Introducing Le Tote: unlimited monthly clothing rentals (with a discount code!)

About two weeks ago, while I was showing off my latest Stitch Fix, a friend shared that she’d heard of another company to try, Le Tote. She, of course, was weary to send $49 off somewhere in hopes of getting clothes she’d enjoy. I, on the other hand, thought “yay! More fun surprises in the mail!”

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Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

What is Le Tote?

I can best describe Le Tote as a cross between StitchFix and Rent the Runway. When you join Le Tote, you agree to pay $49 each month for unlimited clothing rentals. They send you five pieces in a box, you wear them as often as you want, and send them back when you’re finished. A few days later, a new box of clothes will arrive for you to wear to your heart’s content.

The clothes are, mostly, clothing that you can wear day-to-night, business casual to little black dress. Brands are varied, ranging from Tart to French Connection, Kut from the Kloth to Noir, and several more in between.

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

Tart top, Lauren blazer, Nine West necklace, my jeans.

There’s no additional fee, though you can pay an extra $5 to insure your selection against damage, and there’s no need to clean or dry clean, all of that is taken care of for you upon return of the clothing.

And, if you find you absolutely, positively love something and can’t part with it, you can purchase it at a discounted price, simply by not sending it back.

How does Le Tote work?

After signing in, Le Tote will ask you to do two things: complete a very simple style profile and to add clothing to your virtual closet.

The Style Profile is fairly quick: you’ll answer just a few questions, define your body shape and identify celebs and brands who follow your ideal style. The Style Profile is also easy to edit later, so don’t get too stressed when you do this. It really only takes 3-5 minutes.

You can seriously get lost in the virtual closet. You’re asked to add no less than 5 items that you’d like to see in your closet by <3ing them. Which means hovering over the heart below the model piece, and clicking “add to closet.” (By-the-way, when you hover over the model, you’ll see that she “turns” so that you’ll have multiple views of each piece.) There are probably over 200 choices to love. Remember you only have to select 5, but who am I to only select 5 pieces when I have a new closet to fill? I loved on many, many, many.

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

The Tart top with the Nine West necklace and my jeans.

Within the evening’s time, I received an email from my stylist. She’d selected my first tote and asked me to check it. In the tote were 5 pieces (2 accessories and 3 clothing items.) I had the ability to change the items if I wanted to, so that I could actually select everything I wanted to rent in my first box, and not leave anything up to stylist-fate, like you do with Stitch Fix.

My first Tote

My box shipped the next morning, and I had it in 2 days. (That’s 2-day coast-to-coast shipping!)

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

When I paired the Tart top with the Lauren blazer, you couldn’t tell the top was too big. But when I took of the blazer, it was obvious. I’ll miss that top. Necklace from

I adored the Tart striped top, but it was a little too big in the chest. I wore it anyway to a school function and wished it had come in a smaller size because I would have worn it more and more.

The Lauren Blazer by B Centrale was my favorite. I wasn’t sure about the bright red color, but I realized that the style fits me perfectly and I have so much I can wear it with. In fact, in 6 days, I found four occasions to wear it, and kept putting together new looks. (Thus, the many images of me in the red jacket in this post and on instagram.) Also, I have to point out how the ruched sleeves make it so appealing for seasonal transition time. LOVE this jacket!

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

Hello BRF! Mila tunic with Nine West necklace. (And a pretty lousy quality image.)

The Mila tunic. So, this is a shame, but this tunic truly fit me like an awkward dress. I should have known to switch it out before approving the Tote to be shipped. I don’t like tops that belt and blouse around my waist, and it did. I probably should have tried this on with leggings to get the full effect, but Steve and I were laughing at what an odd dress this looked like on me. Definitely not my style. Sadly, it ended up back in the box and I didn’t wear it. (It did, however, look work-ish cute under the red jacket, of course. Still, it didn’t make it because while it could be a dress, it was definitely not a dress for me to wear.)

I do wish Le Tote had an option for just one accessory. I was hoping they’d be able to send a handbag and a summer scarf, but all that was available at the time were heavy winter scarves and jewelry. We all know I don’t need jewelry because I’m a merchie for Chloe + Isabel, but I still had this cute Nine West necklace  sent because C+i doesn’t offer anything like it, and a mixed metal discs necklace is something I’ve wanted for a while. Seeing it online, I thought it would be perfect for layering. Sadly, I didn’t pay enough attention because I was hoping for a longer necklace, and this is a collar necklace. It was pretty, I wore it once, and it was back in the box.

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

Mila tunic with Lauren Blazer, helped the tunic a little, but not enough for me. Charm bracelet and charms from

The circle scarf from BCBG was never worn. It would have been ideal in February.

I am itching for a new Le Tote box to show at my doorstep, so I started packing my things yesterday, after wearing the jacket 3 times. But I couldn’t bring myself to pack the jacket into the prepaid return envelope. Instead, I put the jacket on, sealed the package, and sent back 4 items. It definitely wasn’t my intention to keep something from this tote, but when I realized that I would wear it again yesterday, I also realized it was becoming a staple in my closet. (The Lauren Blazer retails for $48, but I’m paying just $34 for it. Knowing that I’ve already worn it 4 times, I consider this a great value.)

What’s next for Le Tote and me?

They should have my return package this weekend and, depending on the stylists’ work hours, I’ll have my new Le Tote box by Wednesday or Thursday, without paying any more money. The program is a $49 monthly membership, and members can squeeze in as many boxes as possible during that time. I’ve read of some receiving 3 boxes a month, with time to wear clothes. (Want to see what’s in my next box? Follow me on Instagram.)

I’m hopeful that Le Tote will begin offering more spring and summer choices as it heats up. Even though it’s still in the 30s in the  mornings (and some afternoons) around here, I like to dress in springy colors in March and April to get the Spring in my step. I’m also hoping to see more variety in the accessories. I don’t want to have to select from just jewelry or scarves for each box. More handbag options would be great — I could use a fun clutch for date nights. Sunglasses and shoes might be fun, too.

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

Another low-quality image. I threw on the blazer today over my “rocker” t-shirt (this is as edgy as I get, folks).

Is Le Tote worth the $49/month?

The jury is still out here. I love the concept that Le Tote is offering. Wear it a time or two, then never worry about wearing it again. And you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning, either, which is awesome.

You can also skip a month or close your membership at anytime. So in trying a month with Le Tote, you aren’t signing yourself up for a long-term commitment, unless you want it to be one.

The selection is okay, so far. As mentioned, above, I’m hoping to see more variety. $49 each month is a lot, especially when you figure it as $600ish a year. If you can budget to spend less on clothing purchases, than this may be a great option for you. It’s also ideal for those who have occasions to only wear a look one time. People who host repetitive meetings with clients and don’t want to be known as “the agency chick in the red blazer” because she wears that same red blazer all the time, will love this service. We don’t need to have 15 different blazers in our closets, but having one at a time is ideal.

Le Tote -- the newest box membership, lets you wear and buy or wear and return the latest hot clothing styles

See how much I loved the Lauren Blazer? I paired it with a GAP top and an adorable skirt I found at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago for a very fun date night with my husband. I loved this look.

Ready to give Le Tote a try?

Because I love you, I can offer you a $25 credit to Le Tote. Just follow this link to join and $25 will be slipped into your cart. (Lucky you! I didn’t join through a referral link and only got a $10 promo credit. And just to be perfectly clear, I’ll also receive a $25 credit when you order your first Le Tote, so thank you!)

Get a $25 credit when you join Le Tote through my referral link. Click here!

Once you get your box, share your thoughts! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Have another clothing company to recommend? I’ll give it a try if you share info in the comments. 

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