FabKids: Buy 1 outfit, Get 1 Free when you join

A few months ago, while I was checking out Fabletics, I noticed a tab at the top of the page, taking me to FabKids. Always the curious one for new fun finds, I explored. With Little’s birthday around the corner and a few dressier events this Spring and Summer, why not try a new shop and selection of clothing?

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What is FabKids?

FabKids is a membership program that offers a lot of choice, which, as a mom of picky kids, I appreciate. Join, and you’ll receive an entire outfit free when you purchase another. So, with my first order, I received 2 adorable dresses and 2 pairs of coordinating leggings shipped free for about $19.95. An awesome deal for nice clothing.

we ordered this adorable outfit from FabKids for Back to School

I still wasn’t sure about what to expect as far as the clothing quality but when it arrived a few days later, I was thrilled (and still am.) She describes her dresses as “soft” and “super comfortable” and has taken to wearing them often (why save them for a dressy event?) The leggings were a bit big, but we put them away for the summer and will try them again during the chilly days of Fall.

we ordered this adorable outfit from FabKids for Back to School

How FabKids’ VIP membership works

The first of each month, I receive a reminder email that FabKids has suggested 6 new outfits for my daughter. I’m then given 5 days to select the outfit (most of the outfits cost $29.95 and there are often sale prices that go down below $10.) You can add on shoes (which we haven’t done yet) as well as accessories. If you don’t elect to purchase something that month, you can select to “skip this month” for no penalty or fee. If you forget to skip the month, FabKids will charge you $29.95 on the 6th of the month, and it will be credited to your account for future purchases. You can skip as often as you’d like. Here are the official details from FabKids.

If opt to not join as a VIP, outfits prices start at $42, so if you love the FabKids look, it makes sense to join.

A cute look for boys at FabKids

FabKids is also for Boys

I also signed up my 9 year old son, but wasn’t as impressed with the boys’ selection as I was the girls over the summer–it was a little too immature for his interests, though it would probably have been great if he’d been in preschool or Kindergarten. It’s also harder to rationalize paying $29.95 for a jeans and long sleeve t-shirt on a monthly basis, we just don’t need to restock on that clothing often. The prices for boys is on par with the girls, so still a good price. A quick glance at their Fall merchandise and while they still look cute for the younger kids, it’s just not my boys’ style.

Shipping at FabKids

Shipping is free in the lower 48 states when you spend $49 or more, otherwise it’s just $4.95. I always hop over to the clearance section to grab t-shirts, dresses, skirts and leggings for less than $10 if she needs them. Otherwise, that $4.95 isn’t so bad.

This is why you should be a VIP at FabKids

How to become a VIP at FabKids

Joining is easy. Click on my referral link, then answer 6 quick questions about your child’s style. You’ll be prompted to sign up (you can cancel anytime by calling their 800 number). Following sign-up, FabKids will show you 6 suggestions “perfect” for your child. Select your favorite two and they’ll arrive at your house just a few days later.

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