Main Line Health Center at Exton has an Urgent Care

If I said it once, I said it two dozen times yesterday. After taking Big to the Urgent Care at Main Line Health Center, Exton (at the Exton Square Mall), people were downright shocked. “You mean, it’s not just doctor offices?!?!” “You mean, you can walk in???”

main line health center exton review

Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Also. It’s nice. And it’s convenient. Super, easy convenient.

First, it’s open, with limited hours, on holidays. (Yesterday, Memorial Day, it was open from 9-1.) Second, it’s in the mall. Tons of easy parking in a far more central location than Paoli Hospital.  Third, it wasn’t over crowded, or too hospital bright, and most of the people who helped us were friendly and easy to talk to.

Also, I feel it’s necessary to mention this again, it’s in the mall. Literally, one stop shopping.

Big and I arrived around 11:25 (you can enter from inside or outside the mall. Outside the mall, there is a patient-only parking area.) As we were signing in, we were whisked off to registration, much like at the ER, where we sat down, pulled out our insurance card and answered several questions. Fairly quickly we were told our appointment time would be 12:30.

Appointment time.

Meaning, even though we were walking into an Urgent Care center without an appointment, even though when you walk into the hospital ER with the same symptoms they make you wait and wait, never knowing if you’ll be called next, we knew when we’d be seen. Seeing as how we were in a mall, with a shopping list on my phone, a hungry tween around lunchtime and a library across the street, I asked if we could walk around and run a few errands. “Sure!” she replied. “Just be back before 12:30.”

Registration took about 10 minutes to complete, and we were on our way to buying shoes, lunch and window shopping–enjoying a little bonus time together rather than sitting in a waiting room for an hour.

Returning at 12:20, sure enough, we waited almost exactly 10 minutes until a Medical Assistant (Carl, he was so friendly and helpful) called us back to meet with him. A few questions, a speedy visit from  a doctor, and we were taken back to the registration area to prepare (ahem, file for insurance) for xrays.

The wait was brief for the xrays, then we were taken immediately back to see the earlier doctor. We waited a bit while he checked Big’s scans, and then joined us in our room, sharing that, indeed, the bone was broken and explaining immediate concerns for the evening. He then constructed a temporary splint for Big to use until we saw a specialist, and we were on our way.

Our Urgent Care visit at MLHC Exton took about 2 hours, total, including time to shop and eat lunch. The facility is clean and modern, quiet, and there are TVs in patient rooms. While we couldn’t access wifi within our waiting or patient areas, there is free wifi in the room.

With my active family, I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll be back.


Edited to add: Because the Urgent Care referred us to a specialist for proper casting and follow-through, we visited Chester County Orthopaedic Associates in the Fern Hill area of West Chester. The good news is it was a very “normal” break, though it’s along the growth plate. Big will be wearing a cast for three weeks (through the end of the school year.) It’s doubtful he’ll need any follow-up therapy or further casting, but he’s sadly missing baseball playoffs. Still, he’s happy to wear a red cast and cheer on his baseball team (GO IRONPIGS!). In really good news, Chester County Orthopaedic Associates was able to give him a waterproof cast, so he can still jump in the pool at the various pool parties next month (and shower, thank goodness!) He’s also stocking up on HandXBand to rebuild his grip strength after the cast comes off.

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