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Call it Christmas in July, but I always begin my Gift Guides in the summer, when my kids have birthdays. This post lists presents that she’s loving already and gifts that she’ll receive for her birthday this week. If you’re shopping for a 4, 5 or 6 year-old girl, here’s what’s hot.

gifts for five year olds

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What to gift a 5-year-old girlrebecca

American Girl Doll and Paperback Book — Rebecca has been hiding in her box at the top of her closet since Little was 9 months old. And every time she’s asked, we told her if she still wanted her then, we’d give her the doll for her fifth birthday. The past few weeks, every time we’ve asked her what she wanted most as a gift, she’s sighed and said “I just don’t really know.” But then she’d smile and say, “but I know what you’re finally getting me!”

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Doll Furniture Dress Rack, Hand Painted, As she begins to play and interact with dolls more, we’re finding that we need a new organization system in her room–dolls and doll toys are everywhere. I’m hoping that she’ll use this gift from her grandparents as a place to store not only her American Girl doll clothes, but her other doll clothes and supplies, as well. This, along with a Doll Crib with Bedding and storage, makes a great grandparent gift. She’s also getting Doll Hangers and a variety of clothing.

vtech smart watch gift for 5 year old

Her brothers will be gifting her the new VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch*, in pink, natch. (It’s also available in blue, green and white at Amazon.) They were set on getting her LEGO Friends (see below) but I saw this at Blogger Bash’s Sweet Suite last week and know it’s something she’ll love. The smartwatch helps children learn to tell time, has a variety of vTech games and a camera, video and voice recorder plus editing software to use on it’s touch screen. My only concern is that one of her big brothers may try to take it and use it as a spy-watch.

5 year old gift guide

LEGO Friends –in the past few months she’s begun showing interest in building with her brothers’ LEGOs, and the boys were so excited to add some new colors and characters to the family collection with LEGO Friends. The LEGO Friends line is intended for girls with gender-specific colors and themes, and she’s happily begun to play with them, but she’ll just as easily pick up some classic themes as well. I still can’t believe her little baby hands are big enough to control these pieces!

fashion plates

Fashion Plates — Yesterday, she opened Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit and asked me how to play. Of course, I immediately started taking over, designing my own favorite fashion creations, until she grabbed it back, reminding me to make dinner. This set of fashion plates is almost exactly the same as they were when we played with them 30 years ago. She spent 45 minutes creating and coloring yesterday afternoon, and Melissa and Doug set is self-contained, cleaning up into itself. I will definitely be ordering several of these sets to gift to her friends.

5 year old gift

Another item I was introduced to at Blogger Bash’s Sweet Suite last week, the Creativity For Kids The Big Creativity Canis a container full of mysterious fun– you won’t know what’s inside until you open it. But once you open, there are an infinite number of possibilities of creations that kids can create using the many crafty tools. When she opens, she’ll find air-dry clay, googly eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners, felt pom poms, popsicle sticks, scissors and more, allowing her to create whatever her little hands create.

5 year old girl gift present

Princess Costumes Girls this age still love to dress up, and if she doesn’t have an Elsa or Anna costume, she probably wants them. In fact, my daughter wouldn’t mind having 2 of each so that if she and her friend both want to be Elsa, they can be! If you’re gifting a friend, go in with another family or two and get this Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Dress Combo Pack (Size 4-6x). Or select a Fairy Princess costume of her own from Just Pretend Kids, a company that offers incredibly detailed costumes in all sorts of themes from mermaid to elephant to, yes, fairy princesses.


Bubbles Sets — The Little Kids Super Fubbles Bubble Wand was the first gift she played with after her party, and she and her 8 year old brother went on and on describing the HUGE bubbles they were able to make with wand. Definitely a great gift for a spring, summer or fall birthday.

Here are more popular gifts for five-year-old girls on Amazon:

What do you think? I’d love to hear in the comments. What toy would you add to this list?

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