Want to know my trick to the easiest fish dinner ever?

I birth good eaters who like healthy food and don’t mind exploring new tastes. That’s why it was no surprise when my kids came downstairs to set the table last night, that they all commented that dinner smelled wonderful. And dinner? It was fish. Now often do you get to hear that?

easiest fish dinner ever -- tilapia with lemon, peppers and herbs from Bumble Bee SuperFresh will be perfect for dinners from Valentine's Day to busy family activities nights

Luckily, last night’s dinner did more than smell good. It was delicious and everyone just about ate everything on their plates. But even better than that, it was a prepared, Premium Fresh Frozen main course, that’s made to take only 20 minutes to make, tops. (It took a bit longer in our oven, which now has me buying a new oven thermometer because I’m pretty sure we’re heading for problems.)

Bumble Bee SuperFresh®Premium Fresh Frozen Fish

I was sent coupons to sample and share (in this sponsored post) how we’re using Bumble Bee’s newest frozen fish dinners. Due to our many allergies in our home, we opted to try Tilapia with Lemon, Pepper & Herbs. As I always find when I cook with Tilapia, it’s a fast cooking fish that allows the spices to take over the taste, and Bumble Bee’s preparation balanced the seasoning to perfection.

While I’ve been buying frozen fish for a while, I’ve never tried pre-seasoned and prepared frozen fish before. The preparation of Bumble Bee SuperFresh® Frozen Fish made this so easy for me to make for dinner — it was perfect for a busy night with my family. I simply pulled the seasoned fillets from their flash-frozen vacuum packageing, placed them in the included parchment papers (more on cooking in parchment in a minute), placed the packets into a baking dish and started cooking.

Because my family loves raw, fresh veggies, this was all I had to do to make diner last night. When finished cooking, I placed the tilapia on a plate with carrots and peppers, put out a little dill dip for the veggies, and dinner was served. Which was ideal because we were late coming home from after school activities.

Date night!

Perfect for an upcoming date night at home (Valentine’s Day, anyone?), Bumble Bee SuperFresh®Fish are sold in packages of 2 servings, so if you’re buying for just you and your hubby, grab a side dish recipe or two from their Menu Ideas page and you’re all set. Then, run to the liquor store and grab the perfect wine to pair with your fish. (Oh! Wait. That’s right. The majority of the world can buy their wines in the grocery store. Lucky you.)

You can select from seven main course dinners in the product line including fish, scallops and shrimp. This weekend, I’m planning to mix Spicy Shrimp Romesco into a tomato-based soup to come up with a creative, warm soup for my Valentine. No doubt the dinner would taste just as excellent plain or over noodles, too. I’m just in a soupy mood. (read: it’s SO cold!)

Or for the family

While we’re good eaters, we’re not necessarily big eaters. So if my husband isn’t home for dinner (he wasn’t last night), my family can get away with just one bag of fish prepared. At a cost of $8.99 for the bag, this was less than buying the fish fresh at the fish market!

easiest fish dinner ever -- Bumble Bee SuperFresh's Tilapia with lemon, peppers and herbs. Takes less than 20 minutes to make a whole meal. Perfect for date night or a busy family night!

Premium Fresh Frozen?

Premium Fresh Frozen means all of the seafood is premium quality, cleaned, cut and fresh-frozen within hours. It’s then prepared with chef inspired recipes using all-natural ingredients. The fish is vacuum-packaged and flash frozen without any preservatives. Bumble Bee focuses on developing healthy, delicious and simple recipes that don’t require preservatives.

Parchment Cooking

I first learned about parchment cooking when I lunched with Carla Hall at a sponsored event. It’s something I’ve wanted to try again, but haven’t had an opportunity. I remember the fish we cooked as so flavorful and moist. Wrapping the fish in the enclosed parchment envelopes the flavor, so it can’t escape during the cooking process. And it keeps the liquids in with the fish, allowing them to cook in their own, often evaporated liquids. Plus, it makes for really easy clean up!

The parchment in Bumble Bee SuperFresh® products is a special uncoated and unbleached parchment paper designed for oven cooking. All you do is put the fillet in one of the parchment baking pouches that’s included and place it on a baking sheet for cooking in 20 minutes or less.

You can learn more about Bumble Bee SuperFresh® on their website and get ideas for dinners from their Pinterest page.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Bumble Bee SuperFresh.

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