The best winter snow boots for women 2015

The first Fashion Friday post of the new year… it’s becoming a tradition to share that I, once again, am caught in a snowbank without snow boots. Naturally, in looking for the best winter boots for women in 2015, I asked my research team (aka my Facebook friends) to answer the following question:

What snow boots do you love so much you’d buy them again?

best snow boots

They responded, I ordered. (Gosh, I love the Zappos app and their next day service.)

best snow boots winter 2015

1 & 2: Sorel Joan of Arctic and Glacy

The most popular brand was Sorel, with comments including “I love my Sorels. So warm!” and ” Sorel…nothing else comes close!!!” (from a friend in freezing cold Michigan) and “love my tall Sorels because I feel like they are not as clunky as the big Sorels. You can almost dress them up a little” (from a friend in Colorado.) In fact, of the over-30 comments in the thread, over half were about Sorel. The Sorel Joan of Arctic were the overwhelming favorite (even a Dallas, TX, friend sang their praises.) I decided I didn’t want a tall boot or a wedge (I know. Shocking.) I ordered the Sorel Glacy boot (another that was mentioned in the thread) and they arrived the next day with strange extra fabric in the toe-area, so I’m awaiting another pair.

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3: Kamik Momentum

Very few are still available of the Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot, and I had to order from Amazon, rather than Zappos. Described by Annie as “These are SO warm, so dry, so cute. I have never loved boots so much,” I ordered in white and they should arrive today.

4: Dr. Martens

Robin shared her love for her Doc Martens and, while I questioned that Doc doesn’t make snow boots, per se, she replied “I don’t know that they’re classified specifically as snow boots. I just wore them to shovel in. They’re fuzzy on the inside, like that teddy bear material.” I definitely wouldn’t expect to find a teddy bear inside Docs. Didn’t order a pair, but I’ll keep them in mind for the future. (I also didn’t expect to find brightly floral Docs, so my impression is definitely changing.)

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5: Ugg

A few friends recommended UGG snow boots (no surprise there). While I do love my UGG slippers, I just have this *thing* against buying a pair of UGG boots. There’s absolutely no reason to this madness.

6: The North Face

Another friend, after shoveling her driveway, mentioned The North Face boots. Because I, like all moms of Chester County, PA, am madly in love with my  TNF jacket, I ordered a pair of Thermoball Booties to try as well. They arrived yesterday. I love the style and light-weight-ed-ness, but they’re no where near as comfortable as the Sorel’s fit.

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7: Hunter

“I have to say I love my black matte hunter boots, too,” said Emily, who currently lives in Colorado. “If you buy the sheepskin insole they are so warm and the snow sludge wipes off easily. They definitely dress up the nicest.” I hadn’t thought of multitasking my rain boots… but insoles are such a high-maintenance pain for me.

How about you? What are your favorite snow boots?

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    Have you ever heard of Khombu boots? I picked up a pair at Marshalls last year for a steal! While they aren’t the prettiest, they did me well in our snow-laden winter last year!


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