Clarisonic Skin Care: Before, After, and My Two Weeks In-Between with the Smart Profile

A few weeks ago, Clarisonic came knocking (well, pulsating) and I came running. For nearly as many years as I’ve been writing holiday wishlists online, Clarisonic has been on the list. And I never received it as a gift. Harumph. Well, this year, it’s finally off my list (but it should still be on yours) because I’m working with Clarisonic as a Type-A Parent Clarisonic Blogger and testing and sharing my experience with the new SMART Profile. This post also contains affiliate links.

What is Clarisonic?

The Clarisonic system is an electric, handheld brush that vibrates as it cleans your face. You’ve probably seen it in stores, on QVC and throughout the media. From their site:

The Clarisonic Sonic Method, a combination of patented sonic devices and state-of-the-art skincare formulas, is clinically proven to amplify results of both professional treatments and daily skincare regimens. Our sonic technology harnesses a patented range of sonic frequency to drive oscillation between 200 to 350 movements per second, working with skin’s natural elasticity to beautifully transform skin’s texture and appearance.

So, basically, the brush is able to get into the grooves and pores of your skin, while cleansing, to exfoliate and deeply cleanse far better than our fingertips, wash cloths or cleansing pads, which all just brush the surface. It’s said to cleanse 11 times better than your fingertips. Additionally, clinical tests show it offers twice the hydration. (Score! Can’t wait for winter! Wait. Did I just say that?!) 

The SMART Profile Clarisonic

While I haven’t tested the other products by Clarisonic, yet, testing the  SMART Profile has offered me a great deal of experience. (See personal thoughts, below.) I treasured the box and opened it carefully, so excited to finally try this Miracle on Face. The kit contains two brushes (one for the face, one for the body), a sample cleansing gel (use code FREECLEANSER when you order), skin polish and a charger.

Right there, that’s a bonus. No batteries! And an even bigger bonus is that I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and haven’t had to recharge yet. (Though I will before vacation, even if it isn’t registering as needing a charge.)

The SMART Profile has 4 speeds, an intuitive interface, and a replacement indicator for when it’s time to change the brush. With the SMART Technology, the SMART Profile device can read the two new SMART enabled brush heads (face and body) and automatically adjust between gentle and deep cleansing for an optimal head-to-toe experience.

how to wash your face with the Clarisonic

Really, though, I’m just excited for a deeper clean. The process is simple: apply cleanser to the brush or your face, dampen the brush and turn it on. The first twenty seconds of wash time is meant for your forehead, then you’ll hear a beep. Next wash your chin area, beep after 20 seconds; right cheek, beep after 10 seconds; left cheek for ten seconds and the brush shuts off. Done. (Except don’t forget to rinse and pat dry.)

Review: My Clarisonic Experience (so far)

As part of testing out the SMART Profile, I was asked to feature before and after shots of my face (yes, a naked face!) on Instagram. (This is part of a giveaway, so you should probably scoot over to my instagram profile for details.) (Oh, I’ll just make it easier for you, here’s the direct link.)

Before Clarisonic

My "before" picture -- before I used Clarisonic... see the after picture in the post

I’m a face cleaner. I’ve talked to you before about my favorite products for keeping clean. So, while many of my peers don’t do this, I was already exfoliating a few times a week. I liked (still like) using exfoliating cleansers with little balls inside to get into the core of the skin. I love how clean my face feels after exfoliating.

So even though I’d wanted it for years, I wasn’t really sure how much of a difference the Clarisonic would make. My face, with it’s occasional breakouts, was pretty clear. Sure, I have despised fine lines, but I have pretty good skin.

During Clarisonic

Upon opening the box, I wasn’t sure what to do because the instructions that were included were so vague and so short. I mean, here I was, holding a contraption in my hand with a plug and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do first. Thank goodness for the internet, right? Clarisonic offers tons of application and use information (including super helpful videos) on their site. I watched a few of those and got started.

My initial two days of notes include words like “ouch!” and “how is this going to help?!” I learned to adjust what I was doing. I was applying too much pressure to the brush which is a bad thing — you don’t need to attack your face, be gentle. The brush is already moving on its own so running it along your face will make it work just fine.

I also started using the sample gel directly on the brush and then putting it on my nearly dry face. This was a huge mistake. In fact, for me, severalmistakes. My face needed to be a bit damp before application. I also learned that if I put the cleanser on my face, rather than on the brush, there’s more to go around the whole face. When applied directly to the brush, it wasn’t spreading the cleanser around enough to last over my whole face. And with the timer going, I didn’t want to lose a precious second or two to apply more cleanser.

Another “ouch,” that I’m still working to eliminate, is that the cleanser, when too wet, drips into my eyes. Yeah. Big ouch, right? So, rather than beginning my cleanse on my forehead when the brush and skin are most wet, then moving down the nose and to the chin, I switched it up. Brushing the chin for the first twenty seconds gives time for my face to absorb the excess water so that by the time I’m washing my forehead I’m no longer dripping water.

