How to use Disney Frozen books to enhance learning

I’m working with Disney Publishing to review and discuss Disney Frozen books as both a parent and an educator. With an obsessed four year old, we happily welcomed more and more of these stories into our home–each book offering a new light on the story that she knows so well. Below are brief video reviews of a variety of books (some purchased, some provided as samples) so that you can see and hear the stories. Also in each video, learn suggestions to use the books in your home and in the classroom to enhance learning.


Disney Frozen Books

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Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD

disney frozen storybook read along  cd

This book includes a CD as it retells the story (no songs in this one, so you may chose to pause the story to sing a song as you go.) My daughter “reads” this in her room during quiet time. Great for kids’ listening comprehension, beginning readers, and non-readers.

Frozen Little Golden Book (Disney Frozen)

little golden book disney frozen

The modern classic movie in the classic Little Golden Book format. This book tells the story that we all know and love. Skinny and light to bring it along with you, the hard covers keep it safe in your bag. In the video I share some pages and read a bit of the story, sharing places to stop and discuss the story, making predictions, and checking comprehension.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading)

frozen step into reading book disney

This is a level 2 Step Into Reading Book, that breaks down the story into the most simple terms. An excellent book for kids who are learning to read, sound out and recognize words. In this video, I read a bit of the story to give you an idea how to use it with your children and offer beginning reading tips for your children.

Frozen Junior Novelization (Disney Frozen)

frozen novel disney

The Frozen Junior Novel retells the story on a fourth grade level. Older elementary fans will enjoy reading this so they can hear the story again in their minds, while learning more about the thoughts of the characters. Great for comprehension and for younger elementary read alongs.

Anna’s Act of Love/Elsa’s Icy Magic (Disney Frozen) 

frozen book review video

This is one of my favorite of the Frozen books because there are so many ways to use it. A 2-in-1 book tells the new classic twice, through the eyes of both Elsa and Anna. This story is full of emotion. For younger children, use it to teach and discuss emotions, feelings, reactions and relationships. For older children (even through middle and high school), it teaches how to write perspective. In this video, I read part of each story and further discuss how to use this book for learning in the classroom and at home.

Frozen A Sister More Like Me

sister more like me disney frozen book

This book is a bit deeper. On the surface, it recognizes the differences in sisters and how hard it is for two different girls to get along, ending, of course, on a happy note of love. As I have two sisters, I recognize the undertones of the story–how we struggle to find ways to get along, how we often don’t understand someone who is related to us, someone who it seems so obvious we should have so much in common with. And how, in the end, we recognize that in learning to appreciate each others’ strengths, we can grow and support each other. This book teaches the concept of compare and contrast and is ideal for learning Venn Diagrams as well as other graphic organizers. There are also opportunities for writing. Watch the video to see and hear the book.

Toys to enhance learning with Frozen

disney frozen figures toys

For retelling and read alongs, theDisney Frozen Figurine Play Set is perfect to enhance comprehension.

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