Parents: Get organized and ready for summer in 5 steps

Less than five weeks left of the school year and summer camp is just around the corner! Celebrating Spring and warm weather, I switched out the seasonal clothing a few weeks ago. Pool towels at the ready, we’re looking forward to  a summer of camp, games, pool time, great books and vacation.

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get organizzed for summer parents mom

But not so fast! Here are 5 things to do to get ready for the summer transition:

Inventory your kids’ summer clothing and make a shopping list

If you’ve already switched out the seasonal clothing, inventory it and create a list of items you need to buy for your kids. In our case, the boys are set with shirts, shorts and swim trunks, but both need water shoes. Little, however, is lacking everyday t-shirts and shorts, and water shoes. And all the kids could use new pajamas. I’m using the Cozi Family Organizer: Calendar, Shopping, To Do Lists – Cozi app to create a list for each child. If I can convince my husband to share the app, then when either of us is out running errands, we can cross things off the list.


Check your sunscreen, bug spray and batteries

We keep our sunscreen and bug spray in a drawer year round, as well as in each of our cars. Take a few minutes and find your summer essentials to make sure you have enough to start the summer. Also check for expiration dates! We like to keep baby sunscreenson hand, as well as face sun lotion, extra sun sticks, and a container of after-sun lotion because, inevitably, we know someone will miss a spot on a sunny day. In the car, I keep sunscreen spray for quick sprays before the pool or the day at camp.

We also send our kids to camp with sunblock lotions and sticks.

You’ll likely need new batteries for road trips, toys and flashlights for nights of flashlight tag, power outages and campouts–even in the basement or backyard. And bug sprays for those same outdoor events.  (I’m not a fan of bug spray, but I’m even less a fan of bugs and bug bites, so it’s a necessity.) I also found a tick spray this year that I’ll probably grab.

Label everything

Just like every other year, I’m ordering more labels from Mabels Labels because they last. I put them on everything, from t-shirts to goggles to sunblock bottles. The Limited Edition Camp Combo Packs from Mabel’s Labels are the perfect solution for keeping all that gear organized once it leaves the house. These UV resistant, waterproof camp labels are designed to stay put on everything from soggy swimsuits to tossed aside toothbrushes (who wants to share a toothbrush with 20 other campers? Yuck!), and will help your little camper keep track of their things.

Limited time special: to complete the outfit of adventure, receive 20% off of an insulated water bottle from Eco Vessel with your Limited Edition Camp Combo Pack purchase. Hurry because this offer ends June 30th!

Get your teacher gifts

preschool teacher gift

Sure, we’re looking towards summer, but there’s one more thing to do this school year, and that’s show appreciation to your teachers. Most of us still have a few weeks left, so you have time to shop around for ideas. I’ve written several lists of great teacher gifts to give you ideas of what we love.

Start making your summer bucket list

My kids have already started this year’s list of things they want to do. Included in the list are Phillies games, Longwood Gardens, make tie-dye t-shirts, summer carnivals and more. Start making your lists of things you’ll want to do as soon as your kids begin coming up with ideas. You’ll be set for a busy schedule.

For more Summer Bucket List ideas, visit my Pinterest board.

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