Best of Beauty Update: Beauty products I’m using this summer

This Spring, I forayed into beauty writing at The Centsible Life and, while I’ve taken a step back for the summer and I’m not currently writing my beauty column over there, I’m still really enjoying testing out products and finding new ones to love. The ironic aspect of beauty writing is that, in beauty, it’s not actually the first impression that matters. So, here are my tried and true favorite beauty products that I’m continuing to use through the summer.

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 favorite beauty products that a fashion a beauty blogger actually uses all summer

Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment: Arbonne

While I’ve enjoyed using several of my Arbonne products, the spot-treater has easily become my can’t-live-without product for those damn annoying pimples. It’s lightweight and easy-to-apply and, because I seem to only have a spot-at-a-time, this little tube that goes everywhere with me is proving to be long-lasting.

If you don’t have your own Arbonne rep, I highly recommend you reach out to my friend, Alison, through her Facebook page. She is a wealth of skin-care and Arbonne information. You can also purchase Clear Advantage on Amazon.

Facial Cleanser: Aqua Glycolic

About a year ago, after much testing and re-testing to find the perfect cleanser to remove my little bits of rosacea, my dermatologist recommended Aqua Glycolic. It’s probably higher in chemicals than ideal, but it’s working better than the many others I tried and my skin is clean and clear from red-spots that were starting to cause a bothersome uneven complexion. Bonus, it’s pretty cheap on amazon and the bottle lasted about 6 months, using it nightly. (That’s a huge bonus!) 


I found this product on Hautelook (you know how I love Hautelook.) It was one of those situations where I was less than $20ish from getting free shipping, so I threw something extra into my cart that looked interesting. Of course, now that I’ve realized I love exfoliating with YouLab, I’m concerned because it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. However, in addition to Hautelook, YouLab has been available at Zulily, Beyond the Rack and Ideeli, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for when you visit deal-of-the-moment websites.

What I love is that this exfoliating peel is used consistently for a few nights, then it’s used just twice a week. So you’re not going to use it all in less than a month and be all the poorer for it.  It’s definitely effective at taking off that summery extra layer of cells off my face and leaving me smooth and clean. I’m setting my shopsavvy account to alert me when it’s available again in the future.

Eye Brightening Cream: Belli

Adding this to the list gives me a giggle.  I received this as a sample all the way back when I was pregnant with Middle, in 2005, and writing the pregnancy and baby columns for Mommies with Style. And, here I am, realizing that it’s my new favorite eye cream. Most eye creams sting my sensitive skin, but Belli Eye Brightening Cream is made for the sensitive, ever-changing skin of a pregnant woman and new mom. Since picking it up again about 2 months ago, and using it every night and every  morning, my eyes are less puffy, less dark-circled, and the surrounding skin looks visibly more hydrated. I’ve even started to use it on the fine lines between my brows (that I seriously can’t stand) and the laughlines around my cheeks. Let’s just call this inexpensive-botox.

Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream: Aveeno

I go through night creams like a dog drinks his water bowl on a hot night in the city. I try them all and I use them all, a lot. I love night creams because I hate waking up with a dry face. With the kids sporting activities, I’m outside from March through November, so finding a good night moisturizer that will hydrate my face all day is important. Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream smells good, is thick and smooth, but not too thick, definitely not oily, and does it’s job through the night into morning.

Daily moisturizer + SPF

This is the area where I’m still lacking, which is extremely frustrating for mid-summer. If only I could find a daily moisturizer +  SPF that would go on smooth and not cakey or flakey, melt into my skin so that I can apply make-up on top, smell decent, and not be full of horrible chemicals and not cost an arm and a leg, I’d … well, I’d recommend it in this list. Every time I think I find one, something goes wrong. So, in the mean time… still looking.


A make-up update is coming in the next few weeks. If your curious to see previous reviews, head over to The Centsible Life to read some of my make-up faves.

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