Save me!! Saving memories and data with Netgear’s ReadyNAS

Disclaimer: I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

It’s one of my biggest concerns, and an area where I let my geek-flag lower: backing up my memories and data. If you’re a long-time reader of Julieverse, you may recall the time I lost all of my (photo) memories when I had a computer crash. Middle’s entire first year, gone. Oh. The tears. Oh. The anger. Oh. The frustrations. Oh. The pledge to back -up! back-up! back-up! Oh… how it rarely happens.

How NETGEAR is saving my memory

I researched. I joined clouds. I bought a back-up drive. But I never did anything that would proactively make sure that I was taking care to ensure everything was backed up. I rarely, in fact, connected to the back-up drive I purchased in 2006. And while I joined plenty of clouds, I haven’t committed to any one because I don’t want to pay to join something at $150 or more a year for ever and ever, amen.

NetGear’s ReadyNAS may save my days, not to mention my treasured photo-memories and e-data throughout my home. It’s NetGear’s latest Desktop Storage and it has a few fancy tricks up it’s sleeve, including a home-based cloud system that allows for file sharing to everyone connected through your personal cloud (network) as well as back-up of all of your connected systems. So if anything should happen to your system, it’s safely saved.

Auto back-up of multiple computers and mobile devices

Installation is easy. Just download the appropriate app, select the files you’d like to back-up, and begin backing up your files. To access the information, just open the app from any computer or device (you’ll need to enter your password), select the appropriate file and open your backed-up information.

In a nutshell, if your computer crashes, the stuff that really matters, the stuff inside, is backed up and easy to access.

Collect your information from device C onto device T

This feature is a bonus for me, especially because I really just wanted a back-up drive. But when you connect your ReadyNAS system and set up your home’s ReadyCloud, you’re creating a home network that will allow you to access information from one device onto another. For example, using your wifi-enabled devices and the ReadyCloud app, users can access files from your computer on a laptop or tablet or phone: no need to save to a USB drive or send via email, just log into the ReadyCloud and find and grab the file you need. ReadyCloud is a private alternative to DropBox, GoogleDrive, AppleCloud or OneDrive, and there’s no monthly fee for increased space.

Similarly, you can also share music, video and photos through the network, streaming multiple files at the same time, on different devices.

What about viruses?

It’s another computer fear, right? What if your computer gets a virus and you lose everything? Does the virus spread into the ReadyNAS? You can enable an anti-virus in the ReadyNAS system. When it detects a virus, an alert will pop-up and an email will be sent to the system administrator (that’s you!). At that point, run screaming for help through your neighborhood… or google information about how to clean the virus from your ReadyNAS. You can always contact NETGEAR’s support for help as well.

More information about ReadyNAS

I’m not, by any means, an IT pro. But I do know where to find a few! You’ll probably find everything you need for more information about ReadyNAS and really easy to follow steps for set up using the ReadyNAS Featured videos.

NETGEAR As a NETGEAR Ambassador, I receive NETGEAR Technology to experience and share my user experience with my readers. The ReadyNAS was received as a sample.

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