The first few nights, I also skipped make-up remover and let the SMART Profile do that job as part of the cleanse. I’ve learned that I’ll feel more clean if I take the remover off with a gentle remover first, then cleanse separately.

I also switched back to my preferred cleanser. Most cleansers will work with the Clarisonic. If you already love using something, no need to switch that up.

“After” Clarisonic, well, after 2 weeks

After two weeks using Clarisonic's SMART Profile, here's my naked face. #ClearlyClarisonic

I’m definitely not done using Clarisonic. But after 2ish weeks, it’s become a part of my routine, and I’m very happy with the results I’m noticing.

First, I love the feeling of a fresh, clean face and I can absolutely promise you, this is a clean, fresh feeling. There hasn’t been a night that I don’t touch my skin after using the Clarisonic and don’t notice how clean it feels.

I’m also feeling more moisturized. Granted, it’s not winter when my skin gets dramatically dry, but I haven’t moisturized my face in the three weeks I’ve been using the Clarisonic because I haven’t needed to.

I really didn’t think there was a big difference with the fine lines. I’m lucky, they’re very fine and have been for a while. (Don’t worry, they still drive me crazy.) But I tried to take a very similar naked face picture after 2 weeks of using Clarisonic and, when I compare the differences, I definitely see that the lines in the middle of my forehead are starting to fade. This means at least two things to me:

  1. The Clarisonic is digging deep enough to get out the junk that was caught in those lines (ewww. but make-up and skin layers does that), and
  2. I need to make sure that I use the Clarisonic more evenly on the sides of my forehead as I do the front.

I really feel like using a Clarisonic is a work-in-progress. As I learn more about how it works for me, I’ll make changes and will, hopefully, see even more benefit.

A visit at Sephora

Sephora is one of many places you can purchase the Clarisonic, so while running errands, I decided to stop by and investigate a bit. The skin care specialist who I chatted with agreed that the Clarisonic is a great product. I mentioned that the brush initially felt stiff, but got better. She recommended a softer brush for when it feels hard on my face, which is likely to occur in the winter when there’s less moisture in the air and, possibly, around “that time” in my cycle. She brought me over to the display in the back corner of the store where the brushes are all mounted with descriptions. (and, of course, I didn’t have my camera and my cellphone was left with about 3% charge so, no pictures.)

I believe there are 10 brush heads of varying softness available for the SMART Profile. Each has a purpose: for example, the Radiance Brush Head is made to gently cleanse while fading dark spots and the Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head is made to hydrate while very softly cleansing. After exploring for a bit, I selected a Delicate Brush Head for the times that I feel the SMART Profile Brush is a bit to strong.

We also discussed cleaning the brush head. I realize that the SMART Profile is supposed to take the make-up off your face, but I notice the head is left with an unappealing make-uppy tint. The representative from Sephora said that she usually cleans her brush head with a bit of regular soap after washing. I tried this — it was simple and fast and the brush looks much better.

I also don’t use the SMART Profile without removing my make-up first. I know this isn’t a requirement, but I’d prefer to cleanse a clean face, rather than brush my make up into my skin.

On toothbrushes (which has very little to do with Clarisonic)

Finally, I asked about replacing the brush head, I know Clarisonic recommends every three months, but is this realistic? The woman replied, “You should replace your brush head every time you replace your toothbrush.”

I looked at the price tags of the brushes. I think I might have dropped my jaw.

She’s thinking “what did I do wrong?!”

“Ummm. So every other week?” I asked.

“Noooo. Once a season.” She replied.

Y’all. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but look at her teeth. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I change my toothbrush once a month. But seasonally? Seasonally? Am I crazy? How often do you change your toothbrush?

Win a Clarisonic SMART Profile!

Clarisonic is running an Instagram giveaway and you could be their lucky winner. Between now and September 30, 2015, share your #ClearlyClarisonic naked face selfie, tagging @Clarisonic and including the hashtag #ClearlyClarisonic. They’ll randomly select a winner. (And tag me, @juliempron, too, so I can cheer you along!)

Buy a Clarisonic SMART Profile

Can’t wait to see if you’re the big winner? The SMART Profile is one of the newest in the Clarisonic line and fits all of their brush heads, so it will serve a multi-purpose (it even fits the pedi-head). You can purchase on Clarisonic’s website, where it’s listed at $265. If the price tag is over your budget, the Clarisonic Mia has a repuation for being a great sonic brush, priced at $99.

Bonus! Limited discounts available

For a limited time, I have a limited number of promotional coupons. The first 100 shoppers who use code JULIEVERSE20 between now and November 15, 2015, will receive 20% off your Clarisonic device purchase at Clarisonic.

As a Type-A Parent Clarisonic Blogger, I’m receiving sample products from Clarisonic and compensation to share information about the product. 

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel ( and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

© 2015, Julie Meyers Pron. All rights reserved.


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    I have always wanted to try one, but the cost of replacement heads has held me back. You may have convinced me though. I change my toothbrush about once a month.


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