How to choose the best earrings for your face

Danglies… studs… chandeliers… hoops… with so many earrings styles in style and available right now, how does a shopper know which are best for her? She’ll need to consider her other jewelry for the event, her colors and, most important, the shape of her face. 

earrings and face shape

What’s your face shape?

Before determining the “right” earrings for you, you’ll need to determine your face shape. Now, we all know that no 2 faces are alike, so always try on earrings you like because you may be surprised and break a rule, but, generally speaking, your face shape is an excellent determinant for what earrings will look best on you.

Most faces fall into one of the following categories:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square/Pear
  • Heart
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Oblong

To help determine your face shape, visit this post, and see some famous examples here.
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Earrings to match your face shape

While you’ll also need to consider your hair style, the other accessories you plan to wear (don’t cross metals unless your jewels are created to cross) and your coloring, when selecting earrings, follow this guide:

If you have a round face, look for long earrings that elongate your face. Earrings that float lower than your chin are ideal, but don’t use wider chandeliers or round dangles, they’ll argue with your shape. Stick with a look that is narrow.

earrings for a round face

(examples in this set: left to right: Casablanca Fringe Drop Earrings $42, Medina Hexagon Pave Hoop Earrings $32, Scarab Fringe Statement Earrings $68models: top, Catherine Moss, Evolving Motherhood; bottom, Sherry Aikens, Baby Pop.)

Square and pear-faced women should look for earrings that add some curves. Look for wide circles, teardrops and curves. Avoid shapes that are wide and have strong lines and corners. Keep on the lookout for hoops, elongated and dangling pieces.

earrings for a square shaped face

(examples in this set: left to right: Jardin Majorelle Chandelier Earrings $68, Modern Link Swivel Drop Earrings $38, Minaret Blue Jade Teardrop Earrings $34 . models: top, Heather Solos, Home Ec 101; bottom, Danielle Liss, Kitten a Go-Go.)

Women with oval faces are looking to do the opposite of round faced women. Look for wider earrings that will balance your longer face. Wide Chandeliers as well as earrings that widen at the bottom, circles, curves and large studs all do well for women with oval faces. And oval and teardrop styles look fabulous on oval faces.


(examples in this set: left to right: Sunlit Sahara Post-Drop Earrings $68, Casablanca Mother of Pearl Stud Earrings $24, Morningtide Statement Earrings $58. Models: Erin Lane, A Parenting Production; Angela England, Untrained Housewife; Hope Horwitz, Make It as a Mommy.)

To balance a heart-shaped face, look for earrings that have elongated curves. Styles such as dangles, chandeliers and teardrops are best.

heart shaped face earrings

(examples in this set: left to right: Paillette Single Drop Earrings $24, Minaret Turquoise Teardrop Earrings $34, Seascape Statement Post Drop Earrings $68. ) Models: top: Tara Ziegmont, Feels Like Home , Amanda Rodriguez, Dude Mom.)

Narrow, or oblong, faces are perfect for studs as they help to balance the long face, making it appear rounder rather than thin. When ladies with narrow faces where long earrings, it brings attention to the length, making it appear longer. Narrow faces can also wear wide dangles, but should not wear them below the chin. When selecting a dangle earring, look for an earring that has curves that will soften the face.

earrings for oblong narrow long face

(examples in this set: left to right: La Lune Sculpted Click-Top Hoop Earrings $28, top: Heirloom Pearl Stud Earrings $28, bottom: Yellow Jardin Stud Earrings $24 , Sunlit Sahara Petite Drop Earrings$28. ) Models: top: Kelly Whalen, The Centsible Life, bottomJessica Rosenberg, It’s My Life.)

Finally, women with inverted triangle and diamond shaped faces have a lot of adversity in which earring types compliment their faces. Look for earrings that have wide-bottom chandeliers, curves, elongated dangle, and teardrop styles.

earrings for diamond face inverted triangle face shapes

(examples in this set: left to right: Tangier Convertible Post Earrings $48, Ocean Lace Drop Earrings $28, Heirloom Pave Cluster Earrings $34Models: left: Jendi, Jendi’s Journal, top: Leticia Barr, Tech Savvy Mama, Middle: Donna, Bella PerfectionistabottomAmy Mascott, Teach Mama.)

What about hoops? Nearly everyone can wear a hoop earring, so it’s a style every woman should keep in her jewelry box.

hoop earrings for all face shapes

(examples in this set: left to right: Crystal Pave Hoop Earrings $52Honeycomb Small Hoop Earrings $34Sculpted Metal Hoop Earrings $28Models: top: Rachel, Can’t Google Everything, middle: Shana, Shanamama, bottom: Linda, Linneyville.)

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    I didn’t even know there was a diamond shape but I agree – that’s what I have! Also, those types of earrings are the ones I have naturally gravitated towards because I liked the way they look. :)
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