5 Spring styles I can’t wait to wear (including discounts & special promos)

It’s doing nothing but warming up here this week, and which, of course, has me thrilled. So, naturally, I’m heading to the mall next week to scope out some of my favorite styles. Here are a few Spring 2015 looks that I’m loving.

Spring 2015 style report


(Coupon codes listed are valid for this weekend only, unless otherwise stated. This post contains affiliate links.)

Wide-leg denim

wide leg pants at anthropolgie

I still love leggings and skinnies, but I am so happy to welcome some variety back into my closet. These lighter colored wide-legged denim jeans look lighter which is great as it heats up. They’ll also look much better with wedges and open toed shoes peeking out.


blue floral dress at Banana on sale with code BRSPRING

I am all about blue and white, always have been, always will. And this season’s large, bold florals makes the nautical feminine. Banana has taken this pattern to many styles, so look for it in tops, skirts, sweaters, jackets and, obviously, this gorgeous dress. (Use code BRSPRING for 30% off select styles, including this dress.)

Yellow (what?!)

Yellow can be a hard color to wear, which is difficult when the color is so on-trend this season. This dress, from GAP, makes it easier with the white top. Click for coupon code


Not many of us have yellow in our closets, but this fun, bright color screams “bring on the sun!” This dress, from GAP, makes yellow easier to wear because the white top is closer to your face. Make it casual with with a denim jacket or short trench or anorak-like jacket. Use code SPRING for 30% off your GAP purchase this weekend.


stripes can be hard to wear. But worn right, they don't have to be difficult. You just need to find the right stripe.

I’ve shared before that stripes can be hard to wear. Still, I’ve learned to love them because there is so much to do with stripes. When you learn to wear them right, they can compliment all your best parts. Nordstrom has a great variety of stripes this spring, especially in blacks, whites and blues.

Silver Sparkle

you'll see flowy, tidal-like silver everywhere this spring, as silver is this season's most stylish metal.

I do love wearing gold, but it’ll be a nice shift to wear the silver sparkle that will be the popular metal this Spring. Keep an eye out for flowy, liquid-like silvers. And you’ll see this metal everywhere — on lots of jewelry, on shoes, handbags and embellishing clothing. Through 3/31/15, get a $50 credit for every $200 spent at Jewelryverse.com. 

mom of 3 and wife living in the Philadelphia suburbs, Julie is a former elementary school teacher and a Public Relations manager. She is the owner/editor of Julieverse, a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel (jewelryverse.com) and founder VlogMom and Splash Creative Media. A marketing strategist and freelance education and parenting writer by trade, Julie attempts to carve out time to enjoy playing with her kids, PTO, cooking and exercise.

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