No, YOU sent your kid to play in the snow in snow boots 3 sizes too small all winter: Snow boots and The North Face SALE!

Yesterday morning I had to make a special delivery to Big’s school. His after school sports program was scheduled for sledding and neither of us had taken the time to gather his snow gear before he left to start the day. As I waded through our over-worn pile of snow boots, searching for a size 3 or 4, I started getting nervous. Size 10. Size 10.5. Size 11. Size 12. Size 11, again. Uh oh. This isn’t good. The largest I could find was size 1. - No, YOU sent your child out in snow boots 3 sizes too small all winter.

My stomach rolled. My toes curled under. Either we were missing a few pairs of snow boots, or my shoe sized 2 and 4 sons have both been wearing snow boots all this snowy season (and probably several seasons before that) in boots that left little room for even a snowflake thin sock.

Realistically, they probably barely noticed in winters ’13 and ’12. But this winter, we have enjoyed Pax, Orion, Nika, Maximus, Leon, Kronos, Janus and Ion all in the past weeks in This oversnowed region of Chester County, Pennsylvania. With every one of these storms making tremendous impact with their bombarding presence, I am horrified that my children have been shoving their toes into boots several sizes too small.

Yet. They never complained.

Is it that with cold things shrink? Or get so frozen that they would rather be tight and warm? Is it that their toes always grow numb in this near-zero weather and they just don’t notice? Are my boys that happy in the snow that their feet don’t feel tight in their boots?

And how horrible do I now feel as I reflect on the entire drive to Montage Mountain a few weeks ago, complaining that my toes were cold because water must have seeped in through the seams of my own boots, when my boys’ feet were stuffed tighter than a shaken soda can?

Conveniently, while Mother Nature may not agree, Zappos, 6pm and our many other retail friends believe winter to be nearly over. And, so, today, I’m celebrating the timeliness of the need to order new snow-boots. The boys have pushed their feet into those boots one too many times. And, darn it. I’m going to take advantage of this after-season sale before the Polar Vortex returns on Tuesday, bringing Quintus, Rex and Seneca with it.

Kids snow boots for under $75

I even ordered a pair for myself: Women’s snow boots for under $75

And then I noticed that The North Face is also on sale at 6pm

There are over 200 The North Face items on sale right now at 6pm. Follow this link and… good luck! It’s not easy to decide.

Shopping notes:

  • All boots featured are currently priced at $75 and under, but the sizes are selective and going quickly.
  • There is a far larger variety available for girls and women than boys.
  • For the most part, compare prices at Zappos and 6pm–the 6pm prices are almost always better. But if you need fast shipping, Zappos can be at your house tomorrow.
  • While you’re there, check out the clearance sale on Frey shoes and boots. I couldn’t resist them, either.
  • No coupons necessary, but if you buy a lot, be sure to join BrandAholics at 6pm for rewards points. And shop Zappos via their app for free overnight shipping on every order. (My tip: put your Zappos order in your cart using your computer because it’s faster and easier to shop. Then check out using the app on your tablet or phone.)


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