Introduction to Video : resources, tools and tips you’ll need to get started

Yesterday, I led an introduction to video Google Hangout for a group of merchandisers from Chloe + Isabel. Even 4 years after resolving to 30-days of Pink to encourage my confidence on video, I still get excited about video. I also love leading workshops that are interactive, where we can share feedback, ideas and questions on-the-spot, so Google Hangout was a great resource.

basic video tips and suggestions for getting started with creating video. Don't miss the video prompts!

Video resources and tools

For those getting started in video, the following are excellent resources and tools.

Editing software and tutorials

Apple’s iMovie is available as an app for your iPhone, iPad and computers. Apple offers their own basic iMovie tutorial that covers most of what you’ll need for your videos. iMovie users may also be interested in enrolling in iMovie Hero’s webinars and courses. (I haven’t taken his course, but it looks great.)

Because I haven’t used an Android-based phone for several years, I’m not able to recommend video editing software based on experience. Computer World’s reviews offer a lot of helpful information.

For the most basic edits, it’s easy to use YouTube’s editing software, which is linked to your YouTube account. There’s an abundance of video editing software for your PC. Tech Radar lists the best free options, while PC Mag takes a look at the best overall editing software options for the PC. 

General video suggestions

If you’re looking for specific information, click the topic below:

General supplies

During the Google Hangout, I mentioned a few tools for taking video.

Practice time!

The best way to be more comfortable on camera is to practice. And practice and practice and practice. I put the hangout attendees to a challenge: 30 days, 30 videos. As you do more and more videos, you’ll notice you’re tone changes and you begin to see who and what your video personality is. You’ll also find that you become more adept at considering your surroundings, distractions, and learn how to make yourself look and feel good on camera.

Along with creating 30 videos in 30 days, it’s helpful to have an accountability group. I encourage new-to-video stars to start facebook groups with 5-10 others who are learning to create videos. Privately, everyone can share their videos and offer feedback. After 30 days, you’ll not only learn from your own videos, but you’ll learn from each other.

Video Topics

30 videos in 30 days isn’t hard, especially if you have an easy topic like the ladies of Chloe + Isabel, who will share different pieces and aspects of jewelry each day. But if you don’t want to just talk about jewelry, there are great lists of video prompts on the web. Here are a few:

Role Models

Finally, as you’re getting started in video, it’s most helpful to watch others. You’ll begin to learn what you like and don’t like about video, and adapt that into creating your video personality. There are a lot of great YouTubers out there in the video world. A few with very different styles include:

Moving forward… YouTube!

Don’t worry ladies of Chloe + Isabel, I am planning a follow-up Google Hangout where we’ll discuss uploading to YouTube. In the meantime, here are a few getting started tips I wrote previously.

Sign up for a future workshop

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