#StitchFix Number 3

I know you’ve all been waiting for the review… Here’s my third #StitchFix, and this one is a video.

Click to view the video review here.

It’s time for my third StitchFix unboxing, haul, fixshare vlog. Will I love it? Hate it? What’s inside?! Check out the finds from Paloma, Tart, Dylan and Rose and more. Get your fix on with my referral link.

Love the jewels I paired with the 2nd dress? Get them at my boutique: http://j.mp/blitzjune The first is the Gilded Reed Aventurine Long Necklace. The second is the Multi-Strand Bib Chain Necklace (this is the one that MADe the dress).

Thoughts on my 3rd Fix

This was pretty disappointing. So many have said “just wait til your third! You’ll love everything!” Since filming the video, I have worn one of the dresses I bought in the past, the green one from my second fix. And I wear the Tart top, also from the second Fix, all the time. But the beautiful first Fix dress hasn’t been worn, yet. Clearly, I need an opportunity. And the blue top from the second fix, the one I kept because my husband liked it? I hate it. It will probably be donated to charity, new with tags.

So, will I keep fixing? I’m willing to give them one more shot. It does bother me that I sent it all back and, therefore, lost the $20 styling deposit that can be put towards your purchase. But, seeing as how I just couldn’t find anything worth investing in, it wasn’t worth spending more.

Should you StitchFix?

I’m still telling friends to give it a try or two. I have found a few great pieces that I love, and was introduced to a new line that I really enjoy, Tart. And I still love the idea of someone else shopping for me, offering the opportunity to try things I’d never find or take off a hanger in the stores. If you plan to try StitchFix, please use my referral link.

How long until StitchFix #4?

Jury is out on this one. I’m tempted to sign up for another summer Fix, just in case they’ll find that great sundress I was hoping for. But, realistically, I’ll probably wait until the fall and see what they send me then.

Of course, I promise to let you know.

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