. Thank you!

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