Summer Swim Gear for Your Kids: A list of things to pack in your pool bag

Before you know it, long school days and evening homework will be replaced with hours spent at the local pool. To help ensure that your kids have a fun and safe summer, make sure you have all of summer’s essential gear ready to go.

your list of must-haves for this summer at the pool with kids


Here are a few items to keep in mind:

Buy a Buoy

Public pools should have buoys and other safety equipment available on-site, but if you’re swimming at a friend’s pool or even yours, have a basic safety ring of your own for peace of mind. Since even experienced swimmers can swallow too much water and get overwhelmed in the pool, having a pool float handy will set your mind at ease.

Proper Eyewear

If your kids love being in the pool but detest the way the water turns their eyes pink and watery, protect their peepers from excessive chlorine and chemicals by buying kid-sized goggles. Big box stores and even supermarkets often stock swim goggles in a variety of sizes and colors during summertime.

When your kids are ready to take a break from the water, protect their eyes from the sun’s bright rays with sunglasses. Keep a couple of sets of replacement lenses in your pool bag just in case someone’s shades get cracked or scratched during one of your trips.

Swimsuits & Trunks with UV Protection

In addition to protecting your kids’ skin with plenty of sunscreen, you can also buy them swimsuits with UV protection. Bambino Mountain sells adorable swim sets that are perfect for your water-loving kiddos. The swim clothes come in a bunch of cool colors and patterns, and the fabric has a UPF of 50+ for UV protection built in, which means it will block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful rays.

Swim Lessons & Safety

While it’s not gear per se, swim lessons are a vital part of summer water safety. Make sure your kids know the basics and have confidence before they jump in. Look for swim instructors in your area who have a child-centered teaching approach and come with good references and recommendations. A solid foundation in water safety techniques will last a lifetime, and will help you rest assured that they are well prepared for swim season.

If your older children express interest, enroll them in a CPR class. This knowledge might even save someone’s life some day!

First Aid Kit

As you’re tossing pool towels, water bottles, and sunscreen into your tote bag, don’t forget a basic first aid kit. You can either buy one at a drugstore, or make your own by following the advice of Outer Banks Vacations: Be sure it contains plenty of waterproof Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, children’s pain reliever, ear drops, and bug spray. This way, if one of the kiddos scrapes his toe on the bottom of the pool or gets too much water in her ears, you’ll have the supplies ready to come to the rescue and treat the issue pool-side, without skipping a beat.

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